Dating – Do You Even Know What You Want?

It can be really tough being single. Many people stay in the same relationship from a young age and don’t have to experience much rejection. So firstly well done for becoming a stronger and more insightful person and getting through the tough times alone. Perhaps you are worried by getting rejected and have now decided […]

Get Your Girlfriend Back – Do’s and Don’ts That May Be the Key to Getting Her Back in a Hurry

She’s gone, you’re hurting, and you really want to get your girlfriend back. Is it impossible? Absolutely not. But you may have a rough road ahead of you. It depends largely on what caused the breakup to begin with. But if she’s worth the effort, here are a few psychological strategies to get your girlfriend […]

Meet Single Woman Online Or the Easiest Way to Find Single Women

It’s not a big secret – the easiest way to find single women is Facebook. This social networking website currently has more than 120 million active users worldwide (11.27.2008)! It’s popular than ever – actually, Facebook is the leading social networking site as it already has overtaken MySpace (118 million visitors). Moreover, Facebook is the […]

Looking For Rich Single Men?

Dating is hard, but is even harder when you have very specific things that you absolutely must have in another person. Some search for the right person by being open to anyone they find attractive to see where things go. Yet others have things they must have, and will not date anyone, no matter how […]

Dating Safety

Dating can be a fun and rewarding experience. Unfortunately, dating also has a dark side that should never be overlooked. Although meeting new people can be fun, many dates start off with being asked out by a stranger. Although, you may want to go on a date with this person, safety should be practiced. For […]

Single Women Looking For Men

Are you a single women looking for men? There are vast single women looking for men at different online dating sites. How to get a man — is a question every single woman ask every day of their life. God created women to be with a man so that everyone won’t feel alone. Looking across […]

Single Men and Single Women Online at Dating Sites

There are thousands of single men online looking for single women at dating sites these days. Many relationships and marriages are generated from these dating services, either free dating sites and paid dating websites. Single people seek their partners on the Internet is common and easy. For simple clicks from your computer, you can see […]

Want to Meet Women Online For Free?

Ever hear that saying “The best things in life are free?” Well, when it comes to dating, nothing could ever be more true than that old mantra. Let’s face it – for a guy, dating can be an expensive proposition. You gotta pay for gas, dinner, movies, gifts, parking, and a number of other things […]

Dating – The Dos and Don’ts for Single Women

Listen up single ladies! Whether you’ve been out of the dating game for a while or just need to brush up on today’s dating etiquette, help is at hand; attract your perfect man with the assistance of this handy list of dos and don’ts. DO’S Be both interested and interesting – Many of us could […]

perfect female body

What Men Really Think About Your Body

This may come as a shock to you but guys have different eyeballs than you do. You know why I’m saying that? Because when YOU look at yourself in the mirror, you see that front tooth that’s a bit crooked, the line where your bra presses in (you call this your “back fat”), the too-small […]

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The shocking but surprising trick that’ll make men thirsty for you..

My name is Kelsey and I’d like to share my weird story with you today… “Don’t be stupid Kelsey; we are just good friends and nothing else.” “Hey but why not?” I asked with a sad puppy expression. “Because…We are friends.” “Says who”, I asked? “Well, I just feel we make better friends. So let’s […]

Benefits of Being Single

Beyonce rocks the world as she dances and sings “Single Ladies” that tops the music television’s chart on its first release. This shows that either most number of the voters are single or they really liked the video or both. Considering the first one, single ladies really put their hands up. Being single sometimes makes […]

The Best Way to Find a Good Single Man

Where are all the single men? This is a question you hear asked by millions of frustrated, lonely single women everyday. There seems to be a shortage of quality men out there for these women. Of course this creates an opportunity for the few quality men that there are. Because they can basically pick and […]

True Stories of Cheating Wives

We always hear about men straying and having affairs. But we also know women can be capable of such things. There are varied reasons why wives cheat on their husbands. Most often, unfaithfulness of wives stem from loneliness and boredom. Sometimes a liaison with another man is committed out of revenge for their cheating husbands. […]

Dating – Thinking About Giving Up on Dating?

There are many people in the dating world. There are also many people ready to give up on dating altogether. If you find yourself being one of the people ready to throw in the towel, you should really consider finding a way to recharge your dating life. Just think about it if you were to […]