Where To Meet Men of Quality

Where To Meet Men Knowing where to meet men can be a struggle, whether you are newly single or have been single for a while. Depending on the quality of men you are looking for to where the best place are. I would like to think all single women are looking for quality, so I’d […]

Women Over Forty And Single: Looking For A Relationship

Women over forty who are single and looking for a relationship can easily become discouraged. If you fit into this group, you may think all the good ones are gone. But the fact is, you have never been at a better time in your life to meet someone. If you are in the demographic of […]

Dating – Five Things a Man Wants From a Date

If you are a woman trying to date a man, you might have had both successes and disappointments. In fact, there would have been a mix of satisfaction and pride on the one had and surprise and resentment on the other. You will be able to achieve a high level of satisfaction and success if […]

Older Women Looking for Men

Older women looking for men is not exactly a new thing. There are older women who are single because of having gone through a divorce, or they just came out of a relationship or they became single as a result of a life partner dying. They are older because logic says that they should be […]

Why Does a Single Guy Find Dating a Married Woman Sexy?

What will drive a single guy to even consider dating a married woman? For single women, this may sound unimaginable but some men actually do. And here are some of the reasons why they find married women sexy. Married women do not look for commitment. It is no secret that some single guys have a […]

Understanding Men and Dating – Tips For Women

When it comes to dating we hear a lot of talk about how men and women view the single scene so differently. For women it can be hard to decipher what a man’s actions mean and exactly what he is thinking at any given time. When it comes to understanding men and dating every woman […]

5 Things Most Single Men Think About

Do you often wonder what single men think about when they are not with you? A lot of my single female friends have asked me this question and I have finally decided to that I will tell it all in this article. So, here are the five things most single men think about when they […]

5 Things a Single Woman Should Never Do

Many women say they want to be in a love relationship that leads to marriage. That’s a good thought. But you can’t do this by centralizing your mind, your will and your emotions totally onto a potential mate, having a tendency to make him extremely fascinating and powerful, while not being fascinated with your own […]

Dating 101: Five Rules For Effective Dating

Through research and personal experience I’ve learned that women have a lot of questions when it comes to dating. Everything from how do I know if a guy is interested in me, is it ever OK to ask a guy out and when is it time to have sex with a guy? Working in the […]

How to Meet Single Women – The 3 Best Ways to Meet Women

When you get right down to it, there are only two dating skills that really matter to guys: 1) Meet Women, 2) Keep women. If you can just approach and meet women, you’ve got a big part of the game handled. After that, it’s how to keep women interested in you and attracted to you. […]

What Single Men Get When They Date Married Women

While single women feel the pressure in the dating scene, single guys feel it too. If single women will only realize how many men they are losing not just to other men but to married women, they will probably go crazy. So, what exactly will push single men to seek out and date married women? […]

To date, or not to date. That is the question. Some are so fed up with the dating scene that they have given up hope all together and are being forced into Singledom. For those cynical former daters, whether you chose to remain single or jump back into the game, here are some tidbits to lift your spirits.

How to succeed in online dating – the Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s   Be on time. Don’t you dare worry about appearing too eager if you’re the first one there. And fashionably late only applies to parties. Concentrate on being polite, considerate and respectful during this first date.   Wear what you said you’d wear. Don’t fib so you can have the advantage of seeing your […]

Free Online Dating For 30+ Singles – how to succeed

How to succeed in online dating Online dating is a great way to find your soul mate. For 30+ singles, it is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The 30s have a charm of their own. You are past your schooling days, have overcome those infatuations, and your hormones have finally decided […]

A Crazy Night in Vegas

It was a Sunday afternoon. My friend Kurt and I met for lunch. We kept talking about our upcoming trip to Vegas. We were scheduled to leave that Thursday and return 3 days later. “This food tastes like **** and this service is horrible.” said Kurt. “Just wait for Vegas baby, lobster and prime rib […]

Secrets of Single Ladies Revealed

Single ladies are women or girls who have not yet entered into wedlock or matrimony. There are many single ladies who stay like this by choice or lack. These days, it is easy to find ladies who have searched for men but, have not found them. This is because things have changed and, they might […]