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Nov 262015

Getting Back Into Dating After A Divorce Made Simple

There are many issues and stresses when a marriage ends. Finances change, and often residences change as well. The most significant impact, of course, is the loss of a partner to do fun activities and to just spend time together. As a result, for many, getting back into dating after a divorce is both important and more than a little frightening.

Many of the places you went in the past for entertainment may have been mostly as couples. Now as a single person you feel you don’t much fit in and see little opportunity to meet other single people. Houses of worship and clubs may also be awkward as places to look for partners when getting back into dating after a divorce.

One important thing to remember is not to start trying to date too soon, especially if you had a rough divorce. If you are too raw and wounded, you are also vulnerable and may be taken advantage of in relationships that happen too soon after a break up. It may be better to find support with family and friends in group settings for several months. Even when a divorce is amiable, it may be hard to re-establish your identity as someone other than part of a couple.

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Since finding partners on your own is often difficult when getting back into dating after a divorce, many people consider using a dating service. The problem with these in the live setting is that they can be fairly expensive and simply being paired with a stranger may be too much pressure for the newly single.

Fortunately, modern technology has offered a less intimidating option. There is a good and less threatening way to get to know someone who is more likely to be a good match online using the services of eHarmony. This service matches people carefully before introducing them at all.

When you sign up for the service, you fill out a long questionnaire about yourself as well as about what you like and dislike about a dating partner. Some people are not accepted by the service because of the answers they give which provides a layer of screening before you are introduced to computer matches of potential dates. This eases the process of getting back into dating after a divorce or any other situation that has left you unattached.

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When you use eHarmony, you are carefully paired with people who should be compatible with you based on a broad range of interests, preferences and values. There’s no guessing about the things you consider most important in a relationship or a partner due to the depth of the screening process.

Using this service helps the nervous soul getting back into dating after a divorce to make the transition easier. You can correspond with a person online and get a feel for them before deciding whether or not to meet in real life. This can be more comfortable than being “fixed up” by friends or by a formal service for dating. Most people are comfortable using the internet so it only makes sense to use it in fostering new relationships.

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Nov 262015

Veterinary Marketing – Using Facebook to Get More Customers

Are you a doctor of veterinary medicine who is trying to find marketing ideas to advertise your clinic?

Then you have come to the right place. This article is about to tell you one of the best ways to advertise your veterinary clinic in 2011.

Succinctly, the answer is Facebook. You have to look no further than this social media outlet to effectively bring customers into your door.

This network of people is no longer just an afterthought. It rivals Google and having a presence on it can mean a lot to your practice.

How so?

First, you need to know that in the United States alone there is over 132,000,000 active members of Facebook. That is a little less than half of the total US population (308 million). So, there is a very good chance that a large portion of your current and potential customers have a Facebook account and are on it every single day.

Here is something else you might find interesting.

For some reason pet owners seem to be on Facebook more than the average user. They are very well engaged, well informed, active on many community groups (like PETA) and have a history of supporting causes and businesses they feel passionate about.

So what does this have to do with veterinary marketing?

Its has everything to do with it. You, as the owner of a business that caters to animal owners, have the ability to reach out to all your potential customers in your area.

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If you are searching for veterinarian marketing ideas you will not find any better than this!

Having many fans is the equivalent now to better on page one of Google for a good search term.

All you have to do is get a professionally made Facebook page created for you, advertise on Facebook in your area (very inexpensive), get your initial fans, put some creative content on your wall and let your page grow exponentially over time.

Done right you could have hundreds, possibly thousands of fans within several months. The biggest investment you have is having your Facebook page professional created.

Keep in mind you do not have to pay a company to build your page (aka a fanpage). You could set it up yourself. But you will catch more flies in your web by having a professional company that specializes in Facebook pages create your site for you then if you did it yourself, without a doubt. A basic Faceook business page looks just like a plain user account and will not grab many people’s attention unless you just happen to have a bunch of friends who become fans just because they like you.

Why is having hundreds or thousands of fans important? Isn’t it just an ego thing?


Any person who becomes a fan of your page by “liking” it not only has an animal but has stated that he or she is interested in your business. They are telling you they “want” you to sell them something. Otherwise, they would never have become a fan.

A large corporations, Coke, did some market research recently and found that one targeted fan is worth $150-$351 to a company. That might seem like a high number but its really not. Everything that you send to their wall might potentially be seen by hundreds of their friends. One meaningful post sent to one person could potentially be seen by 250+ people.

So, back to how this can specifically assist you in your veterinary marketing efforts.

Lets say your Facebook fanpage has 500 fans. You send out an update or post on your wall that you are having a “flu vaccination special” for the month of March. 5% of your total fans respond by taking advantage of it. You have just created 25 customers who would not have been at your clinic if you did not have a great looking fanpage and posted a good call to action on it.

There are a few clinics who have over 2,000 fans. While that number would be hard to get in a small town, if you have a good enough fanpage, and a good marketing strategy, those numbers are attainable. Its very easy to get fans in this particular niche. What about when they send out an update. 5% of 2000 is 100 people. The numbers really add up over time. Whats more, you are building brand recognition and good will even with people who do not immediately respond to you call to action.

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One of your Facebook fans is far likely to come to you when they need something for their pet than some other clinic, especially if they have been engaging in discussions on your wall.

Yes, Facebook presents DVMs a great way to advertise their veterinary clinic. Fans equal more money for your clinic in the long run. Its proven that a businesses Facebook fans are more loyal and spend more money than people who are not. It would be foolish not to utilize this advertising medium to its fullest capability.

If you are looking for veterinarian marketing ideas then you have found it. Get a eye-dropping page created for your clinic and watch how business goes up. Who knows how long the whole FB craze will last. It could be gone in several years. But, until then, take advantage of this social network and use it to your clinic’s advantage.

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Source by Wesley A Barras

Nov 252015

5 Tips For Younger Guys When Dating Older Women

If you’re looking forward to dating an older woman, then this article is for you. Older women who date younger guys are known as “cougars” and the younger men are known as “cubs”. A lot of men date older women for a variety of reasons, but this article won’t discuss why these two groups of people date. Instead, this article will focus on how to attract and date an older woman for yourself.

If you’ve never dated an older woman before, you should know that the experience is one of a kind. Older woman usually know what they want in a relationship, and sometimes younger guys just like to have fun. With these two combinations, something special can blossom. Here’s the first tip for attracting and dating an older woman.

1) Be a good conversationalist

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Older women love a man who can hold an intellectual conversation. Believe it or not, most older women don’t think that younger men can hold long conversations, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth of the matter is that some younger men are very brilliant and intellectual – you just have to show her that you are.

When talking about certain subjects, go in depth with your conversation to show her that you know what you’re talking about. This will impress her and you will earn points in her mind. Being a good conversationalist has it’s perks in the dating world, so if you can show her that you can hold a good conversation, you’re on the right path. Let’s take a look at another tip.

2) Don’t break promises

Even if it’s in the beginning of your relationship, you always want to keep your promises. Never make promises that you can’t keep as this is a sure way to annoy an older woman and show her how immature you are. So if you say you are going to call at a certain time, give her a call at that exact time. Never make a promise that you can’t keep. If you can’t do something – then simply let her know.

3) Learn how to communicate via text messages

You should learn how to send romantic text messages as a lot of your conversations will occur via text. If your text is romantic enough and can paint mental images in her head, then you be sure that it will melt her heart. This will also help to enhance your relationship.

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4) Be funny

Humor goes a long way when dating older women, so you should learn how to be funny. Sometimes you can mix humor with sarcasm and this will really show her how intelligent you are. Remember, women just want to have fun. So make her laugh on a daily basis if you can.

5) Be real

Don’t try to be something that you aren’t. Older women are wise and have dated a lot of men before you. So they know when you’re being real and when you’re being fake. Be yourself and practice in front of a mirror if you have to in order to express your authenticity.

All 5 of these tips will allow you to be the confident and great young guy that a lot of older women desire. Keep these tips in mind when approaching and talking to older women.

Source by Adrian Hargray

dating older cougar women

Nov 252015

Have you ever attempted to get into good shape but failed? Have you ever tried to implement a diet just to find it too difficult to stick with? Have you ever found it to be incredibly difficult to stick with an organized exercise regime? If this is your current situation, you should certainly consider hiring a personal health coach.

Your personal health coach will not be able to guarantee that you will increase your achievements in these areas of health, but the best part about having a coach is the fact that they can help you keep on track when it comes to your health. Many people find it difficult to stay on track with their health strategies, especially when there is no accountability for their actions.

With a health coach though, there will be a person tracking every strategy you utilize as well as every action you take to achieve your goals. A health coach will even track the amount of progress you are making towards your goals each week. Keeping track of your progress will be incredibly important when you are attempting to achieve specific goals.

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A coach for your health will also be able to guide you towards the most effective actions you can take for the goals you are working towards. Whether you are dealing with a specific health condition, or you simply want to get into better overall shape, a coach will be able to guide you in the specific directions you need to go in order to move closer towards your goals.

The different actions a coach may recommend to you will include new diets, eliminating certain foods you are eating from your diet, specific exercises you can perform, as well as many other tactics that will increase your overall health.

In general, a health coach’s goal is generally focused on increasing their clients overall stamina and vitality. Other goals of a coach are generally related to the goals each individual has established for themselves. A coach for achieving good health will usually attempt to guide their clients towards the best actions they can take to achieve their personal goals.

A coach may not be able to describe the causes of a specific illness, or present a solution for a specific illness, but they will be able to move their clients towards a direction that makes them healthier all around. A coach may utilize meal plans in order to regulate the food their clients are consuming on a regular basis.

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Another recommendation from a personal coach may be related to a specific exercise. Perhaps you are hoping to achieve better overall health. If this is your situation, a coach will likely recommend a solution that is similar to running a mile a day, or some other activity, that will certainly add to your overall vitality.

One of the most important aspects of having a health coach is the fact that they will help you stick with your plans. Not only will a coach develop the strategies you must implement in order to become healthier, but they will also stick with you in order to make sure you are following through with the plans that have been laid out for you. It is this follow-through approach to getting healthy that is the most important step for achieving vibrant health.

The Benefits of a Health Coach

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Source by Ann Totten

Nov 252015

How to Be a Single Parent With Little Money and Become Wealthy

Life throws some curve balls at us, many times we are left in situations that we didn’t expect. The great thing about life is that you can change it for the better.

The recent economy has been so bad that only the great depression has been worst. This misfortune for some causes opportunity for others.

Many people have lost their jobs, their money, and their homes. In every bad situation there is a silver lining and this is tax liens.

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The concept is simple, when a homeowner fails to pay their taxes a tax lien is placed on the home. The homeowner is then given a limited period of time to pay it off, when they fail to pay it a investor can buy it.

Many times these tax liens are less than $1,000 and many are only a few $100.

Once the investor buys the lien one of two things can happen:

1. The homeowner pays you back the full amount owed with interest or

2. The homeowner fails to pay it back and the home becomes yours and you can sell or rent it.

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So in a worse case scenario you will get all your money back with interest or you will get a home worth several $100,000.

These are not bad options since you have a chance at really making a lot of money. Once you do get one home you should sell it and use the proceeds to by many more tax liens.

With this system in place you can become wealthy with little money and change your life for the better.

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Nov 252015

Who Owns This Telephone Number?

With almost everyone owning a cell phone these days it is very easy to just throw someone’s name into your contact list and completely forget they are there. You may have had every intention of calling this person back, but it just slipped your mind. Suddenly one day you are looking through your contact list and you see these old numbers. You wonder who owns this telephone number, is it someone I know? Maybe it might be someone your spouse knows or even one of your kids.

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So what do you decide to do, you pull out a pen and paper and you write down all the phone numbers you have no clue as to who they belong to. Once you’ve done this you can sign up with a paid lookup service that offers you the ability to find out this information at a very affordable cost. It is best to get the most out of these services right, because after all if you have to pay a monthly fee why not get all you can out of it.

Your goal is to find out who owns this telephone number, and who owns this number and so on. This can be a time consuming process depending on how many numbers you lookup and how old they are. Sometimes you may have to do detective work just to figure out the new information. But you may also get lucky with the service you use because their information is usually updated on a frequent basis.

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It’ll feel good once you have all this information sorted out so you can get rid of those useless numbers. Sometimes you’ll find you want to keep them anyway because for some people being able to say I have more friends then you makes you feel like you have the superior social life.

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Source by Kirk Cannons

Nov 252015

Tips on Dating For Men Over 50

When you reach 50 years and still single, you tend to think that your options are quickly running out. You look for hurried ways to get into relationships that never seem to head anywhere. It is therefore necessary for you to relax and take a deep breath. You need to calm your mind so that you can focus. The following are important tips on dating for men over 50. Take advantage of the following facts and see yourself establishing a healthy relationship. Dating for men over 50 has to be done with great care. This is because you do not want a woman who will just land on your arms for convenience. You need to establish love that is really mutual and based on trust and respect. The first thing is to know where you are going to meet the suitable women. Where you socialize will determine the kind of person you get when it comes to love. Therefore, if you wish to meet a loving person who does not drink, you will not have a bar as your first stop. It is time to go to interesting places and meet people. While at the park, be social and this is the best way to meet great ladies. The first tip is to open up and make sure that you are getting enough exposure.

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Dating for men over 50 has to be done with more enthusiasm than you had when you were 20. You need to spend enough time if you are writing a profile for online dating. In other words, you need to put your best foot forward and look to achieve all the success you are hoping for. In many cases, most men who are over 50 tend to sit down and wait for things to work themselves out. It is not time to think that things will work themselves out; you need to be proactive and make sure that you are on top of your game. Another tip on dating for men over 50 is to be open-minded. You need to realize that things have changed and keep up with the time. You do not have to loose your personality but, you can simply appreciate some of the modern trends. This will definitely give you the edge you are looking for. You need to gather all the courage that you can and make sure that if you are attracted to a person, you inform them.

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Dating for men over 50 will require you to have great charm. Do not leave charm for younger guys; you need to be on top when it comes to charm. Above all, you need to create a good time and sweep a woman off her feet. This is the first step to creating a good name in this regard. Above all, seek to have as much fun as you can. However, know what you really want and you want real love. You want to find a companion who will be there for you in times of joy and times of sadness. You should never give up on finding the kind of love that will last forever. Sometimes, when we are on the verge of giving up, we meet someone who is just right; when you seek the right way you will find.

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Nov 242015

10 Texting Rules For Dating Singles – Texting Guidelines and Dating Etiquette

I’ve found that texting is generally seen as a nuisance for people over the age of 40. For one thing, most of us have fingers that are NOT bony. Those little tiny buttons on the cell phones are ridiculously small.  Plus, many of us have to find our reading glasses so we can even SEE the damn keyboard anyway! Women have the extra challenge of long and/or fake fingernails. Glamourous, sexy, make your hands look great. However, they have absolutely no traction on those little tiny plastic buttons on a cell phone keypad. 

So then why is there so much hesitation when it comes to picking up the phone? Has texting become the newest addition to the list of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?”


I believe the growing preference for texting has a lot to do with its impersonal nature. It’s much easier to launch a new relationship by exchanging texts than it is to talk. It’s also very easy to say and do things over a screen that one would never have the nerve to do face to face (or say ear to ear). That would make things easier I suppose, but it also creates new problems. A large part of communication is non-verbal. When texting, the other party cannot receive those fine nuances of communication such as tone of voice, held back giggles, excited breathing, or body language that demonstrates anxiety, happiness or growing irritation.


Texting it seems, is here to stay, but there needs to be some rules in place.  After listening to dozens of complaints from friends, coworkers, and family about their relationships and texting, I came up with “10 Texting Rules For Dating Singles.”


#1 Do Share Updates or Ask for Simple  Instructions.  On your way but missed your train? Texting to update your date on your revised arrival time is a considerate thing to do.  On your way to the store and can’t remember what you are supposed to pick up for dinner at her place? Receiving a texted shopping list can be a life and relationship saver! Had a great first date? Texting the day after to say, “Wow, I had a really great time with you!” is a low key, no pressure way to express appreciation for someone’s time.


#2 Never Text While on a Date.  You’d think everyone would know this already, but I guess common sense ain’t real common! Texting while in a face-to-face conversation is just as rude as blabbing away on a call.  If you’re on a date and you want to see that person again, don’t sit there texting (or Twittering) the whole time, or part of the time, or even at all. That includes your best friend trying to sneakily find out how things are going, the Masters of Electronically Transmitted Whining (the kids), or an angry ex who saw you and your date in the restaurant parking lot.  Manners and courtesy must reign supreme.   

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#3 Texts Should Never Replace Real Conversation. Texting is only for transmitting unimportant information or short and simple messages, not an in-depth conversation. More than four texts in a row… it’s time to pick up the phone.  Middle aged fingers and hands cramp easily, okay!? Oh, and if you notice that you are having most of your relationship via texting, you need to move things along to the face to face level or just end it.  

Like I said, the inherently impersonal nature of texting allows someone to “keep in touch” and keep fantasies of a relationship alive, but maintain emotional distance by never spending time with you.  I’ve known guys to do a cut and paste type of thing and send the same text to a dozen women at almost the same time.  It’s a time-saving way to cast a wide net and see who will let him come over for sex.  Women should not make it so easy to be used for uncommitted booty calls.

#4 Does Anyone Care But You?  Do not send text after text describing your every move, every conversation, or every thought.  The fact that your coworker was late for the 10th time this month is of no importance to anyone but you. Get it? Unless what you are texting involves the recipient in some manner, and is very urgent (or at least a funny joke to break up our day), then don’t send a text.  

#5 Do Not Send Compromising Photos.  Are people these days crazy? What in the world is going on with this “sexting” stuff? Why would females send pictures of naked body parts (including their genitalia) over cell phones? Young ladies, not only is such behavior classless, it’s ridiculously dangerous. And if the sender or receiver of a sexually oriented text is a minor, it’s also illegal.

The long-term repercussions of this type of loose attitude about one’s body has concerned me for a long time. Women are likely to be humiliated to discover that they are the brunt of jokes, as guys will often share the sexy texts they get from random women with their buddies and have a good laugh. You’ll then be labeled, and it won’t be flattering. Think before you act.

Also important to remember is that some folks don’t do well with breakups and their vindictiveness spews forth like an erupting volcano. Your photos or videos could end up anywhere on the Internet, in a magazine, movie, or in a photo composite with someone else’s body doing something awful, topped off by YOUR FACE.  

#6 If You’ve Been Drinking, Back Away From the Keypad! People will say and do things with firewater in their systems that they would NEVER do if sober. What types of things have I heard you ask? Sexual invitations to people known to have no interest, fights from months ago renewed with vigor due to unresolved anger, personal questions asked and personal information volunteered in a straight bonehead move. Liquid courage does that to people! Though alcohol doesn’t put ideas into our heads, a little booze definitely relaxes the constraints we have in place on our mouths and evidently our fingers. So, if you’ve been to happy hour(s), or had a few martini’s at home, do not send anyone a text. Your texting privileges are revoked until you are 100% sober.

#7 Don’t Expect Instant Gratification. Do not get upset if you don’t get a reply back within seconds of sending a text. People over the age of 25 usually have full-time jobs, families, and things to do that involve their hands, including cooking, typing, and driving. They’ll return your communication with a text or a phone call when they can.  One should also remember that technology is great, but not perfect. I’ve sent texts that didn’t arrive at their destination for 45 minutes to several hours! I’ve also had the same problem with receiving transmissions sent to me by others.

#8 Always Be Aware of Your “Tone of Voice” and Communication Style. It’s difficult to discern the sender’s tone in text messages, just as it is in e-mail. What may be meant as humorous sarcasm, or a completely innocuous message to you may be easily misinterpreted by the recipient of your text. Such miscommunication can cause hurt feelings and unnecessary tension, and require an unbelievable amount of apologizing and explaining to fix. In some instances it will cost you the relationship. Watch the shorthand and acronyms as well. Not everyone is up on the textn lingo neway, and yr msg may leave sum1 scratching their head in confusion sayn L8tr4u vs ROFLMAO.

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#9 Asking for Dates by Text is a No-No.  Texting to set-up a date is bogus! Have the courage to speak up and risk rejection like a big boy or girl. Yeah, I know you’re a recent returnee to the dating scene, talking to someone you don’t know well feels awkward, and asking for a date when you might hear “no!” is scary. But one of the top qualities singles seek is a confident partner that goes after what he or she wants. Confident, secure people have an air about them that is very sexy…  passive, hesitant, insecure people do not.    

#10 Do Not Break It Off By Text.  Neither do you use Twitter, Facebook, AIM, My Space, MSN messenger, email or fax. Use of any form of informal, emotionally disconnected electronic communication to dump someone is chickenshit. Not only is it immature, it’s just plain rude. If you opt to treat other people in such a way, don’t be surprised when your text is put on blast and ends up on Twitter, Facebook, My Space and every message forum in the world. Be an adult whydontcha, and tell people via phone (at least) that you two are not a match and you’re moving on. 

Text messaging isn’t necessarily a tool of The Devil, but there can be quite a bit of misinterpretation and miscommunication if not used correctly. Texting is a great way to stay connected to someone you are madly in love with, and a useful tool to touch base with casual or new dating partners. However, texting is not and never will be a replacement for a heart-felt telephone conversation full of sighs and laughter.

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Source by Deborrah Cooper

Nov 242015

Can it Work For Young Guys to Date Older Women?

Nowadays it is becoming far more commonplace for young guys to date older women without anyone batting an eyelid and indeed celebrities such as Madonna and Demi Moore are well known for having married younger men. But why do young guys date older women, sometimes known as cougar women, when there are so many eager young girls out there, and can it work?

A term currently being branded around at the moment is “cougar woman” and this is not intended to be a derogatory term. A cougar woman is named after the wild cat and quite often displays the cat like strengths such as power, beauty and success.

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A cougar woman is over 40 years of age and is attracted to younger men known as “cubs”.

The advantages for young guys to date older women are as follows:

An older woman is more confident and know what she wants in a man

She has experience of dating and is not afraid to seek out the type of man that she now knows she wants. She is predatory in her approach to young men and is very adept at flirting. The older woman is experienced in the bedroom and can teach her young guy a thing or two.

An older woman is financially secure and settled

She has a job and therefore not seeking a man to look after her. Whilst she is happy to spend time with a younger man she does not necessarily want any commitment from him. She exudes confidence and is less stressful to be around than many young girls who can be insecure with their looks and career path.

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Older women take care of themselves

A cougar woman values her looks and takes time to maintain them. She spends money on expensive clothes and nice hairstyles.

So you can see how it could work for you as a young guy to date older women.

Source by Jo Gardner

dating older cougar women

Nov 242015

Are you asking yourself ‘where can I pick up a girl in Dubai’? If so you have come to the right place for some quick tips on how to go about getting the girl you want in Dubai.

If you are from outside of Dubai you may not know the place too well and therefore have a disadvantage you feel with getting a woman while you are there. This is actually wrong, because it you are from somewhere else you have the perfect opportunity to use it as an excuse! How? Read on.

When you arrive in Dubai you are most likely alone, and looking for some companionship. Don’t worry you are not alone. Most people are passing by Dubai for business. Dubai is a major financial services and trading hub in the region. This attracts hundreds of thousands of business people every year.

The best way to meet the women is to get involved in the local scene, there is a massive ex pat scene made up of English, Australian, Canadian and South African ex pats. Go to English hang out spots, like the Irish Village in Deira or the Marina, where many ex pats live and is full of restaurant and pubs.Speak to the waiters ask about the night-life and the women. By simply speaking to people and seeming friendly you are already exercising social factors that could result in you meeting the woman you desire. Also you will find out more people are quite friendly and willing to help you out. In fact, don’t be surprised if they ask you join them with their friends for a night out.

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There are big clubs in Dubai, clubs with a lot of women in them! Go to them on a night and you will be dancing with a lot of different people who won’t care if you’re alone or not! Just enjoy yourself and things will take care of themselves. The top ones I would suggest are Buddha Bar in the Dubai Marine. I suggest on going on a Tuesday night, which is ladies night. It will be packed with beautiful single women. There is also 400 at the Fairmont hotel, an upscale and trendy Dubai club. Zinc Bar in the Crown Plaza Towers for a weeknight, many stewardesses go there, that is the hotel where most stewardesses stay. Finally, there is Chi at the Lodge in Bur Dubai, which is made up of a fun and outgoing crowd.

Dubai is also known for having thousands of beautiful stewardesses. They are always out and about in the many dance clubs Dubai has to offer. If you go to one of the major dance clubs, you have a very good chance of meeting a stewardess, particularly on a week night, as that is more likely when they are not working.

You are also likely to meet girl by going sightseeing as a tourist, there will be many women doing the same things. Go see national treasures and attractions. I recommend going to the heritage village of Dubai in Deira, this is flocked by tourists. Showing you’re interested in these types of things is a very attractive trait in a man for a woman and can open new doors for you. Also it is quite easy to start up a conversation with a women if you meet them in these settings.

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Lastly, give the web a try before you go and when you get there if possible. A great website to check out is (it is the equivalent of a time out or Craigslist for Dubai). Ask around see if anyone is in the same situation as you, male or female. Don’t post comments such as ‘where can I pick up a girl in Dubai’ as this will make you seem desperate or only in it for one thing. You can meet up with anyone who replies and do things together and if its a male you will have more confidence to go and speak to two lonely ladies or whatever the situation may be.

Tips on Where To Pick Up a Girl in Dubai

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Source by Mark J Taylor

Nov 242015

Listening Skills For Single Moms – 5 Effective Tips

1. Be open to listening, your son has something valid he wants to say

‘They say’, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason, to speak more than we listen. Sometimes as moms we get wrapped up in our busy lives and forget (not deliberately) that our sons are there and they need us to listen to them. Not just listen to the words they use but listen to what is behind the words. Say, for example you are on your way out, perhaps to the shops, perhaps to the internet café etc and your son says to you, ‘mom are you going out?’ It’s usually obvious to both of you that you are going out – what is he really asking though? Perhaps he’s saying, ‘mom, I don’t want you to go, or mom’, ‘I’d like to talk to you’, or ‘mom, something is bothering me – what do you think’?

What do you do? You know you are in a hurry. You really don’t have time to talk at that time. It’s really about choices – how important is what you have to do? Does it have to be done in that moment? If not, that’s fine, you might perhaps make the choice to act flexibly enough to stop and talk to your son.

If you really do need to pay attention to something else and not to him in that moment – then just say very clearly, you know what he has to say is important and you would like to talk to him. Agree a time to have that conversation where your attention is not so divided.

In listening to your son, it is so important to be aware if you have lots of other things going on in your mind at the same time and to ask the question – to what extent am I really listening? If you notice you have a lot of verbal traffic in your head, it would be useful to make a conscious decision to deal with those other matters later. Our children know when we are not listening to them. Listen, consciously and aware, with good eye contact, perhaps sitting down or walking and talking and focusing just on him in that moment. He’ll really appreciate it.

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Listening to him, without interrupting and putting your own thoughts and views in is a real skill that is great to develop. Sometimes that’s all they need is a listening ear.

2. Encourage talking

I think encouraging our sons to talk is a good skill for us as moms to develop. We live in societies often times where males are not necessarily encouraged to talk and not encouraged to talk about their feelings.

Here are some ways to encourage your son to talk:

o Ask him what he is thinking and how he is feeling

o Let him know that what he has to say is important.

Some of the ways to do this is:

o To tell him what he has to say is important to you and others.

o When he says something, use what he says in the conversation. If for example he is talking about one of his hobbies, and he talks about how much he is enjoying it, you may acknowledge that you really hear and appreciate that he is loving his hobby (obviously you would use the language that most suites your style of speaking)

o Use of non-verbal cues, such as nodding your head, voice volume (e.g. soft and welcoming), smiling (as apposed to frowning), gentle hand gestures (as opposed to sudden startling ones), be aware if you are feeling relaxed or stressed – this may leak out in the form of your body language (open or closed) – open, for example, with your arms uncrossed and closed may be the opposite.

o Use age appropriate language

o Let your son finish his sentence

o Don’t finish his sentences for him

3. Avoid one way conversations, really sit and listen to your son

One way conversations with you in the driving seat isn’t really a good idea.

I guess to some extent we’ve all had these types conversations where someone is literally boring your to death and you’re there physically but not mentally – and in that way you switch off. Well you know this is exactly what your son will be doing if you engage in monologue as opposed to dialogue.

Here are some things you want to avoid when you are ‘listening’ to your son:

Talking at him, that could be considered a form of preaching, asking ‘why’ all the time which could be seen as interrogating, making judgements about what he is saying particularly if those judgements are not deemed as helpful by him, and so the list continues.

Sitting and listening to your son, does mean not getting caught up in distractions; it means maintaining good eye contact, repeating back to him some of the things he has said so that he knows he has been heard, this will also enable him to let you know if you’ve got what he said slightly wrong and so you might listen even more closely.

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4. Ask open questions and listen for the answer

Open questions – who, what, when, why, where and how…

In starting communication with these words this will often lead to increased conversation and a willingness to maintain a dialogue. They enable the speaker to have an idea that the listener really wants to listen and is interested in what is being said.

It’s difficult to give a yes or no answer using these words and that is the beauty of them. The speaker is encouraged to think through and elaborate on ideas etc.

5. Develop mutual trust

Developing a mutual trust really does come from having a mutual respect between you and your son, one that is based on love, caring, sharing and understanding. Mutual trust is developed through recognition that even if there are disagreements about what is being said; those disagreements will not spill over into name-calling, sneering, and put-downs etc.

Mutual respect is built up over time and is ongoing. At its heart is a sense of justice; a sense that your son has been treated fairly, openly and honestly. This will pay huge dividends in the long run.

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Nov 242015

Legally Trace An Unknown Number With Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Some people have come up with a unique way of tracing down the unknown phone numbers, that too these techniques are provided free of cost. It took a lot of time for them to develop this and actually put it into practice. This is used by people to find details of an individual using his contact number. This reverse cell phone lookup services is mostly used to find the unknown phone numbers.

Researches show that a number of people are making use of this technology and the addition of new features has increased the participation of the people. Most of the users are such people who have been repeatedly harassed by unknown cell phone numbers. Finding information about landline is possible through public phone directories. But, mobile phone information is not available freely. They are private information and are guarded by law. Such confidential information cannot be distributed for free.

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You may receive calls constantly from an unknown cell number and you may fail to recognize it. In this case, this reverse cell phone technology will be very useful for you to retrieve the details of such numbers. You can even use this against a prankster who continuously makes prank calls and ruins your day. To get rid of it, you may simply obtain the details of the person using the reverse cell phone lookup service. People have now started using cell phones and the usage of the landline is very limited or it is not used at all.

And due to this reason, this reverse cell phone lookup technology is in great demand and people are making use of it with much ease. In the past, the reverse cell phone lookup services did not gain popularity because of the privacy issues related to it. But things have resolved now, and large databases are being maintained so that you could easily obtain the information you wish for. The databases of these websites are updated regularly to ensure that you always get the accurate and reliable information.

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You can check for the websites that offers these services on the net and then start using them as per your convenience. Also make sure that you check for the reliability of these sites, since there are a number of scams in the market which only waste your time and effort. Read reviews and testimonials regarding the services before subscribing for any reverse search website.

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Source by Umesh Kumar M

Nov 242015

How Did I Scare Him Away?

Is something wrong in your relationship? Did you feel confident in your partnership, but all of a sudden it seemed like the entire relationship derailed? It can be confusing and frustrating when you’ve been dating a man for a little while and things seem to come to a dead stop out of nowhere. There are a few triggers that women can pull to make a man want to run in the other direction. Do you know what they are?

Too Much Pressure

Are you talking about marriage, kids and a white picket fence by the second date? Well, there’s your answer. Guys don’t think about the future like we women do. It’s not that they’re not interested in it, it’s just not relevant to them at any given point in time. Men don’t go on a first date expecting to find their life partner, they go out expecting to have a good time and get to know a woman they are attracted to. Why rush things? Don’t force him into commitments or try to drop hints about the future before the time is right. You will only send him packing.

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Don’t Baby Him

Most women fall for a guy hard if they fall for him at all. This usually leads to the doting girlfriend syndrome, where you may try way too hard to make your guy happy. Planning dates for him and giving him little presents may seem cute and romantic, but you have to let a man be a man. Guys like to lead and be in control of the situation. Even if he’s not, let him think that he is! If you let your man take the reins when he wants to, you give him a lot of headway to be himself. Taking away his ability to control the situation will certainly scare him off.

Be Yourself

Take a step back and look at yourself objectively. Are you the same woman he started dating? Or have you made changes in your personality, your career, even your wardrobe to try to appease the man you’re dating? Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, many women tend to lose track of who they are and how they identify when they are trying to impress a new guy. Just keep in mind that he chose to start dating you because of you, not because he thought you would become a carbon copy of him!

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In the end, the best thing you can do for your relationship is remain calm and honest. Don’t go out of your way to be something you’re not. Stay true to yourself and if it is meant to be, he will love that about you.

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Nov 232015

Facebook Should Be Paying You!

Facebook is one of the Internet’s most recent and most massive successes. It has leveraged the principle of Network Marketing in its most successful form ever and generated a business that is reputedly worth billions in just a few short years. I argue that the little guy who made them and continue to do so should get a cut of the action. Facebook should be paying you to use its service. Here’s why.

Amid much rumour and controversy it was claimed that Facebook was about to start charging its 350 Million users at the beginning of 2010 for access to its service. As you can imagine, with the number of people potentially affected, such a proposition has stirred up a bit of a hornets’ nest and there is much comment, wailing and gnashing of teeth all over the Internet. The mere mention of this proposition has led to campaigns to boycott Facebook and all other sorts of threats against the company. The company quickly denied all suggestion that it was going to start charging it’s users for the use its service saying ‘Facebook will never charge users and all groups stating otherwise are scams serving other purposes’. Now, that’s as clear as its gets, right? Wrong! In another interview the then Chief Operating Officer for Facebook states ‘The answer is no, we are not planning on charging a basic fee for our basic services.’ Apparently she was not asked about the distinction between basic and premium services in the question; so why the specific answer with the words ‘basic services’ in there? Well the answer is immaterial in any case because Facebook should be paying you! That’s right, Facebook should be paying you for using their service!!!

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Think about their business model; they sell advertising on their website based on the content their users add to the site. So they get to target advertising in a very contextual way to users’ needs and many big advertisers pay top dollar for such exposure. So who wins out of the situation? At the moment the users win as they get a great social networking / blogging tool that they can use to stay in touch with way more people than they ordinarily would be able to or even want to, if we are honest. The advertisers get a focussed market to sell their wares to and it’s easy to measure the results because it’s all electronic. Facebook gets a growing business that is reputably worth billions and will in all likelihood sell out to a big fish like Google or Microsoft. It all looks like a win, win, win situation. So let’s look at who does all the work in this menage a trio’s. Facebook no doubt invest heavily in research and development, hardware infrastructure and support services. The advertiser invests their cash to do the advertising and keep Facebook in the style it has become accustomed to. The users, well they put all the content into the system that keeps the whole thing bubbling away and growing. More than that, they also recruit new friends so that the network keeps on growing and growing, making Facebook worth more and more. So, the big question is this; are Facebook users getting enough benefit out of its use or should they be getting paid to use it? After all the users are the content delivery system and the sales team as they drive the growth of new users, and they are honey, or should that be money, pot that attracts the advertisers.

Let’s look at an alternative model that would work just great for all Facebook users everywhere. Some estimates say that Facebook makes about £1 per user per month. I think it will be less in these recessive times so let’s assume that Facebook makes even £0.50p per user per month. Say you join Facebook and for every person you introduce as a friend to Facebook you get paid 1 penny per month for those you introduce and also each friend they introduce down to ten levels deep. On Facebook many people average around 130 friends at their top level and add around 8 friends per month. Let’s be really conservative here and say that you have just 5 friends and each of your friends average 5 other friends each all the way out to ten levels away from you. At this level of networking you have 5 friends, your 5 friends have another five friends making the first level 25 friends in total, the second level 125, the subsequent levels up to level ten are 625, 3125, 15625, 78125, 390,625, 1,953,125 and 9,765,625. Add all these users up and you get a massive 12,207,030 users in the ten levels closest to you, all earning you £0.01. This works out at £122,070.30 per month. This is a very large number and I am certain it would be very difficult to achieve such revenue but such is the principle behind this and many multi level marketing ‘get rich quick’ schemes that you can see it’s easy to sell such fantastic dreams to many people. In fact, as fantastic as it may seem to you, this is exactly how Facebook works and exactly how they make their money on their users. The only problem is that they don’t share any of their revenue with their prize income earners and sales people. So I say, come on Facebook, share and share alike, don’t be greedy and give something back somewhere along the line to the people who made you; your users. Without users you are nothing.

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Source by James T Flynn

Nov 232015

10 Things You Must Avoid If You Don’t Want to Appear Desperate to Men

1. Do not throw yourself at him. If you show him that you are interested but he does not immediately act on the signals you are giving him, be patient and give him time to pursue you. Don’t go overboard by trying even harder to get his attention or make him like you.

2. Don’t show him that you need a man in your life to be happy. Don’t follow him around and constantly want to be with him. Acting like this toward him could smother him and cause him to push you away.

3. Do not lie in order to get him to like you. Some women lie about their age, their work, and other aspects of their life because they think it will make them more attractive to men. Don’t do this — the truth always comes out in the end.

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4. Do not pretend that you have similar interest just because you want him to like. If you are not a car freak they way he is, don’t start acting like you are crazy about cars when your real passion is decoration. Let him know there are some things you don’t know about and are not interested in. He will appreciate your honesty and see you as a person that is genuine.

5. Whatever you do, do not stalk him. Just don’t it, even if you suspect he is hanging out with other girls. Even if all you’re doing is showing up at the same club or party when you know he is going to be there.

6. Do not talk about your exes or flirt with other guys when you are with him. If you think that letting him know that your ex was rich, tall, and handsome, will somehow make him see you differently, you better think again. This is a big turn off for most guys.

7. Avoid wearing extremely revealing clothing. You don’t have to dress like a slut to get a his attention. Wear something that looks nice on you, not something you’re falling out of or something that is so tight that you can’t even breath comfortably.

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8. Do not go after every man you see. If a guy watches you hitting on three or four other guys before you hit on him, he is going to turn you down. Going after every guy you see makes you look very desperate.

9. Don’t talk about sex as though you are not getting enough. If it appears that you’re just after him so that you have a warm body to sleep with, the guy feel that you are a slut, and that any guy will do.

10. Don’t make him feel that you are easy to have sex with. Don’t give him the impression that you will jump into bed with him at the drop of a that — it simply cheapens you.

Source by Steve Ubah

dating older cougar women

Nov 232015

Places to Meet Singles in Michigan

Are you looking for love, are you around Michigan, have you explored the supermarkets, church and online dating sites and you are still single? Maybe it is time you checked some other spot to find that special person. There are many singles in Michigan and am sure you will find someone you can be interested in. You need to however in the right place at the right time to meet with that person. You can meet with singles in Singles Clubs, The Parks in Michigan, and the night clubs. When you go to this places, make sure you talk to the people around. Keeping quietly might not help in drawing the attention you want though it might.

The night clubs in Michigan include Purple Moon Night Club, Rudys Country Music Club and S Night club. There are night clubs that you can go dancing in because they have enough dancing area however there are some night clubs that you are better of seated and chatting with your friends or your new found friend while sipping on some nice could drink. When you go out, leave the seriousness of the office in the office unless you want to scare some people away. But if your sole reason for going to the club is to meet with some singles in Michigan, you had better let you hair down, dress down and hit all the night clubs. If you have to club hop (that is to go to various clubs in the area for the night) do so. Your perfect other might be in a different club and you need to find him or her.

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There are singles clubs you can go to and meet with singles in Michigan. There are clubs like Jug and Mug Ski Club and the Single Hearts. The Jug and Mug Ski Club has a lot of singles who love to ski and skiing is your perfect idea of going out and having fun, this is the club you should go to. You will not only have fun skiing but you will also have an opportunity to meet with someone who loves the same sport as you and how good is that. That would be a perfect match. You can join as many clubs as you want and meet with as many people as you can. After that, make a wise decision about the person you intend to spend the rest of your days with.

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The museums you can go to in Michigan include Alamo Township museum, Alba Historical Museum, Alberta Village Museum and Benzie Area Historical Museum. This museums have interesting artifacts that a lot of people go to see and admire. If you are searching for singles in Michigan, you can go to one of the museums. While here, you can talk to the various people at the different places. Ask some questions, be friendly. Know something about your new found friend. If they are not friendly, move on to the next person. Have some goals when you visit the museum. One should be to have fun and become knowledgeable while the other should be to meet with a single person and become good friends.

Juicy words men are dying to hear (You’ll be shocked & intrigued)

Source by Francis K Githinji

Nov 232015


The floor around a bar usually ends up getting wet, having items dropped on it, high traffic from bar stool feet, and increased stain causing situations.

What all this means is that you are going to need a sturdy floor that can take all that abuse and still provide you with a nice looking, long lasting floor that you can enjoy for years to come.


The floor isn’t the only concern. Here is a few tid bits that could help adjust your thoughts before you install a floor in your bar.

do I have good lighting?
do I have good access away from mainstream action in my home or business?
is there good water exits and plumbing areas?
will the ambiance be set right for the area I am installing the bar?
will the traffic to the bar cause problems to surrounding conditions?

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Porcelain or Marble tile is a material that will allow incredible abuse. It proves to be the best flooring for bars. It has high resistance to scratches. It will also entertain many different types of spills so you don’t result in a stain. Plus the durability compared to ceramic tile is much higher in the situation where a bowl or glass is dropped on the ground.

These materials will completely resist water without any kind of leaking through the cracks or movement in the floor like laminate or wood will give you.

Tile is also easy to install and with all the options you have to find the best flooring for bars at multiple online websites leaves you with tons of design options.

Anyone can find the right color or size they need to give their room or bar a energetic or laid back feel without having to go through a lot of trouble.

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You won’t be subject to just woods or laminates that all generally look the same. Tile will allow you to get more artistic and creative with your bar so that it won’t be the same as every else’s on the block. This will definitely help in terms of branding.

So to finalize the best flooring for bars is easily said PORCELAIN or MARBLE tile. Be sure to get a good sealer and grout to finish your install. You will also want to find a good adhesive that way you won’t have shifty tiles that could deny you of a solid set floor.

Best Flooring For Bars

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Source by Michael D. Gowans

Nov 232015

The Single Mother Business Person

The business person is considered a doer first. The business person does then if all goes well, reaps rewards from her efforts. Just about any single mother has what it takes to be a business person. Look at all the work they take on outside of the day job. But what else does it take to be a single mother business person?

To be a successful business person you must reprogram your thinking. You will no longer be working like an employee expecting to receive dollars for hours. Let’s not confuse business person with a person that starts their own business only to work long hours, for themselves, at the same “job” they had as an employee. This is called a self employed person, a person that works for himself.


The business person’s way of life may not suit you. If you are unmotivated and unwilling to learn new ways of thinking about time and finances you’d be better off with a day job. However, as a single mother, I bet that you think you can do it, and you’re right. Many a single mother have built successful businesses that keep working, paying out, even if they go on vacation for a year.


A business person gets to keep using their brain. This is great for a single mother who is constantly exposed to The Cat in the Hat, ten times a day. It is necessary to learn and practice new skills. People skills are required. If you want to start your own company you will need to learn how to get along with most adult people (that sometimes act like children). Books are available to learn about and improve basic people skills. These books often contain personality assessments so you can learn access people’s behavior quickly in a given situation. Knowing this can help you to determine the best way to interact with them.

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Learning about people also enables you to learn more about yourself. Make sure to take any self assessment tests to figure out your own personality type. It could be that you are your own worst enemy at times. Learn how to manage yourself. Your personal success will improve dramatically.


Learn by doing. Being a business person is not as easy as going to school, getting a degree then getting a job. Write down your plan. Find people who have been through a similar experience. If they are willing to help you, you’ve found a goldmine of mentoring. Perhaps you have something to offer in return or just find and hire a personal business coach. The key is to find a good mentor.


Get a job to learn a particular skill if you have to. Do it just long enough to learn what you need. The pay is not that important because what you gain in knowledge is worth more than the paycheck. Perhaps you can leverage your existing knowledge into you new business. Just don’t get caught up in doing it all yourself. You need to get the work done, but not necessarily all by you.

A business person’s main goal is to create a fully functioning system that works without their constant involvement. Enjoying the process is also important. Focus your goal on building an asset that generates income for you even after you have stopped working at it. You kids will be proud of you.

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Business people’s successes are vast. Single mothers have really creative ideas because they have to deal with real problems that need to be solved. The only limit to personal success is your imagination, determination and effort. You really need to think beyond what was taught to you in school. Most education programs are highly deficient in any kind of financial training. So use your brain and it will grow. When you think new thoughts your brain builds new neural pathways, at any age.


If you are not interested in reinventing the wheel, but have lots of determination and drive you can still achieve success. Choose a program that already exists. These programs are set up to generate wealth (time and money). They are already systematized and you can make them work for you by following your mentor’s training. If you have a vision, plenty of determination and staying power you are a great candidate for a self made single mother business person.

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Nov 232015

How to Get Record My Desktop to Work With Popular Video Sites

At times open formats like OGV are not accepted on popular video sites on the internet. Learn what simple tool will fix this problem for you.

In the Linux operating system, there is a free open source program called Record My Desktop. It’s a screen capture software that can record the entire screen or a small box that you manually drag across the screen to do a recording. It can also record your voice at the same time. This is extremely useful for doing presentations and showing others how to do things on the computer.

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There is an issues with compatibility at times. Record My Desktop will save the recordings in an OGV which is an open source video format. This works with YouTube but not on some of the other popular video sites online. If your video wants maximum exposure, you will need to convert the file.

Luckily, there is a free program that will help you do this. Search your repositories for a program called “mencoder”. Using a Debian based distribution it will be there. Download and install the tool. You will also need to download “mp3lame” which will help with the audio part of the conversion process.

Open up your terminal and input this code:

mencoder -idx yourvideofile.ogv -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o yourvideofile.avi

You will have to change the name of your video file to whatever name that you saved it in. In this example you are changing an OGV file format over to an AVI format which will work will all the popular video sharing sites that are like Youtube.

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Even though it’s AVI which is typically bigger, it actually won’t bloat the filesize of the video. It seems to do a good job in keeping the video and audio quality when doing a conversion to the AVI format which is why this example shows to do it that way for best results.

Now you can use your free screen capture software and have the ability to share your videos on the video sites on the internet.

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Source by Hoby Brennan

Nov 232015

Minimize Conflict During Divorce by Eliminating "Fighting Words" in Your Communications

There are words and phrases that are so provocative that they are bound to elicit a sharp response from the target. In fact, they’re usually intended to. When you describe someone with labels such as “liar,” “selfish,” “abusive,” “evil” and “uncaring,” these are “fighting words.”

If you’re peppering your communication with these kinds of words when you speak with your ex or soon-to-be-ex, it’s time to stop.  Even when you do have a valid point to make, these words will not help you make it.

Let’s look at an example of communication using these fighting words:

Parent A: “Sally is scared to go to your house because you make her go to bed without a nightlight. This is just another example of how abusive you are and how you don’t care about your child at all.”

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Parent B: “You are such a liar. Sally loves to come over here, but she’s afraid to let you know it. When will you stop trying to turn Sally against me and accept that she loves me? If you weren’t so selfish, maybe Sally wouldn’t have to lie to you about her time here.”

This conversation between Parent A and Parent B will likely go on for some time, getting louder and more hostile. No matter which parent Sally is with at the time of the conversation, she will get an earful, even if the parents think she’s asleep or in another room at the time. The conversation will not accomplish anything other than to frighten and upset Sally.

When you are tempted to use fighting words, stop to think what the issue really is. In the example above, Parent A is concerned about the lack of a nightlight at the other house. Rather than send the message above, Parent A might have said, “I just wanted to let you know that Sally has gotten used to sleeping with a nightlight on. I’m guessing she’ll give it up at some point, but for now, she’s really more comfortable with one on at night. Having a nightlight at both houses will probably help make the transition between houses easier for her.”

Parent B, on the other hand, feels accused of being a bad parent and wants to fight off claims of being abusive or selfish. Instead of reacting to the words Parent A used, Parent B could have responded to the concern. Here is a response that would have been more helpful: “Thank you for your email, I will talk to Sally about the nightlight when she’s here next. I didn’t realize it was so important to her.” 

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Remember, Mum’s the word when it comes to fighting words. Don’t use them and By addressing the underlying issue without using provocative language, divorcing parents can reduce the conflict between them and focus on positive parenting for their children.

© 2009, Mary Wollard, J.D., Family Solutions Center, LLC

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Source by Mary Wollard