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For once unfortunately, the rumor mills around work were correct. The prediction was that there would be company-wide layoffs and, sure enough, you were one of the ones called into your boss’ office and told the news. Of course, the standard lines “you’re eligible for rehire” and “it was nothing you did” didn’t make a bit of difference when all you were thinking was “What the hell am I going to do now?” and “Do they KNOW how hard it is to get a job?”

Now, with a thank you very much for your all your years of hard work and service, and a check for a month’s severance and your remaining vacation, your personal stuff is loaded into a box and you’re escorted to your car by 3 burly security guards. In fact, you didn’t even get to say goodbye to the other employees – many of whom were either avoiding your eyes or cowering under their desks hoping they weren’t next.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that’s being played out with increasing regularity now a-days.

So now what do you do about it? Here are some tips that might help you cope:

Keep your cool – at least in the company. HR people don’t want to have to do the “dirty work”. Additionally, they’re not the ones who made the decision – they’re just the ones who have to give you the bad news. They’ll not only appreciate you reacting in a mature manner, but it also opens the door for them to assist you in any way they possibly can.

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Negotiate. Hey – you’re being laid off anyway – so what’s the harm in letting Human Resources know that you would like additional benefits. If they’re truly sorry to let you go, it’s OK to let them know that you’d like their additional assistance. They might not be willing to give you more money, however they could pay for health insurance for an additional 6 months or more or pay for a private placement company to assist you in finding a job. There’s no harm in asking.
Network. If you have any kind of relationship with HR, ask them if you can use them for either a formal or informal reference. There are now a lot of business networking sites that allow you to list your company references. Using someone in HR can be an asset because you can whom they know also.
OK – you’ve been laid off. Tomorrow you’re going to wake up and there’s nowhere to go. It’s going to be tough to handle and your mind will still be going to work and wondering who’s going to handle that phone call, the project, the report that’s due, etc. Guess what? It’s not your problem anymore. It’s someone else’s responsibility.
You might want to take a couple of days off to just unwind. You’ve probably gone through a shock and it could take a little time to get yourself together. Since you probably need something to do, sit down and make a list of the 5 things that you were responsible for, that you accomplished and you enjoyed. You’ll be using those to update your new resume.
Make a list of you references. Did you work closely with someone in your company who will give you a glowing reference? If so, contact that person and ask if you can use them.
Stay positive. OK, you’ve had a shock. But being negative about how you were treated, how the company is or why it should have been your lazy co-worker just simply won’t help the situation at all. Make a list of the things you enjoyed about the company, the projects you worked on and who you worked with – and you’ll start keeping a positive outlook. If nothing else, when you interview for that next position, you’ll impress your interviewer with your positive outlook.

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Decide if this is REALLY what you want to be doing. Is your job something you loved? Looked forward to each day? Want to do again for the rest of your life? If so, then make a list of all the job sites as well as the placement agencies. So what if this is not what you want to be doing? Well then you should be writing a list of the things you enjoy most in life and figuring out how to accomplish a career change. There are numerous resources available for you to figure out how to create a new career for yourself.
Be open to other possibilities. Consultant, free lance, temporary and part time work may be available to you until you find a new position. Also, if you’ve always wondered if you could work from home or have your own business, well, now’s a good time to find out. While you’re home looking for a new position, how about spending some time discovering if you’d be able to work as a network marketer or other home based business. This might even bring in some additional income or even enough to go into it on a full time basis.

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Muslims use the traditional way where the parents are given the responsibility of looking for marriage partners for their children. Muslim’s speed dating is a new approach to finding marriage partners the faster way. We have witnessed quick marriages, prompt divorces and it would be a great idea for dating to follow suit. It is even more beneficial if a special speed dating event is organized specifically for people who share the same faith and culture. The Muslims in Wales have decided to allow speed dating as a way to help in searching for Mr. and Miss. right. At least you will not have to kiss many frogs before you get to your king. You are spared the agony of sticking around a person from another faith for five goddamn minutes. You would not even propose to her after all considering her different faith. Nobody wants to go through the pain of dealing with conflicting faith, culture and beliefs.

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The Muslim’s speed dating concept was borrowed from America. People from the Jewish faith organized successful speed dating events. Actually it is even becoming more popular in London after just a few months to its introduction. Speed dating is a phenomenon introduced to help people to solve the problem of lack of the right soul mates due limited time. This is mostly because of their fast life or busy lifestyles. This means that specification makes it even better. The narrowing down to only one faith and purpose is admirable. The participants are strictly the persons who are focused on marriage.

At least thirty people meet for Muslim’s speed dating event. Each person is given a score card to indicate whether they are interested with the person or not. It is supposed to be ticked secretly so the participants should not carelessly place the score card on the table. It is organized in such a way that, the men move around at the sound of the bell while the women remain seated. The dating rules do not change. Women have to be treated well. A session between every two speed dates last for only five minutes. This is enough time to allow any sharp person to get the basics about a potential date.

In the Muslim’s speed dating event, no non-halaal food is allowed. Alcohol is not allowed as a drink too. The event is supposed to be carried out strictly according to the Muslim’s faith. No non-Muslim is allowed to attend the event. The faithful then interact and focus on getting a partner. They prefer a family marriage rather than a love marriage but this might be slowly changing. Speed dating the Muslim style is really gaining popularity. The tickets to the event are selling so fast it is unbelievable. Marrying more than one wife is not an abomination in the Muslim faith. You can as well fulfill your desire if this is it. If you happen to tick more than one person you have not broken any rule. You can get to follow them up and narrow down to more traditional ways of nurturing a relationship.

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You want to find Filipina ladies looking for marriage. I am here to tell you this: it can be done for free. A lot of people believe mail order brides from the Philippines are an urban legend. Untrue. They are very real. Mail order brides became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. They would appear in catalogs. Most commonly, such “potential” brides come from developing nations. The Philippines is regarded as the most popular country to offer brides. Thousands of Filipina women – of all ages, appearance, and sizes – use the internet each day to search for husbands. A simple search for Filipina brides in Google will yield 502,000 results. Most men like yourself are put off by the expensive bride sites, however. And this is no surprise! These sites charge huge membership fees because the men who use their services think there is no other alternative. As mentioned, I’m here to tell you of a free alternative. These expensive bride sites can charge as much as $1000 for a membership. Commonly, though, they charge you for each woman you want to contact and this price is anywhere from $10 to $35 for each email address.

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Now what a lot of people do not know is these bride sites actually charge the women to post their information. The average price for them is $20. In the last 3 years, it has become commonplace for Filipina ladies looking for marriage to avoid these expensive sites, using instead free online dating communities to find husbands. This is logical. Most Filipina women who want a husband are poor and do not even have a means of paying over the internet. You will not find many Filipina ladies looking for husbands who own a credit card! What you should do is become a member of a big dating community. Be sure to choose a free community. In your profile, which all these sites insist you create on joining, write about how you want a bride from the Philippines. Upload a nice photo of yourself as your display picture. Now all you do is head over to the search page and put in a search for Filipina women living in the Philippines. Usually, you will find several thousand of them online. Send each woman the same email or instant message. Tell them you are seeking a bride and politely ask if they are interested in learning more. It should take no more than a few minutes to join a site and find thousands of potential Filipina brides. The moment you put in your search, you will have, as promised in the title, a free list of potential Filipina brides.

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Mar 292015

Hook up sites are everywhere these days and if you haven’t already joined one you may be like a lot of normal every day women who are looking to sign up to a casual sex site.

With so many popping up online it can be hard to know where begin and know which casual sex site is for you. If you are curious to try one out but so far have been put off by the in your face imagery and content which is more directed towards men than women, then we have dissected the four largest hook up sites online to let you know what is involved and what you can expect.

Keep in mind that not all hook up sites are full of dirty men wanting dirty sex. Often many are online communities where likeminded people with likeminded sex interests come together for fun. And for every sexual extrovert out there, there is just a regular guy looking for companionship.

But before you start recognize that hook up sites are generally for sexually adventurous people. So if you are not entirely sure if this is what you’re looking for or if some of the content is not quite your cup of tea, then our list of Dating Websites may be better suited to you.


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Adult Friend Finder really is one of the pioneers of hook up sites and although their homepage is usually always splashed with half naked women, this site really does encourage women for casual encounters to balance the male female casual sex ratio.

AdultFriendFinder’s catchphrase is to get you laid each night so whether you’re interested in swinging, threesomes via chat or video or regular one on one sex, a great benefit with this site is it’s shear size and member listing. With AdultFriendFinder you can log on from any city in the world and have a catalogue of potential casual sex partners at your disposal.

Features of the site include sending and receiving smiles, winks and spanks. Video and chat rooms, various blogs and a community section which encourages you to make friends with other members. The sign up process is straight forward and once completed you can browse the profiles however communication with other members is extremely limited until you have paid a subscription.


Get it on is also a massive international hook up site geared purely for people seeking arrangement for discreet fun. Website features include the usual video and web chat, email and flirt options however GetItOn differs itself from the other casual sex sites by finding your perfect sexual match by using their ‘Advanced Sexual Compatibility Matching’ tool.

When joining you are required to complete their sexual compatibility survey. Questions range from the stock standard such as giving or receiving oral sex to being tied up, threesomes or dominance. This is a great way to weed out all the profiles that are not suitable for you. So if your idea of fun is group sex with same sex partners and circus acrobats, or simply a one on one sex partner, GetItOn does all the hard work for you by sending likeminded profiles directly to you. You can also browse profiles or post naughty pictures the old fashioned way if that is what appeals to you.

AdultMatchDoctor is not only a hook up site it is also a totally free dating website. So whether you’re looking for love or to hook up, with you can search, chat, start a sex blog, participate in forum discussions and even attend local member-organized swingers parties.

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This website has a real online community feel and along with sex articles on advice and tips or free erotica stories from its members it even allows you to search in different sections from cross-dressing to voyerism this site has something for everyone.

Craigslist Casual Encounters

Craigslist specially targets women for casual encounters and some women may actually quite like the thrill and leave it to fate factor of Craigslist Casual Encounters. This forum is about as old school as it gets when it comes to posting a personal add with their descriptions being about as short and blunt as you can get.

If you get a reply to your post you have absolutely no idea who you are getting. Incredibly rousing for some and totally terrifying for others. The benefits of this casual sex site are simple. You don’t have to set up a profile and you never have to pay. So if you’re keen to see what lady luck sends you, then roll the dice with Craigslists hook up sites today.

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There is no question that the Internet has made dating easier. One no longer has to hang out at the bars or discos in the pursuit of a suitable date. Single men and women are now increasingly using the Internet to search for their future partners. More websites than ever before are matching up single men and women from all over the country. These dating and personals websites let a person to search for the right partner based on the personal choices such as race, religion, community, and country. One can post photographs, personal information, and even the preferences regarding the future partner. Dating and personals websites are usually intended for single men and women. However, they can also be frequented by divorced or widowed individuals. Some websites are even creative enough to provide dating services for senior citizens.


Single men and women usually relied on traditional services such as community dating service and the church for seeking their future partners. The increasing popularity of the Internet has shifted their focus to this convenient and private new medium. Research indicates that one in every five single men and women now look for the perfect date or partner online. The major reason for online dating’s popularity is its unmoderated nature. Single men and women can communicate with each other anonymously without any fear or awkwardness. A person logging onto personals or matchmaking website can meet like-minded people of similar race, religion, or community. The geographical factor is mitigated, allowing people from distant locations to meet each other instantly. Future partners can test their interpersonal chemistry before proceeding to a serious real-life relationship.

Single men and women are increasingly turning to the Internet for forging relationships, whether social, marital, or simply a sexual relationship. However, regardless of its wide usage, online dating and matchmaking do have negative traits. Websites providing dating services for single men and women may not contain genuine information. Members registering in these sites may provide false information about themselves in hopes of making themselves look more desirable than they are. They may even pose as the opposite sex just for the sake of some fun. Websites sporting a single men and women section therefore may not be completely trustworthy.

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The diagram below, describes how to meet women online, from one end of the spectrum to the other. This isn’t all of them, but these are the main ones.

Tinder, Hinge, Happn>>>>>OK Cupid, Plenty Of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel>>>>>>, E-Harmony.

What do I mean by the spectrum? To get the most out of your time spent on these sites, you need to take different approaches (meaning towards your profile, profile pictures, messages sent, and just overall vibe) to the sites on each part of this little diagram.

In this article, I will be focusing on the left side of the spectrum or, how to meet women online for free: Tinder, Hinge, and Happn.

Tinder is an interesting App. For those that don’t know, yes I did say app, meaning you only download it to your phone or mobile device. This is the least intimate form of online dating. If you are serious about finding a girlfriend from online dating, I would probably focus more on the middle or right side of diagram above.

If on the other hand, you are interested in how to meet women online for just casual dating, then Tinder might serve you better. Tinder tends to have more attractive women on it because hotter women (say 9’s and 10’s, or model types), usually don’t like having to admit that they can’t find a man normally and have to go online to do so.

Tinder is also a more commonly used app by more attractive women because it has the feel of a playful social media app like Snapchat or even Instagram. Do not get your hopes up and make the mistake of thinking that women use Tinder only because they want to hook up or immediately meet up with you for sex. Although you might run into a girl like that on here, for the most part it’s not the norm, no matter what any guy tells you.

If a guy you know says he uses Tinder and meets/has sex with multiple girls a week, he’s not doing that based off of just a few quick messages.

He’s sending the right type of playful/fun messages to her, getting the phone number, most likely calling, and meeting up with her somewhere first.

Make no mistake, in the world of online dating, looks do matter and if a girl swipes left to you, you’re done. So having the right profile picture is crucial to success.

NEVER, and I do mean NEVER… put a picture of yourself up where you’re taking a mirror selfie and/or posing with your shirt off.

I can’t even count how many girls I’ve talked to that have told me they can’t stand this.

On Tinder, or Hinge specifically, photos that have the following elements should be used:

1.) If you aren’t naturally good looking, pictures with you wearing nice clothing will go a long way. This is especially true if you have a photo of yourself in a nice suit or a sports jacket. Consider having professional photos taken of yourself like headshots for example.

2.) Have a photo of yourself with an attractive girl, or a couple girls (Bonus if you’re doing something fun/adventurous with them). This will show pre-selection, that you some degree of self confidence with women, and lets girls know that other women like you.

3.) If you are in good shape, you’ll want to play up this strength and get a shirtless picture in there. However, ideally of you doing something physical or playing a sport. Personally I have a shirtless one of myself on the beach and am smiling into the camera. The difference here is that I don’t look like I’m TRYING to pose, or that I’m stuck on myself. I look like I just stopped and pivoted because someone wanted to snap a quick picture of me. You want to play up your strengths, but in an accidental way.

On Tinder, it’s best to keep it at 3 photos, 4 max. It only takes one photo for her to dislike and then she’s done with you.

Keep your profile sentence brief but interesting. Girls on Tinder are more receptive than OK Cupid or especially to an edgier, more arrogant, almost offensive headline.

Here are a couple examples:

”If you’re not into health and fitness, NEXT!! Sorry, not sorry.”

You could replace ”health and fitness” here with anything.

”If you’re dumb, don’t bother swiping right. If you’re overweight, drop the fork and get lost. If you’re hot, cool, and alive, lets talk.”

Credit for that one go’s to Todd Valentine from Real Social Dynamics by the way.

FIRST MESSAGE EXAMPLES (Taken from my actual message exchanges):

Example 1:

Me: ”Tinder says we would make beautiful babies, how about a drink before we work on the future models of America?”

Her: ”I have to agree though”

”We can practice this whole baby making thing if you want”

Me: ”Glad you agree, but let’s take it one step at a time, here’s my number… what’s yours?”

Her: ”I hope I’m not disappointed… ”

Example 2:

Me: ”Hmm… the cute ones usually end up being bots. I’ll see how you respond before bringing my A game:-P”

Her: ”I’m as real as they come”

Me: ”Cool, if you’re just looking to hookup, brace yourself for 30 seconds of disappointment”

”Followed by 10 minutes of apologies and excuses”

Her: ”What if I’m not”

Me: ”Then maybe we can hang out!”

”How was your New Years?”

Her: ”Pretty boring haha how about you?”

Me: ”It was pretty exciting actually, here’s my number… , what’s yours? I don’t like talking on this app”

Her: ”218-… -… ”

Example 3:

Me: ”Hey little instigator;)”

Her: ”Whatever makes you think I’m an instigator? Not far off though;)”

Me: ”Hopefully you are so you can keep me from getting bored with you”

Her: ”So what’s your story… and this issue with… (question pertaining to the profile I had).

Me: ”No issue, and my story is a bit long and better discussed over a drink.”

Her: ”I can oblige. I like drinks and stories… As long as they’re good.”

Me: ”Good! I only have good ones, whereabouts are you? I’m in Dallas”

Her: ”I’m in Dallas basically near North Park Mall”

Me: ”Badass, here’s my number:… , what’s yours?”

Her: ”It’s… ”

Me: ”Cool, I’ll give you a shout tomorrow”

Example 4:

Me: ”Jennifer, will you marry me?”

Her: ”Lol. You’re funny.”

Me: ”Come on! Take a chance;)”

Her: ”Lol. I should just give true lust… I mean love a chance?”

Me: ”Lol, glad you have a sense of humor, of course:) what’s your number, we can talk more about wedding arrangements.”

Her: ”Lol it’s… ”

On Tinder (Hinge or Happn), if you put in the time, really work it diligently everyday, it’s perfectly reasonable to be go on 1-3 dates A DAY. 1 hour a day of messaging girls is considered diligent. This will also involve calling girls and working towards constantly setting up dates, so add in another 15-30 minutes of phone time at night. After 3-4 weeks of this, your pipeline should be pretty healthy.

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Mar 282015

In the past, there were very few options with regard to how individuals could meet people and date. There were the usual set-ups and random encounters that would result in a date, however, these days dating has been taken to a whole new level. Dating services, Internet dating and the relatively new speed dating phenomenon have come into existence. Speed dating is one dating method in particular that has captured the eyes and ears of the dating public. In order to determine whether speed dating is a viable option for an individual, it is important to learn a little bit more about this dating avenue.

What Is Speed Dating?

In an informal setting, speed dating originated with Jewish individuals who were looking to find prospective spouses in areas where there was a large non-Jewish community. This was arranged in a meet and greet fashion where a large number of individuals could mingle and get to know one another. In a formal arena, speed dating is set up by organizers such as dating agencies that rent out a room in a bar or restaurant type setting and arrange for a group of individuals to pay a fee and attend. The individuals will then have approximately 8 minutes to sit at a table with a prospective mate and basically chat. When the time is up, the individuals will rotate to another table and sit with a new prospective date and so on. Once everyone has had a chance to meet all of the other prospective individuals, the participants will fill out a form and list who they would like to see again. After the speed dating session has ended the organizers will review the lists and if there are any matches where both individuals are interested in one another, phone numbers will be handed out so that the participants can take it from there.


Advantages to Speed Dating

There are many advantages with regards to the speed dating process. The first has to deal with access. One of the main hurdles that individuals have to jump over with regard to the dating scene is access to other singles. Frequently singles are too busy with work to go out and find places to meet other single individuals. Additionally, some people don’t know the right places to go where meeting a potential mate might be a possibility. For these reasons, the accessibility to other singles which speed dating provides is a very attractive quality of this matchmaking method.

Time efficiency is another valuable quality of speed dating. Because each “date” lasts approximately 8 minutes and first impressions are quite important, one can usually determine even in that small period of time whether or not there may be something there. Rather than go out with one individual for a whole evening and not know whether or not the compatibility factor is there, speed dating takes care of this problem by having mini-dates as a deciding factor with regard to whether or not the individual is interested in having a full-blown date with someone.

Another advantage to speed dating is the fact that face-to-face rejection is less likely to be an option as one does not know who is interested in pursuing the relationship further until after the speed dating session has ended and numbers are (or are not) exchanged. This helps to soften the blow of not receiving an offer of a date at a face-to-face exchange.

A safe environment in which to meet other singles is another positive aspect to speed dating. Rather than venture out on a blind date or first date with someone whom one does not know, attending a speed dating session is a safe alternative as it is a group of individuals in one location where personal information is not exchanged and speed daters can feel secure in knowing that they will most likely be free from any potential harm.

Lastly, at these speed dating sessions, individuals who attend know that all of the other people who are there are attending this session because they are single and looking to mingle. This differs from a bar scene, for example, where individuals do not know who is single, involved or married and have to sift through the crowd to find available potential mates.

Disadvantages of Speed Dating

As with any situation, there will be pros but there will also be cons as well. One disadvantage to the speed dating method of meeting other single individuals is having to base a future date on an 8-minute first impression. Because a speed dating session is so brief, one has to say and do all of the right things in a short period of time in order to impress the other individual. This may be more difficult for some individuals who are shyer than others and take awhile to warm up to another person.


Another thing which those opposed to speed dating point out is that much of the speed dating sessions are based on shallow factors such as looks. Since one can only find out so much about another individual in a short period of time, whether or not a first date follows from a speed dating session is frequently based on physical characteristics. This tends to put more emphasis on looks as opposed to other attractive inner qualities such as personality and a good outlook on life.

Costs of Speed Dating and How to Find a Service Provider

Speed dating is relatively inexpensive and the price of these dating sessions depends on both the service provider and any extra amenities such as food and drink which may be included. One can usually sign up for a speed dating session for around $20. This is a great deal for the potential of finding the perfect mate.

With regard to finding a speed dating provider, one can usually get information by looking in the local newspaper in the Living/Entertainment section or using the Internet to do a search for speed dating providers. Recommendations from friends and family members are also great ways of locating companies which arrange speed dating sessions.

Speed dating is a great way to possibly find the perfect match. It is safe, inexpensive and convenient. All of these factors make speed dating a wonderful option for those looking to find a mate or simply someone to enjoy a few nice dates with.

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Mar 282015

Boy the dating scene these days is a devastating disaster, some feel worse than going through Hurricanes Katrina, Rita or Wilma? Having your friends introduce you to others isn’t working that well and then you have to worry about all the gossip. Personal Ads are deadly, heck you never know what kind of wacko or sicko you might meet using those things. Internet dating was fun for a while you got to meet many interesting people, but that has gone too main stream now and you find yourself searching Google to see if the next person is a sexual predator or escapee from some mental institution.

Searching your potential date can be an issue too, when they have a common name, as there is just too much information and really all you want to do is get laid. There are specially designed websites of swingers, where they show basic body parts to get you interested, but are you really interested in someone who would actually post those sorts of pictures on the Internet to get a date? It makes you wonder if they have some wicked venereal disease, and they just might. Yuk.

It is a known fact that human beings do have body parts with lots of nerve endings and sex is an innate characteristic and psychological need of the species. It is not something to be ashamed of, in fact the other sex needs it to once in a while don’t forget. The issues with diseases are bad enough, but can you imagine in the future if some friggin scientist gets on television and announces to the world that Bird Flu can be transferred from human to human through sexual intercourse. Man that is a scary thought and you thought dating was bad now? Think on this, as it could be worse?

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Mar 282015

The thing you must remember when trying to meet women on Facebook is that Facebook is a closed network. I cannot stress that further. It is a closed network, meaning that people generally know each other or know of each other first before becoming friends on the site. You must understand that before you can learn how to pick women up from this site.

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The first thing you must do on Facebook is get your butt in gear offline. Being that it is a closed network, you are not going to get anywhere using online game exclusively. So, you actually have to get in the field a little for this one. Don’t worry it is not as bad as it sounds. This can simply be attending a few classes at a college, eating out with new friends of friends, or going to the gym. The idea here is to be seen and be that cool guy she hasn’t had the opportunity to meet yet.

Now here is where Facebook comes in. When you see the girl, and you’ve crossed tracks somehow in real like this is a cakewalk. You can shoot her a simple message to break the ice. Just don’ t come off creepy or it’s over here. This is probably the most important step in the whole process. Remember: the cool guy she hasn’t had a chance to meet yet.

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There is a little more to be done such as developing rapport, etc. but it won’t take long. You are in the clear with a few easy tips on that.

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Mar 282015

There are so numerous intricate dating rules that it is easy to get confused as what you should really do. The case is particularly challenging if you are a single lady, as nearly half the advice you will receive will seem to contradict the other half.

What is important is that you should bear in mind that although there are general guidelines, no two men are exactly alike – even twins. This means that the reactions of the men are not 100% predictable, as what may make one man tick may make another ‘tock’. However, the general guidelines will put you in a better place to understand what you should do.

One of the areas where the greatest confusion arises concerns making of phone calls. The fact that there are hotly contested debates about the issue indicates that this is a very crucial aspect that should not be taken for granted. Fortunately, there are a number of things that will help you out when you take them into consideration.

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First of all, it makes little sense for your date to give you his phone number if he does not expect you to call him in the first place. What is important is that you should know when you should call, and how often you should do it.

Call once

After your date, where you received the phone number, you should wait for a couple of days before placing the call. Whether you get to talk to him or not, you should do this just once. If he is not available, leave a politely sweet message. Do not call again. Give him time to call you back. If he has enough interest in you, he will do it before too long, but if he does not call then the relationship would not have flourished anyway. The important guideline for a single lady is to call her date just once a few days after the initial date.

What to consider when giving your number instead

It does not automatically follow that you have to give out your number when you go out on a date as if it is some kind of formality. Do this only when you would really like the guy to use it in calling you.

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Don’t play hide and seek

Once you have agreed to give the man your number, you should not play games when he calls. Answer the phone and talk with him. Nothing kills a man’s motivation to call than missing you on the phone a few consecutive times. If you find his missed call, call him back and let him know that you were away.

Although men love the chase, do not go overboard and pretend to be too hard to catch. Let him chase you – and get you.

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Mar 282015

I’m sure you know how easy it is to meet people on the Internet, but did you know it was just as easy to find one night stands? No matter your size, shape, or color, there are plenty of people from the opposite sex online that want to have a one night stand too!

There are a lot of ways that work really well, but in this article I will talk about a few of the best and efficient ways to get someone from the Internet into your bed!

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are an amazing piece of technology! They allow you to have a conversation in real time with a whole group of people! If you find someone interesting, most chat rooms include instant messaging capabilities.

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The reason chat rooms are so great for finding one night stands is the fact that there are so many of them! If you can think of something, I guarantee there is a chat room about it somewhere! Yes, even chat rooms full of people looking to hook up! That is the perfect place for any person seeking a one night stand to hang out!

Social Networking Sites

Sites like MySpace and Facebook are considered social networking sites. They allow members to create a profile, add pictures to their profile, and exchange messages with other members. Today, almost everyone has an account at a social networking site! No matter what age group you fall into, you will find other interesting members on these kind of sites!

What a site like this means to your search for one night stands is you will have access to thousands of members from the opposite sex, and with a little bit of messaging back and forth, you could arrange a friendship, a relationship, and even a one night stand!

One Night Stand Dating Sites

Since the beginning of dating sites, there have been so many great stories of couples getting together online! You create a profile, search for local members, and send messages back and forth. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

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During the exchange of messages, it would not be hard to ask for a phone number and move the conversation to the telephone! Imagine how useful something like this would be on a one night stand site! I’m talking about a huge community of people that are signed up for one intention: To find partners!

Some dating sites can be quite expensive, but if you are serious about finding one night stands online, and if all else fails, paying for a membership is well worth the money! There are also free sites out there that are pretty good for finding a quick hook up too! You just have to know where to look!

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Mar 272015

Looking for dating tips for single moms? Want to get out there and have another chance for romance? Don’t know where to start? Then take time from your busy schedule of work and taking care of your kid and enjoy yourself for a bit. You also deserve a break from your single mom role, and maybe find your way to completing your family. If you don’t know where to start and where to look, here are some dating tips for single moms:

Everyday places.

Whether you are in the supermarket or in the park with your kid, you can sure eyeball an interesting guy worth starting a conversation with. Say you are on the grocery aisle with your grocery cart piled with usual household stuff, and your little kid sitting over the baby carrier, and you spot an interesting gentleman close by: make use of the things around you to start the conversation. Make a funny remark, or ask him about his opinion on which product is better-just be creative and make an impression. Everyday errands might just present you an opportunity to meet a prospect date.

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Try dating sites.

An online dating site is possibly the easier way to catch a date with a fair gentleman. Try signing up on one of the many match making sites and you’d probably find a great match for your personality. Be creative on your profile but keep it real, if you want a really compatible guy for a match. Mention about your single parenthood, but focus on you, there will be many times to talk about your little one when your date comes.

When on THE date…

Recollect your dating days and recreate your good points. Act naturally, as if you would before. Don’t sell out on talking too much about your kid-remember that it is your date, and the guy most probably wants to know more about you. Remember these dating tips for single moms and you’d do just fine in the dating scene.

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Mar 272015

For people who don’t have the time to go out every night in search for the perfect date and people who simply want to have some fun and experiment with something new, speed dating is the best choice! Eliminating the constraints of “formal dating” and allowing attendants to find their match in a casual, fun and exciting environment, speed dating events are enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or social group. Regarded as the quick and fun way of finding a potential partner, speed dating has recently become extremely popular in many places in the UK, drawing thousands of curious people to these kind of events. In London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, speed dating has become a new craze among the young and middle-aged, being considered the perfect alternative to regular dating. If you wish to enjoy a night out, meet and interact with dozens of interesting, exciting and appealing people and also have lots of fun in the process, a speed dating event should fit the bill!


The efficiency of speed dating lies in its simplicity. Speed dating involves inviting an equal number of males and females to a certain venue and offering them the opportunity to interact and know each other through a succession of one-on-one mini dates When you find yourself among a large number of attractive and interesting singles of the opposite sex, all of whom who you end up talking to, it’s virtually impossible not to find a suitable match! It’s the simple and exciting nature of speed dating that has given the practice its present popularity and exposure. Although speed dating attendants follow a set of rules and rotate around so that they meet everyone, these events take place in a very relaxed and unconstrained manner, allowing everyone to have fun and fully enjoy the experience.

Although speed dating is a relatively new concept in Europe, the phenomenon has achieved a lot of exposure in the last few years, rapidly becoming a new trend among singles in search of fun, excitement and not to mention, the perfect match. Speed dating was first conceived in the US in the nineties, the innovative practice enjoying great popularity and positive feedback among all categories of age. The concept has been quickly adopted by many European countries as well. Since it was introduced and promoted in London and several other major UK cities, speed dating has drawn the attention of many different dating agencies which have given the concept its great current reputation.

If you are interested in enrolling in speed dating events, it is important to choose the right dating company in order to ensure that you will obtain the best results. You should look for speed dating organizing agencies in London, as they are renowned for the quality of their services. Once you have found the right company, you can enrol for a variety of speed dating events organized in different locations in the UK. In order to get the most out of such events, you may want to attend speed dating in major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds. Speed dating is very popular in places like Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, and by choosing to attend events in these locations you will find your match in a flash. Stick with the right speed dating company, enrol for events organized in the locations mentioned above and you are guaranteed to find your match and also have lots of fun in the process!

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Mar 272015

I see a lot of guys making a terrible mistake when trying to

get laid, especially when they’re interacting with extremely

beautiful women. This mistake is a very simple but

devastating one: they think that they can attract and seduce

these women by relying purely on WORDS.

This is exactly the reason that makes so many guys always

want to know what the latest “pick-up” lines are or what

clever topic of conversation they can discover, which will

get the girls instantly interested in them.

This way of thinking about attraction is pain wrong and

leads to most guys getting nowhere in their seduction

attempts. I’m now going to reveal to you, the secret to

getting women “hooked” on you and sexually interested in you

so that you’ll be able to seduce them and get laid easily.

Okay, here is the one big “secret” about female psychology

that most guys don’t really appreciate enough: Women are

very EMOTIONAL creatures, far more emotional than us guys.

So how does this knowledge help us to seduce them and get

laid? Well, we have to COMMUNICATE with them in a different

way than just using WORDS.

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You see, emotions are much more powerfully communicated

sometimes, through physical ACTIONS. Have you ever

experienced feeling upset one minute, but felt better the

next minute after maybe going for a long walk? Or if you’re

a person who works out in the gym, you will be aware that as

soon as you complete your exercise, you feel “emotionally

high.” Well, those are your hormones reacting to the

physical stimulation of the workout.

Well, this principle works brilliantly in attracting women.

Here’s what you do: when you’re interacting with a woman,

especially a beautiful one, (she’s usually used to guys

being very polite in talking to her), you’re going to do

something un-conventional…you should find a way to

innocently touch her, maybe offer to read her palm or


Now, once you’re used to touching her, start playing

“physical games” and teasing her by grabbing her hands one

minute and pushing them away the next minute. Just find any

way to get a “playful” challenge going on between you and

her. You see, the more you do this, the more her “emotional

hormones” will be triggered. I even playfully “wrestle” with

a lot of girls I’m trying to seduce and it always works in a

BIG way to create serious attraction.

You see, this principle is deeply psychological and gets the

woman’s subconscious mind to start seeing you and her

together, in a physical sense. That’s the state of mind you

want her to be in to get laid. Just think for a minute about

a classic “nice guy” and how he’ll relate to women: he’ll

NEVER touch her throughout the interaction, but the “bad

boy” ALWAYS touches women he’s interacting with.

I used to never touch women like this…and when I look back

to my past before I became a master “Pick-Up” seducer, I now

realise why girls used to only want to be my “friend.” But

now, I always find opportunities to innocently establish a

relationship of “touch” and physical playfulness with every

woman I interact with and guess what…the women I meet

nowadays always seem to get sexually attracted to me A LOT

MORE than I ever dreamed was possible.

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It’s not because I’m special…I’m not very good-looking, I’m

not rich, I’m not famous or powerful, but what I do is to

get into this very physically playful mode with girls and

the next thing you know…They’re wanting me to escalate from

just playing with them to “laying” with them.

The irony of this principle is: when we were little boys and

girls, we physically played all the time but as we got older

and more “polite,” the “nice” guys among us stopped doing

that while the “bad boys” continued. That’s it, that’s the

secret of getting girls sexually interested in you. So start

applying this principle in your future interactions with

women and you should see some pretty wonderful things start

to happen in your sex-life.

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Mar 272015

Facebook is a wonderful website that lets us stay connected with our friends. A great majority of users can not live without it. All people want this website to run without any problem. However, It becomes a serious concern when Facebook freezes. We can not use it properly and feel frustrated. Are you wondering what can be the reasons for Facebook freezing and how to fix it?

There are many reasons that account for this kind of freezing. I have mentioned the reasons along with the possible solutions. The suggested solutions are easy to act upon. An average computer user can take these steps and avoid Facebook freezing in his computer.

Small size of RAM makes computer slow. When we use many programs at once, computer gets bogged down. Uploading and viewing pictures or watching videos on Facebook can cause your browser to freeze. This problem can be cured by increasing the size of RAM. An increased RAM size will make sure that enough space is available to run many programs at the same time.

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Corrupt Windows Registry causes freezing in computer. With the passage of time, Registry becomes congested and corrupt. Registry is most vital part of the computer system. It stores and use vital information. Cleaned Registry ensures smooth and fast computing. To repair Windows Registry you need to use the best Registry cleaner/System Optimizer software. It will solve this problem.

The most important thing that you can do to optimize your Facebook is to optimize your internet connection. To do so you will need to adjust internet settings. Not all people will be able to do this task manually. So it is recommended you use a system utilities software that provides the feature of internet optimizer.

One way to optimize browsing on your PC is to remove unwanted add-ons/extensions from your browser. Most of the time it is the slow browser which loads web pages slower than what is expected. To remove add-on/extensions from your browser simply go into the settings area of the browser and disable the ones which are of least importance to you. This will remarkably increase browser performance..

It is also recommended to clean system junk and browsers junk. You can do this through the system utilities software. Do not forget to run antivirus scan to make it sure that viruses are not the culprit behind slow internet and slow Facebook speed.

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Re-download Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRP program files can be corrupt and cause issues with Java Scripts. Click Start | Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program. Click “Java Runtime Environment” and click “Uninstall” button. Follow the wizard and uninstall it. Visit the official website of Java, download setup and reinstall the program.

Check-out the list of Facebook applications to fix Facebook freezing. You might have authorized a number of Facebook applications. Click the Downward Arrow on the top-right side of the screen. Under left side panel, click Apps. Delete each Facebook application you do not require.

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Mar 272015

The Filipino single women often always give amazing impressions to foreign men. Filipinas in general are very lovable women. Their warm and sunny disposition is simply irresistible and contagious to people around them. But seriously, why go for genuinely single women in the Philippines?

This is not to put down separated women or widows in the Philippines who are open to second marriages. They are also great people. But if you are not ready to get an instant family, then it is wise to meet certified single ladies.

This is because it might be easy for you to adjust with the Filipino culture if you simply focus on your Filipina girlfriend or wife alone. Take note that the Filipino culture is different in terms of family values. They are very attached to one another, or in short, Filipinos are very clannish. So if you get a wife with children, it might be a very big challenge for you to handle a foreign wife with children from a previous marriage.

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Another reason why you must choose a Filipino woman who is single, is because it is also a way by which you can be assured that she is not there to get money from you. One of the commentaries that people said about mail order bride services and online dating sites is that Filipino women are only after the foreign men’s money. While this issue is debatable, in order to free you from your fear that this might be true, then choose to meet only single women. In this way, there is a higher possibility that money is not the main target. Filipina single ladies are genuinely looking for a life time partner.

Let us be honest that part of the reason why they marry foreign men is that they want to go to other countries. But it does not mean also that you serve as their ticket for them to get to the place, and once there, they will just leave you. No! That is not what is going to happen. In fact, marriage statistics can show a good rate of successful marriages between Filipino women and foreign men. Take for example the report of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) which accounted that 80% of this kind of marriage often last long.

If you know anyone that is married to a Filipina, you can ask the person and listen to his testimonies. Of course, just like you, the Filipino woman is also taking the risk too. Both of you are total strangers to one another, and the adjustment period requires real effort. But a Filipina lady is known for her flexibility. She can adjust to any given situation including cultural differences.

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Given the time to interact online, and communicate regularly, you will in no time learn so much about her and vice versa. Communication is a big factor in long distance relationships. It will help you discern who among the ladies you met online are worth spending the rest of your life with. Just take your time. You will get to know Filipino single women better if you spend more time with them online.

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Mar 272015

If you’re on Facebook and would like to get started on online dating, you’ve come the right place. If you’re not on Facebook, you’ve probably been living under an extremely large rock the past couple of years and should sign up for an account immediately. When it comes to online dating on Facebook, the first application that comes to mind is Zoosk, a Facebook dating application that has more than 50 million members worldwide.

If you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably seen the many banners they have in social media websites. Zoosk has been going all out to attract new members and this has resulted in an enormous membership pool of singles that are willing to interact with you.

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Membership is divided into free and premium accounts. Free accounts are basic but already give you a variety of options but the premium accounts are where no holds are barred. However, their premium options can be quite pricey so consider signing up for the free account and deciding where that’ll lead you.

All of the features you need or expect in a dating service are here. From winks to mail messages and sending of virtual gifts to make your profile stand out from the crowd. Facebook has more than 200 million users logging in every month, so it’s only a matter of time before Zoosk will find you someone to connect with.

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Profile creation in Zoosk is extremely easy, and the application can retrieve all your information from your Facebook account for easy account creation. It is simple to install and use and is singlehandedly the largest dating application on Facebook.

Zoosk users (aka Zooskers) have created a real community on Facebook. It’s a pretty laid back atmosphere and generally friendly. So join today and just have fun!

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Mar 262015

Being a single man is a great thing. Unfortunately, not every man realizes this. There is a freedom to be experienced, and pleasures to be had for sure. Meeting wonderful women can bring as many new experiences and rewards as there are fish in the sea.

The freedom available while being single is quite undeniable. You are free to have your friends over whenever you want. You want to go to the ball game with your buddy? Hey, there is no one to ask permission, nor be concerned over how she may react. You can go to the ball game guilt free. You like anchovies on your pizza? Hey, have it your way because you are the king. Does the king feel like going fishing for the weekend? GO! And, leave the socks on the floor where they are. They look perfectly fine there.


Let us not forget another terrific pleasure of being single, dating. Dating can bring with it many rewards. There is a certain excitement in meeting new woman. There are so many new things to experience together. You can look forward to that dinner with her later in the week. Will things get romantic after the dinner? How about the freedom to get away for the weekend with that wonderful new woman? I hope those socks are still on the floor where they belong.


The point here is that being single offers great freedom to men. There are terrific reasons to enjoy being single, and to look forward to getting to know other wonderful women.

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Mar 262015


Let’s start with you and what to wear. Most speed dating event are held in smart bars and clubs and made exclusive to for the event.

So dress the part, where not talking over the top, leave the ball gown at home. If you are coming from the office that’s fine, a suit always fits in. If you are wearing a tie

you may want to take it off an open collared shirt looks smart and relaxed.

Make the effort, its worth it, generally smart casual works best.


I can’t tell you how important this is, your date will instantly warm to you. Everybody wants to be around positive happy people. A smile instantly conveys this. What would you prefer a smile or a growl.

Act Confident

How? Well along with a smile, eye contact has a huge impact. A person that look directly at you is giving you the compliment of being totally interested in you and not what is going on around them. How many time have you had a conversation today and the person did not even look at you directly and was starring around.


Really listen to what your date is saying and then ask questions that show you have been paying attention. After your date make a quick note on your match form. When you email each other or talk it’s always good to show that you where really listening and remembered what you where talking about.

What questions should you ask

Not just what questions but how you ask them is important. If you have ever been stuck for things to say it will help to ask open ended questions.

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What does this mean? The question you ask can not be answered with a “yes” or a “no”. Unless that is what you want. By asking an open ended question you get your date talking and it also takes a lot of pressure off you.

For instance – How did you get into that line of work? Can not be answered by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and form the answer you can find other open ended questions to ask.

Try not to ask every date the same questions, like “what do you do”, “where do you come from”. If they have had 4 or 5 dates and they have been asked the same thing. Their evening becomes monotonous, by asking something different you standout.

Make answering questions easy, asking “what is the meaning life” really does not work. Speed dating is fun so ask light getting to know you questions.

Every one likes a compliment

Saying something nice about a person you have just met earns big points if you are genuine when you say it.

Be positive

Nobody wants to be sitting opposite a person complaining and moaning about life. If your looking for a life partner, just a date for the evening or a new friend we all want to be around fun, happy people.

Have fun

Most people come to a speed dating event with a relaxed attitude, to have fun and maybe find a great date. So relax being to intense can give the wrong impression.

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Mar 262015

One huge problem lots of guys make when it comes to how to get laid with 9s and 10s is that they jump at the first sign of interest. The girl is extremely hot and when she shows that she likes you, you start bouncing up and down and going crazy. The result is that you give up all of your power the girl.

There are lots of things that could be signs of interest. She might say she likes your shirt. She might ask you to buy her a drink. Or, they could be more obvious like some body language flirting. Whatever you do, don’t start rushing to get her phone number and get her out of there. Take it slow and relaxed.

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Show Her You Understand

It’s important for you to show her that you understand what it’s like to be a hot girl. If you jump at her signals too early, this means you don’t get it. You’re not as cool as she thought you were. You may even be desperate. You’ve fallen for the hot girl just like every other guy she’s ever met in her life.

When she shows a sign of interest in you, she wants it to be normal, like it’s not a huge deal for you. If you jump at the first sign of interest, you show her that she’s making a mistake.

Give It A Test Run

What you should do is to test it. For example, a girl once asked me to tongue her teeth. She wanted to see if I wanted to make out with her. I jumped all over that and then afterwards she laughed and said she had a boyfriend. I got baited.

More recently, a girl asked me if I was a good kisser. I told her that maybe I was and she’d have to wait to find out later. I ended up going home with her that night because I had a little bit of patience.

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Touching And Teasing

Lots of hot girls will try to control the interaction by touching you. As they get more out of control, they use this touching to reassert themselves. A great way to handle this is to increase the physical distance a little. Don’t say anything or show any overt indication; just move away a little. This tells her that you’re not too eager to get with her.

Learning how to get laid with 9s and 10s isn’t too hard, but you’ve got to learn to stop showing how blown away you are that she’s talking to you.

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