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Oct 062015

When you receive Social Security benefits your checks are paid on certain days depending on your birthday and the type of disability benefits you receive. Here is what you need to know about Social Security Payment cycles.

When you are approved for disability benefits from Social Security you will receive a check every month. If you are not receiving SSI benefits along with your Social Security, your checks will be issued on a certain payment cycles. Payment cycles are determined based on your birthday.

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If your birthday falls on:

The 1st through the 10th: Your check is paid on the second Wednesday of every month

The 11th through the 20th: Your check is paid on the third Wednesday of every month

the 21st through the 31st: Your check is paid on the fourth Wednesday of every month

If you receive SSI payments in addition to your Social Security benefits, your disability check will be paid on the 3rd of every month. The SSI check is paid on the 1st of the month. If your State is paying your Medicare part B premiums for you, Social Security will change your payment cycle to the 3rd of each month even if you do not receive SSI payments. If your payment day falls on a weekend or holiday, Social Security will make your payments on the business day before.

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To learn more about disability benefits visit the website “Social Security Laid Bare” using the links below.

Disability Benefits: When Do I Get Paid?

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Oct 062015

Single Mom Government Grants

Looking for single mom government grants? You are not alone – there are many people applying for grants these days because of the terrible economy. Indeed, if you want to get a grant, you are going to have to work for it. Gone are the days of easy grants. However, if you are willing to put the work in, you stand a very good chance of getting a grant.

What is a grant? Basically a grant is free money given to people in need. You can apply for government grants by looking around online and finding the right sort of grants that match your qualifications. There is no limit on the number of grants you can apply for, so the more grants you apply for, the better.

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What sort of single mom government grants are out there? There are grants for college, grants to buy new cars, grants to buy homes, even grants to start businesses. You need to first look at what you are trying to accomplish (go to college, create a new businesses) then look to see if there is a grant that will help pay for that.

With a little searching online, you will be amazed at how many grants there actually are out there. Getting a single mom grant may not be easy, but it’s possible. The more grants you send out, the higher the chances you have of getting some money from the government. It’s important to remember that if you are rejected for a grant, don’t give up – keep on sending out more and more applications. With enough searching and applying, you will qualify for a grant.

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Oct 062015

How to Catch Him Cheating – 3 Ways to Catch Him Red Handed

Want to know how to catch him cheating red handed? There are actually three great ways you can do this without resorting to costly detectives or private investigators to do the dirty work for you. Use these great techniques to teach you how to catch him cheating today and never worry again. Isn’t it time you learn the truth and call him on it?

Monitor Online Surfing Habits and Communications

The World Wide Web opens the doors to a world of opportunities for would be cheaters. If you suspect the man in your life of cheating, the Internet can be an excellent tool for him to use to do so. It can also be an excellent resource for you to catch him in the act. You can go through his browser history to see what kinds of sites he is surfing. If there are a great deal of adult natured sites, it’s enough smoke to suspect a fire.

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Checking the browser history is a simple act and requires no additional software. However, if you want to remove all doubt, one way how to catch him cheating is through software that logs all of his conversations through email and instant messaging. This software is great but may reveal more information than you really want to know so be careful when using it.

Locating Devices

There are all kinds of GPS devices that can enable you to track his movements throughout the day. If you suspect that he’s meeting someone on a certain day or at a certain time you can track his activities and find out where he is at this time of day. Chances are that if he’s going to the same spot day after day or week after week he has a standing appointment of some sort. It might be worth further investigations. These GPS tools come in a wide range of prices you will need to find a product that offers the features you want at a price you consider worthy of your peace of mind.

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Money, Money, Money

It makes the world go round in so many ways and sets the stage for most affairs. If you suspect he’s cheating and really want to catch him in the act, find out where he’s spending his money, when he’s spending it, and make plans to be there for the next round.

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Oct 062015

Dating Divorced Men – More Red Flags to Watch For

How Do You Know if a Man is Emotionally Available?

The point of dating is to sort through prospects to find a good match. Finding the qualities you want in a partner is very important, but how do you know if the men you meet are even ready for a relationship?

Pay attention to any of the four warning signals below that can let you know if a man isn’t really available. To avoid becoming the “transitional woman,” who helps a man through his divorce, be careful not to take on the a nurturing role that actually preps him for the next woman he meets!

Divorced Men Can Make Fabulous Partners

Don’t get me wrong – divorced men can make fabulous partners once they are ready, because they know about commitment and often prefer to be in a relationship. Just be smart when choosing who you want to date to make sure you have similar dating agendas.

Pay Attention to What He Does, Not What He Says

You’ll be watching a man’s behavior rather than listening for anything specific he might say. It’s true these points are generalizations about a guy’s readiness, but if several start to pop up you probably need to rethink the wisdom of being involved with him.

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1) Talks About His Ex Frequently

If a man talks a lot about his ex, whether he was married to her or not, that’s a sure sign he’s still attached at some level and he’s not ready. It doesn’t matter if he remembers the good things or spends time complaining, he is still expending energy in her direction. His heart and head remain caught up with her and not clear, open, or ready for you.

2) Hasn’t Introduced You to His Friends

At some point, you’ll want to meet your companion’s friends. Why? Because his friends and how they interact speaks volumes about whom your man really is. What do they like to do? How do they treat each other or you? If you don’t meet them, you don’t have access to some very important data. Gently question your man to find out why you haven’t met his friends. You may discover his real motives or encourage him to move forward to the next level of your relationship.

3) Haven’t Met His Family or Children

You also want to meet his family, since observing these relationships can be very revealing as well. In addition, meeting the family is a “right of passage” in dating, and demonstrates his seriousness or intentions about you. Exclusion from family activities often means he’s not serious about making you part of his life. If months start slipping by without these introductions, investigate what he may be avoiding.

4) Social Life as a Couple is Just the Two of You

While it might sound romantic and cozy to spend all your time with each other, excluding your friends and family, never mind his, it might be worthwhile to check into the reasons for this choice.

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Sometimes divorced men thrive on “poor me” sympathy extended by family and friends. If he tells people about your relationship, he could lose these benefits. He may claim it’s more romantic or that he wants you all to himself, but it might be his way of maintaining sympathy status, a control issue, or something else. Togetherness is wonderful, but be wary of too much of a good thing.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Right now in the US, there are 42 million adults over 40 who are single and nearly half are men! Since there are plenty of fish in the sea, why get attached to an unavailable man who can’t give you the love you deserve? Pay attention to these red flags when you encounter them if you are serious about your long-term happiness and having a healthy, balanced relationship.

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Oct 052015

Facebook Opening Slow? Why Is Facebook Running Slow, How to Fix It

We all know that Facebook gets immense traffic from all parts of the world. Due to its highly dynamic nature, sometimes Facebook loads slow even though users are sure that they do not have anything wrong with their internet speed. What to do if you ever become a victim of this problem?

In this article, we are going to find out simple ways to optimize the performance of Facebook.

1. Disable third party toolbars installed in your web browser

2. Use Internet Optimizer Tool

3. Reset Settings

4. Clean the Internet Cache

5. Disable Browser Extensions

6. Clean and Defrag the Registry

Disable Third Party Toolbars Installed in your Web Browser

Many websites offer free toolbars for your web browser as per their marketing strategies. These toolbars slow down your web browser performance and thereby Facebook slow speed is experienced. You have to disable these toolbars so as to make your Facebook load faster.

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Use Internet Optimizer Tool

The sole objective of an Internet Optimizer tool is to optimize your internet by making change in the operating system configurations. It modifies various types of settings which are directly and indirectly related to your internet performance.

Download a System Utilities software that includes Internet Optimizer feature. Follow its instructions. If your Facebook is running slow, using an Internet Optimizer tool will be of great help.

Reset Settings

By resetting your web browser settings, you may fix Facebook slow speed. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools | Internet Options.

3. Click Advanced tab.

4. Click Reset | Reset.

Clean the Internet Cache

Facebook slow speed occurs when the contents stored in the internet cache are corrupted. You can delete these contents using a System Cleaner application, or otherwise, through below steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools | Delete Browsing History.

3. Click Delete button.

Disable Browser Extensions

The term browser extensions denote various add-on objects installed for your web browser. Many of us install the third party extensions to avail certain features. This problem often results in Facebook slow speed.

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Disable third party browser extensions as instructed below.

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools | Manage Add-Ons.

3. Disable the extensions which you do not wish to have enabled.

4. Click Close button.

Clean and Defrag the Registry

Using a System Cleaner application, clean these entries. In addition to this, defragment it completely.

Highly Recommended

Use a globally recognized software that includes system cleaner, internet optimizer and registry clean/ defrag features.

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Oct 052015

Young Women Looking For Older Men? Easy Method To Find Younger Dates!

The world is bursting at the seams with young women looking for older men for casual dates and more meaningful relationships. To the highly internet-savvy individual, it may be an easy matter to find these ladies online. To most men, however, it seems like a near-impossible task; a dream, if you will. The intention of this article is to educate you on a simple method; to make your dream a reality. This method can be free and it is always very, very simple.

Most men who seek out young women looking for older men will make the mistake of looking on social networking sites. And why is this a mistake? These sites are not dating sites. It is that simple. Most women are irritated by the endless barrage of men trying to “chat them up”. After all, most of these women created their Facebook or MySpace account in order to keep in contact with friends, family, or work colleagues; not to find a boyfriend.

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You need to do two things. The first thing is obvious; the second is certainly not. You need to become a member of a large dating community. You can choose a free or a paid one. Just be sure that you join a very large community. Some of these communities have ten million members or more. Upload some tasteful photographs of yourself and do not be afraid to “promote yourself” when you write your profile. One of the reasons younger women find older men attractive is due to what they have amassed in their lives (nice homes, cars, experiences, knowledge); the other, of course, is the physical appearance of an older man.

Now the second step is to put in a simple search. On the site you have joined, just put in a search for local women, but “filter” your search for “younger” women. All modern sites allow you to search by age. What you will end up with is a list before you of young ladies seeking dates. How, though, do you find out which ones are young women looking for older men? Simple.

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I asked you to upload nice photographs and write about yourself for a reason. What you should do is send friend invitations to as many of these women as you like. What will happen is they will see your invitation and go looking at your profile. Those that ACCEPT your invitation and become friends will, of course, be interested in older men. What you have just done is begin collecting a list of young women online, all of whom are interested in relationships with mature men.

Source by Angelina Andrews

dating older cougar women

Oct 052015

One of the most effective penis enlargement techniques which I am going to show you and how it is done is referred to as Jelqing. It is one of the major penis exercises which most men do to make their penis bigger. It isn’t just familiar but it delivers substantial results. It is possible for you to add some inches of foreskin to your length and girth through the performance of this exercise the right way. Bear in mind to utilize a lubricant at the time you are performing jelq exercises to rub on your manhood before you begin it.

It is one of the major exercises performed in the various kinds of enlargement routines and it came from Arabic culture. The maximum amount of time you should spend doing the jelqing technique is 30 minutes. It should not pass this time frame in order not to stress your manhood. You are supposed to attain a maximum of 100 sessions of jelqs doing this.

How Proper Jelqing is Done


1. Before you begin this jelq, you are supposed to do proper lubrication and warm-up. Though, some guys favor the idea of not using lubricants, but I don’t buy that idea.

2. See that you do not begin the jelq when your manhood is completely erect. There is a possibility for you to harm your vein by using pressure to do it when it is completely upright.

3. Try not to constrict it with too much pressure. It could harm your manhood by busting the external vessels of blood which is near to the exterior of your dick. As you hold your manhood, try to grip it all over it, so there won’t be any left behind blood.

4. As you doing the jelqing technique, try not to ejaculate. When you experience the desire, quit the exercise and hold back till you no longer feel this urge.

Step by Step Instructions of Jelqing

1. Begin the jelq by warming up very well.

2. Prior to starting, lubricate your hands and dick. Begin with an incomplete erection

3. Take a seat on a relaxed chair making your back to be flat.

4. Put one of your hands on the base of your manhood with the aid of your second finger and thumb. Formulate an “OK” hold.

5. Gradually and tightly elongate your manhood to the direction of the cap. It usually lasts some seconds to get at the cap of your dick. It normally takes 3 seconds.

6. As you get to the cap of your penis, simply do a tough pc flex.

7. Begin an “OK” hold at the base using your other hand and run down to the direction of its cap.

8. As the first hand gets to the cap, the second hand should start at the base.

9. Interchange your hands in a milky movement feeling each section of your manhood excluding the finish part of the cap.

10. You should do this exercise for a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 10 minutes. A minimum of 100 strokes is recommended.

Getting good a result from jelqing technique relies on the amount of time and commitment you put into the exercise needed to enlarge your penis. You won’t observe any progress in a small period of time. If you hope to observe some inches added in a small period of time, you could be dissatisfied with the outcome and quit the exercise. If you dare try to quit the program on the way, you will only be leaving your penis to remain the way it is.

The Proper Method to Do Jelqing Techniques

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Oct 052015

Government Grants For Single Moms – Hope For Single Mothers in Today’s Economic Crisis

The current economic situation is bad news to everybody, anywhere in the world. It is an even worse predicament for single mothers as they are more affected by the global financial crisis where they end up working minimum wage jobs. Making ends meet is tough as it is for both parents working for their household. What more for single moms?

If you’re a single mom and looking for help, there are government grants for single moms designed to assist you not just with the current situation, but also provide you with opportunities for the future.

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You are qualified to get a grant if:

1. You are a single mom

2. You are an American citizen with SSN

3. You receive minimum wage, and

4. You want to go to or return to college, or are currently attending school.

Where can you look for this government aid? The easiest and most convenient source is to look for government grants for single moms online. There are plenty of resources, websites and organizations that assist single parents like you. There are many grant programs allotted by the government to help more single mothers with their financial and job difficulties.

The best way to increase your chances of getting a grant is to send out as many applications as you can. Needless to say, you also have to meet the qualifications for getting approved. Invest time and effort in your application process.

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Start by visiting the government website to know more information. From there, go to other websites offering grants to single moms and start applying. Remember, be informed so you will know which ones to choose, where and how to apply, and other pertinent details you need to know.

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Oct 052015

Dating and Relationship Advice – Understanding Men in Relationships

Many women feel they just don’t get men and how they think in relationships. If there is a basic misunderstanding, there are bound to be problems that arise. Here are a few simple tips to help you deal better with the opposite sex.

Here are 7 good tips:

1. Don’t beat around the bush. Speak your mind clearly. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Though some are into game playing, they are not mind readers. If an issue needs addressed, address it and cut-to-the chase.

2. If your man seems to have forgotten basic grooming or has some other annoying habit that he has allowed to resurface, a gentle reminder should do the trick. Don’t nag. It won’t get you to your desired goal anyway. Perhaps he has forgotten he should open the door for you (yes guys, some of us still like it that way). You may try a little cough or a simple gesture towards the door.

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3. If you want him to compliment you and he doesn’t, just ask. Asking for compliments is also to see if he your choice of style and color, etc. A little flattery and suggestion of coloring and styling for your guy is acceptable, too. Yes, men like compliments too.

4. Men are used to being the ones to ask someone out. So if there’s a place you want to go, make sure to bring it up. And don’t be afraid or timid about speaking up to voice your opinions about what you want to go, where you want to go, what you want to eat, etc. Especially in the world of dieting today, males tend to think that all females are dieting and want salads for meals. If you have an appetite for seafood and steak – speak up!

5. Don’t play games. It is OK to flirt and tease a little bit. Men even expect you to do it some. But do NOT become a game player. It is an easy way to go from being interesting to not being taken seriously at all.

6. Establish rapport with the man in your life. It is fairly easy to get into rapport with a person when there is a common interest. If you both like each other, that is motivation enough to begin to mirror and match his motions and gestures. Ladies, this technique works and works well with someone you just met. Now don’t be so obvious with it, but when he makes a hand gesture, you follow with a similar hand gesture. If his voice tone is lower and conversational, adjust your volume to match his. If your man is being romantic over dinner, you DO NOT want your laughter to be loud! Understand? Mirror and match him and watch the sparks fly.

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7. Become interested in what he is interested in. That does not mean you have to become an expert in football or soccer. But you can take and interest in his hobbies and learn the basics. He will appreciate you taking the time to enter his world so to speak. It may make him a little more willing to listen to you yammer on and on about the new shoes and purse you just bought. Ladies remember this: Smart is sexy. Uninformed and dumb is. …well you already know the answer to that one.

Juicy words men are dying to hear (You’ll be shocked & intrigued)

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Oct 052015

Metro PCS – Selecting a Plan and Finding the Best Deals

Formerly known as General Wireless, Inc., Metro PCS Communication has been operating since 1994 and is now considered to be one of the world’s leading communications services providers, with over 8 million subscribers in the United States alone. Today, Metro PCS offers a wide range of plans to cater to every customer’s needs.

If you are looking to use their services, knowing how to choose the right plan for you and how to find the best deals is essential for you to avoid paying for services that you do not really need. Here are some considerations you might need to keep in mind when selecting a plan.

First, know what your needs are. Do you need to make international calls often? Are you buying a phone so you can browse the Internet while you are on a trip? Are you buying a phone for business? Knowing what your needs are is the first step to finding the right plan.

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One of the most popular options among students and teenagers are the prepaid plans. These plans offer unlimited local and long distance services for only $35-$50 and local calling services for $30. However, while this makes a perfect option for some people, this option may not provide for the needs of others.

If you are, however, looking for a great Internet scheme, the company offers a wide range of unlimited and time-based Internet options. The company has many wireless broadband connection options for you to choose from. Also, because the company is constantly updating their networks even in remote locations, you are assured that you can enjoy a fast and reliable Internet service wherever you are in the United States.

Then, basing on your usage requirements, choose a handset that will cater to your needs. You might also want to look into the calling features as well as data transfer features when selecting a handset. The good news is that the company supports a huge number of handsets that offers features like voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, among many others. The handsets that the company supports include Apple iPhone, Nokia Phones and Samsung Omnia. However, take note that phones available for prepaid plans vary from one state to another.

Another thing that you might also want to take into consideration are the extra charges for extra services, such as roaming and activation, as well as your payment options. Metro PCS does not require you an activation fee unless you purchase a new phone and sign up for a service. However, some plans require a small fee if you use some services outside your area. One good thing about choosing the company payment wise is that it offers a range of payment methods or options for you to choose from, depending on which suits your budget.

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These are just some important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a plan and finding a plan that caters to your specific needs. One thing Metro Pcs can assure you, though, is that regardless of the plan you choose, you will enjoy excellent voice call quality, best handsets and finest customer service.

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Oct 052015

Surviving A Divorce For Men – 3 Helpful Tips

Every day can be a struggle for anyone going through a divorce. Surviving a divorce for men can be exceptionally challenging. emotionally, we are restricted by society from being able to share our hurt. Financially, we can be held responsible for a substantial amount of debt. I had difficulty finding support when I went through my divorce 4 years ago, so I was left to figure out things myself.

In those four years, a pattern of thought developed that was counter productive to my recovery. Negative thoughts would flood my head, making it almost impossible to effectively function for that day. Through the years, these three tips have helped me through the moments when life felt unfulfilling and pointless.


It is important to develop strong breathing techniques that can assist you through some stressful and anxious times. Breathing may seem to be elementary, but it bears to mention that something so simple can so easily be overlooked. I’m currently teaching my 10 year old son what I do to help him through anxiety. When I feel stressed or have anxiety, I take a moment to relax myself and remember to breath. It only takes a few minutes and is similar to what you may do for meditation. Meditation is another excellent possibility to explore, but for now, I want to just look at getting through the moment.

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Close your eyes. Now take a deep, inhaling breath through your nose. I generally will count to eight because that’s how long it takes me for a full breath, but you can count to any number at any rate of speed, as long as it is comfortable for you. The idea of counting is to take your mind off of stressful thoughts and to help clear your head.

Now exhale through the mouth, counting as you let the breath out. repeat the process, in through the nose, out through the mouth, counting and relaxing.

It Is What It Is

Accepting things for the way they are can seem unrealistic and easier said then done right now, but this is a critical step towards surviving a divorce for men. This can be a powerful concept and is vital for the healing to truly continue. There are just some things in the world that you can’t do anything about. Many of us feel a need to either fix something or spend way to much time thinking about and over analyzing an issues, we never act on them. There is a wonderful feeling that accompanies the ability to let it go. It can feel as if a weight has been lifted off you and you may have a regenerated sense of being. It sounds simple, but simply saying “it is what it is” can have a profound affect on your actions in life.

Just remember there is nothing you can do about the things that have happened and dwelling on them will get you nowhere. I have found myself plenty of times wishing things had happened differently. Wishing does nothing but disappoint you. What has happened, has happened. If you want a different outcome, learn from your mistakes but take the proper steps now. That is what you can control. Now.

There is a natural flow to the process, so if you can’t feel full acceptance now, try not to stress about it. Breathe. It will come.

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Benefits Of Hobbies

Getting through the gloomy days and surviving a divorce for men can sometimes feel paralyzing. There are going to be gloomy days, and if you are anything like me, lots of em’. Days you just can’t seem to shake the negativity out of. I needed something I could do to take my mind off the things that would worry me and occupy my time unnecessarily. A hobby can be something, anything, YOU want to do. It is an excellent opportunity to explore ideas and passions that you may have never considered. You can look at being separated or going through a divorce as a chance to utilize the personal time now available to you. I used my time to learn guitar and always look forward to the time I get to play.

Life moves fast and things change quickly. Find the best way for you to find happiness within yourself, but don’t rush things. Look for the positives you have now and exploit them to your advantage.

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Oct 042015

Hot Cougars

Getting into a relationship with a hot cougar woman is fun and lively. After all, she knows exactly what she wants and moreover, what you want. She talks to your directly and don’t mess around unnecessarily.

Cougars or the mature ladies are always ready to take men younger than them to their homes, to have a good time. They make men feel younger. It is not every difficult to find a hot cougar woman, there are plenty of cougar clubs on the net where you will find many beautiful and hot cougars.

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However, there are few simple rules that must be kept in mind before approaching a these hot older women. You should remember that no cougar will like you if you lack the confidence and if you are not put together well. You should be cool, calm and composed before approaching a cougar. If you are able to do all this, then even the hottest of the cougars will be surely attracted towards you. To make her yours, you just have to make her feel secure and comfortable.

Cougar clubs or dating sites are very popular in this regard. All you need to do is to register on these for free, create an account and then start tracking cougar profiles. If you are a sort of social butterfly, then you will find many beautiful cougars in clubs, discs, bars etc. Cougars can be easily identified among the masses as they flirt and talks to strangers a lot. You just have to zero down of the woman you want to approach. Cougars know they will find hot young men there and thus, why not it can be you?

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You have to make an effort before going out. Dress smartly, look young and wear impressive cologne. These are some basic essentials which are needed to impress females. Many young guys deliberately look for cougars as they have more level of maturity. Moreover, their experience behind the sheets is another thing, which matters a lot.

Source by Vivian Rollins

dating older cougar women

Oct 042015

Unique Designs of Men’s Rings

Rings are considered as a reflection of commitment and true love. Rings are liked both by men and women. Both loved to wear rings similar to other accessories on some specific events and even daily. There are rings available in different styles and designs. It was considered that rings are only worn on engagement and wedding but now both men and women preferred to wear rings of different styles on all occasions and love to offer rings to their loved ones as a symbol of their liking, deep love and affection for other.

It was once thought that men prefer to wear only simple bands of silver, gold or platinum. But nowadays men prefer to wear rings of different and unique styles. One major reason of this change is the jewelry designers who have enabled the men to wear unique rings because of the variety of stylish and cool designs. Although plain bands are still popular among men but some prefer to have stones embedded in these simple rings. A convenient option for most of the men is plain gold band, but there are elegant rings available for men with unique designs. Unique rings with diamonds, thick bands and stones are mostly liked by a number of men.

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Many men liked to wear rings of tungsten, palladium and titanium that were usually worn for change as they usually want to make their special moments so unique. A unique design of ring can be made by combining two or more different metal bands so that a thick but single band can be made. Nowadays other than yellow gold there are other types of gold including rose gold, green gold and white gold. You can have an exquisite design by combining different metals to make an unique thick band for men’s rings.

You can also design rings for your male partners on your own having unique designs. Creating design yourself will add more meaning to the ring as your love is also included in its designing. Designing the ring by yourself helps you to take care of the preferences of your loved one. Rings with stones that are round shaped are usually avoided for men’s rings. It is preferred to select stones with triangular or squared cuts that add a unique look to the ring. You can also add diamond to the men’s rings but usually diamonds are considered favorite for ladies so you can have small diamond that look really great in men’s rings. You can also use black diamond, turquoise or hematite, etc. that is also well-appreciated by men. While selecting or designing rings for men you should always go for the likes and taste of your partner.

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It is better to select those rings for your male partner that exhibit unique designs and that appropriate with his personality and look. The rings that are worn by men actually depict their inner self so it is preferable to have such a ring that has unique and extra ordinary design.

Juicy words men are dying to hear (You’ll be shocked & intrigued)

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Oct 042015

If you are a newer business, you might be concerned about how to get your newsletter read. This is particularly true if you are a new business owner and have very few names on your subscription list.

You have probably heard of cold-calling; leaving your newsletter on a stranger’s doorstep is similar. You are simply looking for leads by trying to entice them with your well-laid-out, informative and entertaining newsletter.

This entails having your newsletter printed on paper and then distributing it on doorsteps. You can pay to have someone distribute this newsletter, or you can save money and distribute it yourself.

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You can also pin copies of your customer newsletter on bulletin boards at laundry rooms and grocery stores or give it away as a handout at seminars or conferences that have a theme related to whatever it is you are selling. The idea is to create more repeat and referral business by getting others to spread the word about you by passing on your newsletters to other interested parties.

However, whether your business is newer or older, you should always remind your readers to send the newsletter out to anyone who might be interested in the information. You can also offer incentives such as discounts or free gifts to individuals who bring another person into the store with them. People enjoy two-for-one deals and free perks.

If your newsletter is composed in a journalistic style, you might be able to get it printed in a local newspaper or magazine. Sometimes you can also pay for print advertising space and get your newsletter printed as an advertorial in the local paper.

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Alternatively, if your newsletter is well written, it will be picked up and read. What you want to do is make sure it contains unique information that others will find of value so it is physically passed on from one person to another. This is a quick and not very expensive way to spread the word about your business.

How to Get Your Newsletter Read

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Oct 042015

Florida Scholarships For Single Mothers

Single mothers face challenges at every instance of their lives. They tend to the requirements of their children and struggle hard to send them to proper schools for a good education. They do not mind at all to work hard and harder only to provide for their children a comfortable life. Considerable lack of education is observed in single mothers owing to which they hardly progress in their careers and sometimes even work at 2-3 jobs to barely earn enough for their family. Realizing this situation, many states in U.S believe in providing state grants to make education more accessible for them. Florida scholarships for single mothers’ are for the noble purpose of being able to provide education to the mothers without any financial constraints to them.

There are many scholarships available in the state of Florida which is provided based on various criteria and conditions so that the financial aid is available to large section of single mothers. Students who have been living in the Brevard County for two years or have graduated from a Brevard County high school can be qualified for Frederick W. and Grace P. Brecht Scholarships. Full-time students with decent character studying for degree programs at a college or university in Florida and also having a GPA of two or above are entitled for $1000 by the state as scholarship amount. There is also the Mary Ellen Burnett Scholarship which was founded in the memory of her beloved father George H. Burnett. This is granted to graduates of Eustis, Mount Dora, South Lake, East Ridge, Tavares, Leesburg or Umatilla High School and who intend to attend the University of Florida, are chosen for this award. Amongst the eligible students, priority is given to emotionally and physically handicapped, deaf, learning disabled and gifted students and secondly to the students who plan to earn a degree in agriculture. This merit-based scholarship amounts to $500 and above.

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A general list of the various other Florida scholarships available to single mothers has been mentioned below in brief:

American Cancer Society, Florida Division ROCK College Scholarship Program – This scholarship program reaches out to quite a number of undergraduates, about 150-175 in total, studying at Florida college. The scholarship amount is between $1850 to $2300.

Critical Teacher Shortage Tuition Reimbursement-Florida – This scholarships is offered to both graduates and undergraduates attending any Florida college and the amount ranges between $702 to $2808.

Ethics in Business Scholarship – In this program, the scholarship amount is unspecified and it goes out undergrads at any Florida colleges.

Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges Scholarship Program – The scholarship amount in this program is $3500 and is granted to about 225 freshmen undergraduates attending any Florida college

Florida Scholarship – This is a general scholarship program of $1000 granted to freshmen undergrads at Florida colleges every year.

Florida Women’s State Golf Association Junior Girls’ Scholarship Fund – This grant of $2500 to $5000 is offered to 1-4 undergraduates studying at a Florida college.

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Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship-Florida – This scholarship is exclusively for the undergraduates attending a technical college at Florida. The award reaches up to 1400 freshmen and the cash prize is $1500.

Salute to Education, Inc. – This award of $1000 is offered to around 240 undergraduates who are inhabitants of certain Florida counties.

Selby Scholar Program – Every year, this special scholarship program provides an amount of $5000 to undergraduates who are also Florida inhabitants.

Thomas William Bennett Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to those undergraduates at Florida colleges who are specializing in education and the grant is between $750 to $2500.

The concern of the state of Florida is revealed from the numerous grants listed above. Florida scholarships for single mothers are a praiseworthy effort from the state to develop the lives of the single mothers and spread the wave of education amongst them for brighter horizon of tomorrow.

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Oct 042015

Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me? How To Find Hard Proof Of Her Infidelity

81% of women openly admit that they flirt with men they don’t know on a regular basis, even if they’re in a relationship or married. What this means is that although they may not go any further than flirting, the vast majority of women do find enjoyment in playing and leading on guys other than their boyfriends or husbands. It therefore goes without saying that some, unfortunately, will get a taste for that pleasure and actually choose to take it the one step further – which usually means going behind their partners’ backs and sleeping with another guy.

So what can you do as a man who suspects their girlfriend is cheating on them?

If you ask her outright, she’ll probably deny it, which is neither here nor there when it comes to uncovering the truth. The answer lies in finding hard, undeniable proof of her deception, so you don’t need to directly ask her if she’s being faithful to you. In this article, I’m going to tell you about a few of the different kinds of evidence you can look for.

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1. She buys more new items of clothing than ever before.

Many women do this because they have a sudden new need to look and feel physically attractive (to the man they’re seeing behind their boyfriend’s back). You should keep an especially close eye on whether she buys new lingerie and underwear, particularly if she doesn’t wear it around you.

2. Receipts.

These can provide you with a boatload of information if you can find them. When women cheat, their buying habits change. If it’s not underwear (as just mentioned), it can be large amounts of credit for their cell phones or presents that could only be for a man (such as cologne, condoms, razor blades, etc.).

3. Unexplained extra mileage on the car.

If your girlfriend says she’s coming straight home from work each day, or eating her lunch in the office instead of driving to a fast food place or some other eating establishment, don’t question her outright. Instead, secretly take note of the mileage on her/your car at the start and end of each day. If she’s using it to drive to illicit meetings with another guy, you’ll see a stark difference between the distance she should have travelled if she were being honest, and what the counter on the car says in reality.

4. Strange numbers on the phone bill.

Unrecognizable numbers by themselves cannot be considered hard evidence that your girlfriend is cheating on you, but they can be possible indicators that something is going on. The best way to determine if a number belongs to a guy your girlfriend is secretly seeing is to check it against the numbers in your address book. If it’s not in there, see if it’s in your girlfriend’s list of contacts in her cell phone. If it’s not, try ringing it from a phone booth. You can either stay silent and listen to the voice that answers or pretend to be someone you’re not and get a little extra info out of the person that picks up.

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Lastly, always consider what your instinct is telling you. When a girlfriend cheats on her boyfriend, the first sign he notices usually isn’t hard evidence such as the smell of men’s cologne on her clothing or boxer shorts in her purse, it’s a “feeling” in his gut. If you have this feeling, consider looking for hard proof like the examples I’ve told you about and others. And, importantly, don’t confront her until you’re sure of what is or isn’t going on.

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Oct 042015

Divorce Baggage Steals Happiness – 3 Tips For Lightening Your Load Post Divorce

“The things you want are always possible; it is just that the way to get them is not always apparent. The only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life is you, and that can be a considerable obstacle because you carry the baggage of insecurities and past experience.”

– Les Brown

If you are anything like me you’ve got bag upon bag of baggage from the past. It hasn’t done me a lick of good to clutch it like a prize, and it won’t benefit you either. As a matter of fact, any baggage you carry today will steal your happiness and well being of tomorrow.

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Think of all the things that left emotional scars and created your fears – these things will inhibit your ability to take chances and follow your dreams.

So here’s three ways to lighten your load:

1. Pack your baggage in a suitcase and beam it to the sun. Watch as every dark aspect from your past floats out of your valise- see the sun’s powerful rays zap them into light.

2. Re-write your past. First write it as it was and then write it the way YOU would have liked it to have happened. Burn the first draft – and as you watch it go up in flames confirm to yourself that reality no longer exists. Read your re-write out loud over and over until it becomes your truth.

3. Ask yourself how you can take your thoughts about the past and let them go so that you can live fully in the present.

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The only thing you’ll carry now is pen and paper to write enough positive affirmations and pleasant thoughts to soothe the past and fill your newly empty suitcase.

Whenever you remove a negative thought or pattern you need to fill that space with something positive or you run the risk of filling back up with the same old burdensome baggage. And we all want to travel light, don’t we?

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Oct 032015

Facebook Applications Explained

If you haven’t noticed yet, you can make some serious money creating Facebook applications. Facebook applications are basically software programs or modules that can be added to any users Facebook profile relatively easily. Applications for Facebook have gained a great deal of popularity in the last few years due to the uniqueness and ease of creating them.

The opportunity with Facebook applications is incredible. All these programs are is simply little snips of computer code that work within Facebook. People have been able to make tens of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time by simply creating very viral Facebook applications. The programmers that create the hard to use, non viral applications are generally the ones that are left around to collect dust.

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Be sure to create an application that is creative and can be easily understood by the average Facebook user. Usually the most successful apps are the ones that an average college student with not a large attention span can understand and play with easily and quickly. I’ve seen Facebook apps sell for five figures very easily simply due to the amount of users and activity the application sees on a daily basis.

The key to having a Facebook application that will be used a lot is creating something that is simple, easy to use, fun, and viral. The most important factor is the application being viral. Now, you may ask , how do I make an application viral?

Well, it’s actually quite easy. All you need to do is put yourself in the seat of the user. What will make the user tell his or her friends about your application? What will make the person want to give it to his or her friends? In my opinion, it needs to be something that really gets into someone’s life.

A new application that is becoming very popular on Facebook is called “Compare.” What it does is it compares each one of your friends to another friend. It will randomly take two of your friends and ask you a question like “Who’s the better kisser?” Once you click the person’s name they are notified they beat someone and have moved up in the leader board. The real success to this application is it gets EVERYONE involved. It’s almost like playing battleship against your friends. The creator of the Compare application was very innovative and smart knowing that he would be able to generate a lot of traffic because of how viral his program is.

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Will you make the application that becomes one of the most popular and actively used applications? Well, I sure hope so. Let’s look at the ones in the top three.

Funwall, Super Wall, and Top Friends. These three applications are easy to use, effective, and fun. If you choose to create an application make sure it is fun and viral and you should do very well. Do not work on creating something so complex that nobody will want to install it. Be smart!!

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Oct 032015

Advice For Women Dating Young Men

A woman dating young men is a trend that is steadily picking up in society. There are many reasons for women dating young men and the following are just some of the major reasons. Modernization in society has brought a new order which is tolerant to many issues including older women dating younger guys. In other words, the society we have today is pretty open to it. Also, women are looking to experiment on many things. Young men are full of energy and the modern woman has passed through revolutionaries. To meet the demand, women will look for the young guys. There is also an issue of the forbidden fruit. Many times dating a young guy can really feel very satisfying to many women. This need for adventure has really seen the growth of women dating younger men. When you desire to have a young guy of your own, there are several tips that you can apply to provide you with great results. They include the following.

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Women dating young men need to be very outgoing. Young men are full of energy. If you find that you have no energy to match, the young guy might not go for you. This does not mean that you have to fake your enthusiasm; the key is to be yourself. For you to opt for a younger guy, it shows that you are interested in something more exciting. Many times, women dating young men will often behave like they are mothers to their young lovers. The act is good; just for a while. The idea is to show the woman you really are. Therefore, let all your values and believes come out as they appreciate you for the person you really are. Many young men are not looking to be treated like puppies. Therefore, as an older woman, you must realize that young men want their dignity preserved.

Women dating young men may sometimes feel like they can make major decisions without consulting their young lovers. The relationships are mutual and there is no reason why you should not treat each other with respect. In many cases, the woman will be the one with more money and many women really take advantage of this. If you really want to build a happy home with a younger guy, make them feel special and the best way to do this is make them feel like a man. Let them undertake responsibilities just like any man would. This way, they will feel part of a relationship that is headed somewhere. You should always strive to make peace and look for amicable solutions to your problems. Giving up on you love is not the key to resolving issues. Do not have doubts about your union if you entered it in a mutual way. Above all, you should seek to keep each other on toes when it comes to your love. In other words, do not let mundane moods steal all the fun and excitement that you were looking for in relationships. Look for ways to compliment each other even as you date. With the above tips, you will have the joy of a loving relationship.

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Oct 032015

Port Antonio, the capital of Portland, has a glamorous history of catering to royalty, the wealthy, and the famous. Its tropical splendor of palms trees and ferns, laced with the brilliant reds and yellows of tropical flora, are just some of the reasons why you need to visit this romantic vacation spot for your destination Jamaica wedding.

With romantic venues like:

Frenchman’s Cove resort – so fit for royalty that Queen Elizabeth relaxed there with her family in the 1970s. Known for its fresh water stream, its own sheltered white sands beach and hide away villas, Frenchman’s Cove Resort is perfect for weddings and honeymoons. Secluded villas with recessed baths are just some of the may features you will enjoy there.

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The Fern Hill Club Hotel; a family operated hotel, nestled among the lush and colorful foothills of the Blue Mountains overlooking the Caribbean sea is just a short walk from Frenchman’s Cove and San San Beach. You have your pick of rooms, suites and grand suites with spacious tastefully decorated interiors. The breath taking vista overlooking the Caribbean sea makes its terrace a beautiful wedding spot.

Ahhh the famous Trident Castle, many a celebrities like Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Glen Close, just to name a few have have graced its halls and laid in its beds. Its uninterrupted view of the Caribbean sea allows for a glorious background to any wedding and wedding pictures taken there.

Port Antonio’s rustic charm, waterfalls, river rafting, is perfect for any nature lover. Did I mention Port Antonio has a castle. Portland in my sentiment is one of the most amorous places to visit and get married in Jamaica. Therefore when planning your Jamaica weddings consider Portland as your perfect tropical destination wedding experience. This is but just a short list of some of the romantic Jamaica wedding venues available for your wedding planning when you come to Jamaica.

Portland – Jamaica Romantic Wedding Destination

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