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Sep 042015

Single Parents Dating Now?

When parents are finally ready to date again after a divorce they soon discover the challenges that are present. Many people without children will avoid them, either because they don’t want the instant family, or because they are afraid of being second fiddle to the kids. One way to avoid this is to look for other singles who are also parents.

What Options are Available to Single Parents?

There are many activities and groups that people can join, often family oriented where parents can meet one another. However, most of these events are not oriented towards single parents, but simply towards the family. In such a setting the chances of meeting another single parent who has the same intentions is unlikely. What other options are available? In our modern world technology is giving us a hand up! We now have the chance to join all kinds of internet sites where we can meet each other. Sure, we can join “social network” sites and take our chances. We can join the generic dating sites. Or there are even some that are age specific. But what might be best in this situation is to find one that suits well for a single parent. Obviously you want to find a site that caters to single parents. Yes, this means that you will meet other parents who have similar objectives to yourself. They understand what you are going through, and are able to deal with it when the kids just have to come first. Therefore, your searches for sites should include keywords such as “single parent”, “parent”, or “dating parent”.

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What to Look for in a Single Parent Dating Site

Any dating site should allow you to join for free and to browse profiles for free. Ideally you would be able to see how many people are in your area, or at least get an estimate from your searches. You should be able to see who has sent you letters before you open the letter. Any site should also allow you to have a trail membership, such as a one month or less. Their advertising should be honest and straightforward. Some sites will draw you in by pretending to be something they are not (such as catering to a demographic, such as location, when they are more oriented towards another demographic). This is dishonest, and you shouldn’t trust such sites. You should be able to have specific searches for what you desire to find in a mate. Most sites have this now and are quite specific. Identity verification is something that most sites do not include. Having such features not only protects the users from fraud, it assures them that the people they are dealing with are serious in their intentions and demonstrates that the site owners/operators have their clients’ interests at heart.

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Don’t Give Up on Dating Easily

Like traditional dating, you will have to go through a number of dates and meet several people before you find the person who is right for you. This can mean some frustrations. This is normal, and it was part of the dating scene long before the internet. Don’t give up! Just keep looking and be positive! And remember that as a single parent, if you use a site that caters to single parents, you are more likely to find someone who matches your outlooks in life. Good Luck!

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Sep 042015

Here’s How You Can Read Someone’s Texts Without Touching Their Phone

A number of people have questioned how they can look at someone else’s text messages without having to get the other persons cellular phone. Naturally, for anybody who is interested in who someone else is text messaging and what they are saying, you don’t want to need to steal his or her actual phone to snoop through it. Let’s take a peek at the way in which it is possible to read somebody’s texts.

Having the ability to see what another person does on their phone lets you find out precisely what that individual is doing. People now use texts to talk with other people about anything and everything.

We will illustrate the way to observe everything someone does on his or her cell phone – not simply his or her texts.

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It’s easy to work with a specialized type of software to monitor someones smartphone and determine what he or she is doing. Therefore, if you need to go through another person’s texts, you only need to make use of one of these applications.

Most of these applications are incredibly user-friendly and uncomplicated. You’ll need to do the installation on their phone (does not take more than 2 minutes) and after that you do not ever need to touch the phone again.

A computer software such as this enables you to check out much more than merely texts. Alongside examining their texts, you’ll be able to look into other things that they’ve used their phone for such as telephone calls, photographs or instant messaging.

Tracking someone’s phone is useful for a wide variety of scenarios. Firms will supervise employees phones, men and women will monitor phones to see if they’re being cheated on and so on..

You don’t have to concern yourself with the man or woman realizing that you’re keeping track of their telephone. The application itself is 100 % undetectable to ensure the particular person is not going to know that it is placed on their cellphone. Obviously you don’t want the other person learning that you can look at what they’re doing.

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And when you want to observe what the individual has been up to and look over their texts, you log into an internet site where you can view all the activity from the phone. It is astounding to see exactly how much information you are going to have the opportunity to take a look at.

Cellular telephone spying computer software is an extremely valuable program which gives you a closer look at what any person is doing. It is easy to work with, affordable and remarkably powerful.

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Source by Curt Stafford

Sep 032015

Facebook – Beneficial Or Dangerous?

Facebook; what is it about this site that has people going wild over it? At first glance it does not look like anything special compared to some other community sites out there. Sure; you can add friends, post comments and see what others are saying or doing. Unlike other sites though Facebook limits you. For instance you cannot edit the look of your home page. It’s the same boring white screen that everyone else has. And yes while there is the ability to add photos and links both in comments and albums you can not add a lot of interactive material. So why do people use it? Well besides the obvious of just keeping in touch with family and friends I think most people who use Facebook do so to either follow what’s happening with someone else or to play.

Many companies, stars, and political individuals and groups have Facebook accounts. This allows fans and critics to follow what is happening with their preferred idols. Fans of musicians or movie stars follow whats going on to help fill their never ending craving for news and gossip. Employees and former employees communicate and chat about what has been happening at work or what they think should change. This keeps everyone happy for the most part and people enjoy the gossip created. The best part is that you always know whats going on. The bad part of this is that you never know if what you are reading is truth or fiction.

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Those that prefer to play have created a large following on Facebook as well. There are a lot of social games that have been created and added to Facebook. Games like Yoville and Farmville offer a world where you build up a community and grow in status. These games are addicting and fun at the same time. They require you to return to them often or you will loose a crop or maybe your status in the community. For the most part these games allow people to explore a world or way of life that they normally would never be able to be a part of. Of course it is all just a game but I know people that almost live around what happens in these games.

The question we are asking here is whether or not Facebook is beneficial to our society or just a waste of our abilities and time. I think it can go both ways. For those of us keeping in touch with family and posting the latest photos of the kids; Facebook gives us a cheap and easy way to keep in touch that is still for the most part private as Facebook has privacy settings to protect what you show others. For those of us that mainly go to Facebook to play its games and live in the mini worlds created on it; it can be a danger. The real concern is that if we spend all our time in these virtual worlds what effect does it have on our real lives! Does it take away from going out and having a good time for real? Does it create a false sense of reality that we will spend endless hours looking for? It might for some of us, but I have faith that most of us can still realize the difference.

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I am sure that most of you reading this use Facebook and that is great. Just remember that it is still no substitute for the real interactions the world and family can give you. Happy Facebooking everybody!

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Sep 032015

Who is Dating Younger Men and Why? The Cougar Revolution

One third of single women between ages 40-60 are dating younger men, at least 8 years their junior. As women have advanced financially and educationally, they no longer see themselves “stuck” in the traditional roles that they have broken out of. With the advent of birth control and the advertising moguls of Madison Avenue pushing sexuality in our faces to sell us some product or service, women are taking a look at other barriers they can now tackle and break down; specifically: age.

If a woman at 24 thought a guy at 24 was hot, then why wouldn’t she look at him the same way when she turns 40? Because women tended in the past to be led around by the nose by the social more’s of the time, they were shamed or “not allowed” to “go there” with their sexuality. They were expected to be loyal wives, great mothers, household engineers, and other socially acceptable roles. With rare exception, any sideward glance at a younger man who could have been their son was met with an immediate dismissal and a whole lot of guilt. Certain films came out to challenge these misbeliefs: The Summer of 42, The Graduate are just a couple. Flash forward to today with television shows like Desperate Housewives and the fact that women feel much freer and liberated in expressing their sensuality, keep fit by eating right and working out, rejuvenate their bodies with liposuction and breast implants and by golly… the men start responding. Now that she is in a position to choose from the pool of men lapping at her feet, who do you think she is going to pick?

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The bloated, tired, beleaguered, past his prime shlub or a younger hot bodied man with “staying power”? She is in her sexual prime, no longer tethered to crying babies and a man who stopped appreciating her long ago. A man for whom she kept herself up for, but he didn’t in return. She can still turn him on, but she wants to turn out the light to “do her duty” with him. Add to the mix the fact that if she was a starter wife then when her hubby hits middle age crisis time and trades her in for the same model, just with less years and mileage on it, she is left out in the cold. Well, not any more. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Turn about is fair play. And all those other cliches that just so happen to be true are now applied in this case. As this movement to break down age between the sexes grabs hold, it will eventually become as acceptable as older men dating and marrying younger women.

When the woman looks around at what is available on the market she is quickly disappointed to realize that what is left out there regarding men her age or older, are losers and mental defectives, self centered narcissists and men who portray themselves as victims of their former wives; saddled with alimony, jockeying for attention from the children they only see every other weekend, relegated to living in an apartment while the ex wife keeps the house and the new woman is lucky to get any crumbs emotionally, physically, mentally or psychologically. What do these guys really have to offer? No wonder women are looking at younger men as viable alternatives. There just isn’t much out there in the dating world they want to meet in their own range. So women start reconsidering their options. They go out with their girlfriends and get attention from younger guys. At first this may seem weird and they may brush it off or think it is cute. But as time passes and they realize that the men in their age range are not the prince Charmings they’d hope to meet, the younger guys look better and better.

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It is no secret that women of all ages want that oxytocin chemical rush in the brain that they had as teenagers when they had their first crush. A younger man can provide that for them. With a younger man, a woman has a chance to reconnect with her sensual side and sexuality. She doesn’t have to feel rushed to orgasm (faked or not) by an older guy whose stamina has passed him by. And did I mention post coital cuddling? What could be better than spooning with a younger, appreciative man who adores her and doesn’t have a big, fat belly? (Sorry if I sound cruel here, but I am only reporting what I hear from the women I have spoken to on this subject.)

So, all you cubs out there who adore confident women…rejoice. It may take the woman you want to spend time with to come around, but give her time and just be yourself with her. A lot of women are still finding their way and may not be sure if this is for them or not and the experience she has with her “first” cub will help tell the tale.

(c) Fayr Barkley, Ph.D.

Source by Dr. Fayr Barkley, Ph.D.

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Sep 032015

As I laid my head on my pillow last night I began to pray for my kids. I began to pray that the Lord would: Protect them, Hold them while they sleep, Direct their steps, Lead them, Anoint them, Use them…

And then I began to pray that the Lord would continue to help me be a godly mother to them…

A loving mother

A patient mother

A compassionate mother…

And as I was praying, the Lord spoke these words to me:

“Audra, you are the closest example of Me that your children have right now. You don’t need to be asking to be a better mom, you need to be asking to be more like Me.”

Wow. I was moved to tears. He was right. So right.

This last week I have had such a burden for my children. I think it’s because Justus is now in Kindergarten and Judah has started Preschool. They now have influences in their lives that I cannot control… Influences in their lives that might change their behavior… Influences that might cause them to see themselves differently. This has been an eye-opening season, and I am learning to welcome it! I welcome the different perspectives… I welcome the dirty words that come out of my 4 year olds mouth! Why? Because these are all opportunities to show them the Jesus that I’m in love with. The Jesus that is desperately in love with them. They are opportunities to show them that what He has to say is more valuable and truthful than any words out there. My prayer is that Justus, Judah and Isabella would walk through life knowing who they are and “Whose” they are. That they would rise up amidst the pressure and culture and use every hurt, disappointment and triumph as stepping stones toward fulfilling their callings.

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And right now, in their very vulnerable and still moldable state, our precious Lord has given me the responsibility to teach, to model, to walk with them as they discover that.

And if you’re a mama, He has given you the amazing responsibility to do this too. Embrace it. Embrace Him. Embrace them. Because as we strive to become the answer to our own prayers by changing our hearts to match His, I believe our kids will follow suit. There will be a change in their hearts. There will be lasting fruit. A change in us first, leads to a change in them.

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Lord, scratch my previous prayer. Help me to be just like You- forgiving, compassionate, patient, full of love, never keeping records of wrongdoings, always accepting of others, a respecter and lover to my husband… I want to be more like you. I need to be. For I am their closest link to You. And Lord, when they are ready to link to you directly, help me get out the way. Help me to give them to You. To entrust them to You. For they are your sons and your daughter first.

A Mama’s Prayer

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Source by Audra Thurman

Sep 032015

Single Mom Financial Help

Single mom needs financial help? Does this describe your situation? Do you make less than or near minimum wage? Do your bills add up to your earnings, leaving you with nothing to save at the end of each month? It can be tough if you are a single mother and you want to make ends meet. It seems like the whole world is against you. However, you don’t have to live with this – there does exist some financial help that you can get to make life easier.

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Now, it’s important to identify what sort of financial help you are looking for. Do you just need some quick assistance, or are you looking for some long term help so you can make a change in your life. If you need some quick assistance – maybe some food, maybe a quick loan, maybe an extra bit of money – you may be able to get this aid from some private organizations that specialize in giving help to the financially needy.

If you want more long term help, help going to college, help to start a business, you can also seek this sort of help out to. The key to get the help you need is to really seek it. That means you have to treat getting financial help as a sort of part time job. What does this entail exactly? That means looking online daily for any grants or scholarships you may qualify for. That means visiting various single mother forums and seeing what sort of aid programs other people are talking about. That means putting in the work applying for financial aid packages.

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The bottom line is that if you want some real help, you are going to have to put in some real work. But help does exist, in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships. You should start your search online – you will turn up plenty of websites that specialize in helping people such as yourself.

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Sep 032015

How to Date Past Your Forties – Rule the Game As If You Are Still in Your Twenties

It’s not as hard as you may think to find love past 40; you just have to approach the idea from a different perspective. You’ve got different goals and values from when you were 20 or 30, and these have to be accounted for. Read on to learn about dating past your twenties, and how to find love all over again.

Life stresses pile up as we age, making us wish we were in our twenties again. What’s more is that the people you date will have their own challenges, making the dynamics of a relationship more challenging.

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Hold on to the fact that you and your significant other both want the same thing, and that is companionship. Also know that you’re certain of your expectations from a relationship, and hold on to those.

No matter what age you are, a past filled with negative relationships will affect you. The important thing is to not let these experiences affect your future. Let go of the past, and learn from your mistakes. Those bad romances have at least taught you what you don’t want in a significant other, so make sure to find someone who fits you better.

Dating for mature people can be especially challenging in terms of replacing a lost love. If your mate has passed away, or if you’ve just gotten a divorce, you may be more hesitant to find new companionship.

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Take all the time you need to heal, but remember that you deserve to be in love. Also take into consideration the fact that times have changed, and it’s not uncommon to share a home with someone you’re not married to. You don’t need to jump into matrimony before finding a good fit for yourself.

Finally, just have fun! Keep an open mind, date around, and see what becomes of it! You can have a satisfying love life at any age.

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Sep 032015

Psychology of Dating – Little-Known Dating Secrets

Dating is not just about socialization. Believe it or not, there is a science behind it. Understanding the psychology of dating can be pretty handy, especially if you don’t want to waste your time on bad blind dates.

If you’re a dating expert, then you probably know what indicators to look for. However, if you find yourself striking out date after date after date, then you’re going to love reading about the psychology of dating.

Eye Contact

It’s all about the eye contact. When you’re in a bar, try to be more observant of the person you’re trying to attract.

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If one of them initiates eye contact with you, smiles and then looks down, then that individual is definitely interested.

However, if he or she looks at you and then turns away while their head is still at normal level, basic psychology of dating is saying you have very little or no chance, and he or she is looking for a better offer.

This method will allow you to know who is most willing to go out on a date with you.

Body Language

Around 60% to 75% of communication is non-verbal, so your action speaks volumes about you. And sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if you have very few things to say, as long as you’re able to convey the right gestures and body movements.

If you’re nervous, your body will give you away. For example, you might experience trembling of hands or find yourself unable to smile genuinely.

If you’re confident, your body will surely let the other person know too. According to the psychology of dating, your voice will probably be the first to give you away.

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So use this to your advantage and try becoming more conscious of the signals you send to your partner. Or you can be more observant of their body language.

These are just some components of the psychology of dating. Try to evaluate yourself and see where you stand. Maybe next time, you can use your knowledge of dating and avoid the constant hit and miss strategies many people use.

Juicy words men are dying to hear (You’ll be shocked & intrigued)

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Sep 032015

iPhone – The Mobile Social Network

This is one of its kinds as it has the right features. For any mobile social network to be successful it is necessary to have presence, awareness and in addition it must have ability to tell its user where his/her friends are and what they are up to. Not only that it can also let meet new people with each other.

It is a fact that big social networks are not ignoring mobiles. However the Facebook’s iPhone app is just the desktop version optimized for that phone. It has drawback that it doesn’t leverage the device itself to tell its user when his/her friends are close.

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It is really not a drawback because here the ultimate aim is not to just let users see where their friends are and what they are up to rather the killer app is to facilitate meeting new people either for dating or for business purpose and that too with privacy.

It is to believe that once a network has critical mass users will, depending on its privacy settings, be able to walk into any gathering and see information on the people in the room. The advantage will be surely on first come first serve basis i.e. who will get there first will have a better chance than the existing networks at MySpace and Facebook today.

In order to establish a critical mass it is necessary to have users on devices that have GPS or triangulation for presence and location, and having software on the phone instead of just accessing it from a website. Example to prove this is that getting java apps on phones in Europe is quite easier as compared to U.S. that is the reason why most of the mobile social network startups are located there.

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The iPhone, is having both these utilities and is soon going to equip with SDK to allow third party apps on the phone. As soon as that SDK is released, one should look for an outbreak of third party applications to try and create a social network on the iPhone.

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Sep 022015

Dangers Of Online Dating: What You Need To Know

While most people you will find on online dating sites are genuine people looking for some fun and romance in their lives, as with everything on the internet there are always a few con artists out there, and as with any situation where you meet someone you don’t know, there is a small but real possibility they may not be as desirable a character as they seem. The dangers of online dating range from those that could just be a bit hurtful to find out about to those that could put you in real financial or physical danger. This shouldn’t put you off trying it, because if you are aware of the dangers you can easily protect yourself against them. Here are some of the risks and what you can do.

They may have lied

The person you are talking to may not have been entirely honest about themselves. This may just be a harmless white lie to impress you, maybe knocking a couple of years off their age, that you can get over and laugh about with them one day, but if it is something more serious, like they don’t tell you they are married, then you may have just wasted your time meeting someone you’d have never dreamed of dating if you’d known. One good way to check out if someone is all they seem to be in terms of their single status, occupation, location etc. is to suggest (after you’ve been talking a while so it isn’t weird!) becoming Facebook friends if they have an account. It may be easy to keep up a lie on an internet dating site, but much harder on something like Facebook where their friends and family will be there.

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It could be a scam

Sadly, not all the people you meet online are genuinely interested in finding a date. Some may just want tour email address for spamming purposes, which is annoying but reasonably harmless, and others may be more long term con artists looking to make you fall for them and send them money. It is better to set up a new email address on gmail or similar to use for your online dating activity, not just to avoid it being too much of a problem if a spammer gets your email address, but also to protect your identity – from an email address you have been using for years it isn’t too difficult to find out a lot of other things about you. Never send someone money if you haven’t met them. If you do after you have met them, you are still doing so at your own risk. There are plenty of people you could be talking to who aren’t in financial difficulty instead.

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They could be dangerous

It is rare, but there are the horror stories about people being assaulted and raped and all sorts on blind dates. When you arrange to meet someone, make sure a friend knows where you are going, and that the date takes place in a public place and you have your own transport to get home. Keep an eye on your drinks, and don’t get drunk. If you feel more comfortable, carry an alarm or whistle. As long as you take care of your personal safety, you will be fine, and if your date has nothing to hide they won’t mind at all, and will probably respect you for being sensible.

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Sep 022015

How to Date Older Women

A man has to keep in mind that older women have a different perspective of intimacy and affection. Many older women, in fact, do not find the idea of entering a relationship with a man ten years her junior very appealing. No matter how youthful and glamorous she may look like, she will always be insecure about her looks because she knows that plenty of young and more glamorous women are out there. Another reason why older women are not very enthusiastic about dating younger men is because of their children.

Children are protective of their parents and can be hard to win over. Children will always be a mother’s first priority so it may be hard for young men, with honest intentions, to woo a woman several years his senior. However, if you are determined enough despite the woman’s reluctancy, here are a few tips on how to date older women:

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• You must always tread carefully when in a relationship with an older woman. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration and you should be able to understand and respect her decisions.

• Finding out what her likes and interests are is a great way to start. Start finding out what her hobbies are and see whether you share interests. If she happens to like doing outdoor activities, a hobby you yourself like, then by all means invite her out for camping, hiking and/or mountain climbing. This is a great way for you to bond and get to know each other as well. A woman doing the things she loves is always uninhibited and here, you will be able to see her in all her natural splendor.

• If your relationship blossoms, then introducing her to your parents should be the next logical step.

Remember that older women have more insecurities and showing reluctancy to tell your parents and your friends about your relationship will make her feel as though you are ashamed of her. To date older women, you may have to cross several hurdles before people accept you. Such relationships may still be queer to some people but remember that it is not the other people’s approval that you seek, but happiness for the both of you. Try to make things work. Families and friends are the people who love you and if they see that you are truly happy with the woman you are with despite her age, then they will eventually learn to accept her. The same goes for the older woman.

Source by Daniel J Robinson

dating older cougar women

Sep 022015

What to Do When You Are a Newly Single

When you are single and unclear about what to do. You’ve been so used to having someone ‘special’ in your life, that when you get home you find yourself twiddling your thumbs and wondering what the next step is. It is rather depressing that you feel almost intimidated by being alone. I mean, you are the only person in the world with whom you’ve spent every moment since you were conceived. Why on earth would it be such a bad outcome to be on your own at this point?


Well, simply put, it’s a better scenario than the one in which a I myself was in before before breaking off the relationship:

“I had been dating a guy for almost three years and he would spend his yearly vacation in another Parish. That same year we had planned to spend time together on his vacation days as our summer together as I finally had the opportunity to travel to the same parish he was in.

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Unfortunately, however, I found out the same week I arrived that he was having an affair with another girl in a small village. I was devastated and I became depressed. I left that parish the same week and went to visit my mother in another Town and he called me asking me to forgive him. I said I would but I was made aware that he was still seeing the same girl after he begged for my forgiveness.

When I confronted him, he told me that he ‘thinks’ he loves her and ‘she took only a few weeks to understand him. The reason he left me was because I decided to I was not ready to have sex until marriage, and he said he would wait, how stupid I was to believed he would wait, he didn’t.

It’s been six months since we’ve broken up and even though I am approached by other men, I still cannot find the courage to even think about seeing anybody because of the fear my heart being broken again.. I fear that I may end up alone for the rest of my life because of what was done to me. I fear I still have feelings for him and it gets me upset each time I think about him. Is there anything that could help me to forget the past and find the courage to put myself out there again?

The problem now is that I am unsure of how to move on, and I’m certain that there are may of you in a similar position. I was desperate for any suggestions that might help me through this difficult time, so I started reading a book called IN THE MEANTIME: FINDING YOURSELF AND THE LOVE YOU WANT.

It seems a little strange at the beginning, telling readers to clean out their cupboards, tidy the space around them, remove all the clutter in their home, sweep the floors, and so on. Oh, it was maddening for me at first. Honestly, how was this going to be of any benefit to my heart and soul? However, I soon realised that what the author was really trying to say is that it was time that I dusted off myself.

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Between each boyfriend I had, I was always waiting and looking for the next. I wanted to find love so badly that I had forgotten to discover me. Even though there were times when I was scared to be with another man because of a devastating ending, I was subconsciously relieved when I settled into the subsequent relationship.

Throughout all of this, I never stopped to think about my deep desires or dreams. I never thought that clearing out my mind of negative and bad feelings could possibly be that good for me, but in time I came to see that the one thing I needed and had to do in the meantime was a little mental housekeeping.

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Source by Sheryl Beckford

Sep 022015

“Lay” and “Lie” are irregular verbs, but “perplexing” would be a better adjective to describe them. Once you get past the present tense, they change in some surprising ways. I have never figured out a way to remember their forms except by rote. When I got tired of looking them up, I got smart and made a little chart. That chart is currently taped to the side of my computer. This brief guide will help you use them correctly.


Definition: To put or place something. ( has over 40 individual definitions for “lay,” but almost all of them can be summed up by this.)

Use: In its most common uses, “lay” is a transitive verb. This means that this is an action done to something. Remember: You lay something down, even if that something is yourself.

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Present tense samples (lay): I lay the book on the table. Please lay the baby in the crib. He lays his toys on the floor.

Past tense samples (laid): I laid the book on the table. You laid the baby in the crib. He laid his toys on the floor.

Present participle samples (laying): I am laying the book on the table. You were laying the baby in the crib. He is laying his toys on the floor.

Past participle samples (laid): I have laid the books on the table. You have laid the baby in the crib. He had laid his toys on the floor.


Definition: As discussed here, “lie” means to be in a horizontal, prone, or resting position (not telling a falsehood).

Use: In its most common uses, “lie” is an intransitive verb, which means that it does not use an object. Remember: Something lies on something else.

Present tense samples (lie): I lie in the bed. The doll lies on the shelf. We lie on the floor.

Past tense samples (lay): I lay in the bed. The doll lay on the shelf. We lay on the floor.

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Present participle samples (lying): I was lying in the bed. The doll is lying on the shelf. We were lying on the floor.

Past participle samples (lain): I had lain in the bed. The doll has lain on the shelf. We have lain on the floor.


Clear and correct writing is important for authors, businesses, and students. Using “lay” and “lie” correctly is just one step in that process. The Precise Edit Training Manual has many more writing strategies used by professional editors.

Using "Lay" and "Lie" Correctly

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Your Beliefs and Dating

I’ve been a player for over 4 years, and the single element that made all the difference in the world in dating was my beliefs. It was when I believed I was good with women, I got good with women.

Beliefs are one of the most important concepts you need to understand in order to date really hot women.

I’m going to talk about the key to dating and it’s beliefs. You must have the right beliefs in place before (or during) you start “gaming” girls. Your beliefs are the foundations of which you are going to be building “frames” around the girl. So, it is both a psychological and a tactical element to dating women.

Here’s the simple truth about a belief: A Belief Is Only A Focus Of Attention.

That’s it. Think about it: The belief in yourself as super successful with hot girls is merely a focus of attention.

Your entire “being” is based on your beliefs about you. No one but “you” has ever agreed about the things you believe about yourself– except you. Yes, people of authority in your life told you things about you, but you chose to believe it.

If you have strong negative beliefs, it will externally be reflected through you’re attitude, body language, and voice tone.

Internal and External Beliefs

A Belief has an internal and an external mental component. Your belief mentally, that is, inner psychology, projects out to the women you date or ask for a date (external states). External states affect the girls you date through confidence, body language, and voice tone.

In a way, beliefs are fused with frames upon frames that fuel your meta-frame. You need to understand this. (A “frame” is the meaning of the interaction that you are having with the girl you are dating. Your frame should be that she is after you: you are deciding if YOU like her.)

That’s why I’m saying that the internal states will dictate the external subcommunication you give off to the world all the time.

If you get the internal states mastered and you use the tactical strategies regarding opening, manufacturing attraction, connection, and seduction, in addition to creating a cool life style, you are going to be masterful at having beautiful girls waltzing into your life!

(You ever think about how “Bad” you are with girls after a night of gaming girls at at club or bar? Think about it in the negative fuels the very reason girls won’t like you or find you attractive. You are internalizing the very belief that is counter to your cause of being successful with dating girls.)

That’s because your beliefs about yourself and about your ability to attract and date women is dependent on your beliefs.

Internalize this. This is important: Whatever you believe, with feeling, even if it’s contrary to fact, will become your reality.

Your mind has a tendency to only focus on one thing at a time. If you have a belief, whether it is a positive or negative, then you will start to see evidence in your life that will re-enforce those beliefs. In other words, your mind filters out information that contradicts a belief.

It’s really fascinating and almost bizarre, but simple and true-hence your internal beliefs actually control your reality.

Let me give you an example you can understand.

Last year, I bought a Nissan Altima. Before that I had a convertible roadster. Well, my old car, the convertible, I had seen other models of my same car everywhere, on the road. I saw them at the signal, on the freeway, in the parking lot. I saw them everywhere. I knew the model year of that car just from looking at the rims or paint job.

During that time, I never really focused on Altimas.

Well, guess what happened when I started to drive my new Altima? Yes, you guessed it. I saw them everywhere. That’s what I mean when I say that a human mind can focus on one thing. This is the same phenomenon that occurs when you have a belief.

The crucial point here is that a belief will give you your reality whether it’s true or not.

So, the key here is in you. You decide what to believe in your life. So, whatever belief you have about your ability with women, young or old, you have picked up sometime in your past and you have filtered and found evidence throughout your life to make it true This has helped you form your current beliefs.

Well the so called “evidence” was only because you focused on the negative belief(s). You actually filtered out the positive evidence that women were interested in you, but you didn’t focus on it, so you never saw it!!!

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Now, don’t beat yourself up here.

I know for a fact that this type of knowledge has been around for centuries. I have a background in philosophy but these philosophers never told it in a “practical” way.

So, whether or not you believe you’re good with women, it just doesn’t matter in terms of whether it’s true or not. The world doesn’t care. Remember, the same person can be good with women or bad with women. It’s just based on your beliefs. It’s that simple.

It’s a personal choice because you control what goes on in your head. In other words, because a belief doesn’t have to reflect a basic reality, it doesn’t matter if you are “bad” with young women or “good” with women, because it is just a matter of free will or choice.

Now, if you choose to believe you are good with girls, the “frames” you build will work on the women. So, believe in yourself.

One of my good friend and teacher once told me, “you only have a shortcoming if you believe you have one.

The Law of Belief: What ever you believe in, irrespective of whether or not the belief is true:–it, the belief, will come true.

So, if you believe in some belief (about yourself) that is a good belief, contrary to fact–but you believe it: by virtue of the law of belief, it will come true.

Hence your beliefs are at the core of your frame(s): the person with the stronger frame will absorb the weaker frame. Therefore, your belief can be based on a belief contrary to fact, but if you believe in yourself-it will become your reality.

Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs are the bases of all human suffering. It’s not just about getting that hot 21 year old at the local bar that we are talking about here. Negative beliefs can make you always see the negative in everything. Don’t do that.

But, in attracting and dating women, you must take the negative beliefs and remove them from your mind, forever. It can be done. The human mind can substitute a negative thought with a positive one super easy. But you have to be mindful here and be aware when you have these negative thoughts. By the way, a belief or frame creates a thought, which creates a behavior and world views.

Your mental states are the most important factor in attracting and dating women. Winning girls over is an attraction process for women, which is based on your personality rather than looks or money. We have to be internally strong (personality) when we want to attract women in general.

The 100% problem men have is that they think in the man’s “frame” that women would be attracted to the same things as a man, that is, looks; men think that women are attracted to looks and wealth only.

This is a fatal mistake. Sadly, most men will spend the rest of their lives making the mistake of pursuing wealth to compensate for “looks.” They will spend the most productive part of their lives on pursuing money, cars, and homes, and never invest in their personalities. Sad.

So, for us men, we are attracted to a women’s looks first. The inner part of the women is not as important to a man, at least not initially.

So, men think that this works for women as well. Most men think that women only go for the good looking “Brad Pitt” type guys. A guy thinks it’s all about looks and money. Well, like I said before, I know guys that are actually ugly that get 8s, 9s, and 10s because they have such a confident, funny, and cool personality: a “stand up guy.”

I know of another guy who is super good looking, blonde, and tall, but he has no confidence and he gets dates initially, but the women can figure out he’s has innergame issues and is a “wimp.” So they “run for the hills.” He hardly gets second or third dates. It’s sad.

I know this other guy who makes “x” million dollars a year, good looking, but he has no game, because internally, there’s something “going on.”

Remember, a guy’s attractiveness to a women is from the inside out, not the outside in. Outside means cars, wealth, looks, height, and so on. You now get the picture. Duh. Simple but profound.

50 To 60 Thousand Thoughts Per Day

The Human mind has 50 to 60 thousand thoughts a day. The vast majority of these thoughts have already been established because someone of authority in your childhood and beyond gave you these thoughts about yourself that you chose to accept.


Most people have negative thoughts. These thoughts set off your emotions. Hence your emotions are subordinate to your thoughts. Your emotions determine your “state” or more importantly your being.

Much of these thoughts are your beliefs. This is why it’s so important that you get the negative thoughts out of your head.

Your thought processes cycle through your mind and builds momentum over time. Think about the thoughts of your thoughts of your thoughts of your thoughts of your focus in your mind that are your belief(s). If they are negative, they take on a mind of their own.

That’s 50 to 60 thousands thoughts a day that have enormous consequences in your life–because in your life, all causation is mental. Thoughts control your world. Thoughts control your emotional states. Thoughts based on your beliefs controls your emotions. Your emotions control your behavior. Your behavior controls how other people perceive you.

That explains why beliefs are so powerful. You have to “commandeer” those negatives thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It can be done with diligence.

Ideally, you are working on your inner psychology, skill set, and life-style at the same time. Trust me, it all will come together. But stay with it. ” This is where it all begins. We are gong to get those bad beliefs the hell out.

You must think this: The more I believe in myself, the more I become the person I believe in.

Remember here that the “Map Is Not The Territory.” If you remember this, no matter how bad you think you are with young women in the beginning of your journey, it just doesn’t matter. The person (you) with the strongest belief system–which you will develop anyway over time–(that you are a master with women) holds the most influence over others with weaker belief systems (the girls who inherently have weaker belief systems).

A belief doesn’t have to be real to work because of frames.

Again, I’m not saying that if you believe you can fly that you can grow feathers and fly to Paris so you can game French girls. No, I’m talking about the reality in your head. Like thinking your awesome with girls or that you suck with girls. I’m talking about that section between your ears ok!

This may be shocking, but a lot of your beliefs are not based on reality, but you’re mind has accepted these beliefs and they are making you behave in a manner that messes you up with women or anything else in your life.

But it just doesn’t have to be this way!!!!

Look, if you really want to know the secret to attracting women it’s this: If you believe you’re good with women, women will feel it, then they will believe it because your belief will fuel you frame(s). It’s just that simple.


There is a psychological concept called cognitive dissonance. It states that cognitive dissonance is the filtering of information that conflicts with what one already believes, in an effort to ignore that information to reinforce one’s untrue beliefs.

What this means is that we filter out evidence that contradicts a bad belief. So, your belief that you are “not good with girls” is not real. You have the potential to learn how to be a “star” with hot young women because you are already good right now.

So, when you go up to a woman and you start talking to her, you must have the following belief: you have the right to talk to her; she will find you attractive; she is hitting on you.

Guess what? She is going to test those beliefs by testing your “frame.” If your belief is strong enough, your “map” will absorb her weaker “map.” There never has to be evidence to the contrary for people to fall into your “frame.”

In other words, she will fall into your “frame.” That’s how you will get her attracted to you and that’s how you are going to date her.

When it comes to dating girls, your beliefs don’t matter whether they reflect a basic reality or not. If you believe you are good, and you believe it strongly, women will believe you. It’s kind of like believing in your own “nonsense.” If you believe anything with a rock solid belief, people will agree with you. They will fall into your “frame.”

But, remember that a frame operates under the assumption that you have a strong belief. Now, you can have just a strong “frame” and if you do it right, you will still get the girl. But that is super hard to do. It’s just easier to believe it right away.

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This is why it doesn’t matter if you’re good looking or have money or you don’t have height. It matters to a degree, but not as much as you would think.

If you have a strong belief that you’re good with girls, and you’re good at controlling the frame, you will get the girls.

You see, religious leaders, politicians, charlatans, con men, cult leaders all know this. Basically, this stuff can be used to manipulate people. If you really think about it, this belief essay is the engine that runs religion.

It’s not the content but the structure.

Think about it. How could people sway other people to believe in something that cannot be empirically verified? It’s based on a belief in faith that another flawed human being is telling you to believe in. And here is the “rub:”

The word “belief ” is synonymous to “faith.”

Remember here, to help you believe that you are good with women: a belief is only a focus of attention and that belief will find evidence in your life.

So, just understand here that there is no such thing as a belief that is true; you only make it true if you chose to make it so, specific to your own reality.

Your Beliefs Will Fuel And Hold Up Your Frames-Consequently, Your Meta-Frame.

Your beliefs are going to gain momentum over time. It’s really very exciting. As you become better in your skill set and you start getting results, your new beliefs, your focus of attention, should be supplying you with real world evidence that you are good with girls and you’re a cool guy..

If you get your inner psychology up to speed through your new beliefs will be the foundations of the frames that you throw out there at the girls you approach and date.

The point here is that even if you have negative beliefs, as long as you understand that the stronger frame absorbs the weaker frame, than you know it will serve you anyway to believe in the “Good Beliefs” because you don’t have anything to lose, anyway!

So, it’s like Pascal’s Wager posed by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal:

The wager is this: that even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should “wager” as though God exists, because so living has potentially everything to gain, and certainly nothing to lose.

Haha! Don’t you see the genius of me! Even if you don’t believe you are good, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is called the Kurgan’s Wager:

The wager is this: Even though you cannot believe you are good with girls via your current negative beliefs, you should “wager” as though you are “good with young girls,” because in so living you are potentially having everything to gain, and certainly nothing to lose. And by virtue of you believing these new empowering beliefs, even in the face of negative evidence, your eventual acceptance of that belief will automatically allow you to set the critical frames necessary in order for you to get the girl(s), anyway!

No matter what, you will eventually get good anyway, over time: so, you might as well believe in it now, because believing will help you get there faster.

Your new empowering beliefs are now going to fuel your frames and set up your meta-frame.

What this simply means is that you will have the confidence to create “states” in your interactions with women that will have the women see you as a cool, high value guy.

They will test you. You will withstand them, and convey with confidence to them through your personality. You will have the “raw courage” to talk to women about your passions in life, and your direction. You will be able to indicate to your target your exciting life-style without being braggadocio. You will convey that you are a “stand-up guy.”

You’re going to do this because you have a cool fashion-style, a great life-style, a powerful skill set, and confidence.

Your frame will be solid. A women will know this as well. Your beliefs will create your frames which will give you a solid meta-frame–that will make women fall all over you!!!

Victor Kurgan

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Cheap Health Insurance For Single Mothers

If you have ever been without health insurance, you know how scary that can be – well, try being a single parent and being without health coverage! Finding cheap health insurance for single mothers is not easy, but it is possible.

One of the things that you will have to face when shopping for cheap health insurance for single mothers is this: a low deductible is NOT your friend. Yes, that is right. I said that a low deductible is not necessarily a good thing and the reason is that when you have a low deductible, you have higher rates. It’s one of Newton’s laws of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So you will have to swallow a higher deductible in order to get lower premium rates.

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And another casualty in the struggle for cheap health insurance for single mothers is the co-pay. This is the portion of the doctor’s office visit that you will have to pay. When you have a low co-pay, again, your rates will be higher because the insurance company has to offset the premium loss. Be advised that you will have to pay that higher co-pay and that is that.

Insurance companies are not in the business of giving something for nothing, after all. They are businesses just like a grocery store or gas station and there is a profit margin to be considered. That having been said, they do try to provide cheap health insurance for single mothers, but cheap does not equal free and as a consumer, you must be aware of this fact.

Finally, when looking for affordable health insurance, take the time to do a fairly in depth search on my personal favorite shopping venue – the Internet. You can enter the keywords into your favorite search engine and get started on your journey of discovery. You will want to take the time and do a careful comparison of the different plans that are available, taking into consideration the premium rates versus the deductible and co-pay offsets.

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Some states have low cost coverages for either single parents or low income families, but these are not as common as cheap health insurance for single mothers and you have a better chance of finding coverages with a more conventional insurance plan. Look at the larger companies first, as they have the means to offer a wider range of programs and premiums. Good luck!

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Who is My Boyfriend Calling on His Cell Phone?

Sometimes, we thing that our boyfriend my in fact, be cheating on us but we really don’t have any evidence. We suspect that he is calling another woman but all of his calls are on his cell phone and there is no way we can access the information. What if there was a way that you could find out who he is calling? Finding the truth about a boyfriend can be tough, but there is a simple way to learn the truth. By using a reverse phone search, you can access his cell phone information to find the facts. Here is how you do it.

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The first thing that you are going to need is your boyfriends cell phone. This can be done by asking him for it or even staying up until he falls asleep. Once you have his phone, write down about 10 numbers that look suspicious to you. These could be numbers that are not registered in his phone or maybe have a unique name.

After you have wrote down all of these numbers, you will then need a reverse phone check. This can be found anywhere on the internet, but you must make sure it provides these three important factors

#1 – Needs to be able to access cell phone, land line, and even unlisted numbers

#2 – It need to be updated on a consistent basis

#3 – It needs to be reliable and provide accurate results

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Once you have found a reliable reverse phone lookup, just type in the numbers in the boxes and wait for the results. Here you will be able to find out the name and where the girl lives. You will also be able to look up criminal records, warrant searches, and even phone numbers that are also associated with the same account.

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Sex After Divorce – Get Back Into The Scene And Into Bed

When you were getting married you never thought you would ever break apart. Here you are after divorce, a lonely woman. After sleeping with only one man for decades, the idea of adding another unexpected notch to the belt is hard to accept. After divorce you have to go in search of romance again unless you have decided to spend lonely and cold nights alone. If you want to enjoy your sex life again after being single, it has to be safe sex. It is hard to imagine that you will have to open up to somebody else. You have been handed your second lease of your sex life so enjoy sex after divorce. After all you have gained experience over the years.

Women are different and there are those divorced women who feel that sex is no longer a need in their lives. There are others who want to renew the sex vigor at all costs. Sex after divorce faces many challenges because divorced people often go through depression and a lot of anxiety inhibiting the libido to lower-than-average. They are therefore single and divorced with very little sex drive if any. For divorced women it sounds like a big transition to get back in the dating pool. It is a good opportunity to develop her self-esteem and self confidence in the process of meeting different guys in different demographics. How soon can you start sex after divorce? The right time depends on an individual because they know how ready they are to engage with somebody else. There is no standard time because divorced women have suffered from different damages.

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Some divorced women feel they need a stretch of time to recover from the previous relationship before they indulge in sex after divorce. Some do not get their groove back until they get attention from a guy then they start dating. There is no rule of thumb concerning sex after divorce so women should explore dating and relationship. These women are even more appealing since they come into the relationship with more experiences of life as opposed to women who have never got married. As you sow your oats beware of rebound effects. Do not fall victim of the casual sex conundrum. Dive into the dating pool with a lot of caution. Do not become so promiscuous as you might put your health at risk. This usually happens to women who were in passionless marriage before divorce. It is like they feel the desire and pressure to be sexual their lives. If it builds your self-esteem have the fun but do not sleep with everyone.

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Your husband is always the best person to have sex with but now that he is your “ex-husband” ditch him completely. Do not have sex with him. There are possible proactive ways and means of jump starting your sex life but do not make that mistake of sleeping with the enemy. If he loved you, you would be still together. Sex after divorce with your ex-husband causes emotional entanglement which can actually set you back. It eats on your self-esteem slowly by slowly. When most divorced women feel lonely the first person they think of is their ex-husband. Make a rule that always reminds you that your ex is your ex and you should stay away from him. I know you prefer sex with him due to safety issues but you can still enjoy safe sex with a stranger as you turn him in to a friend.

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Why Facebook is Destroying Relationships

Twitter: lets you give 140 character shout outs all day long. No big deal, unless you tweet 50 times a day. Believe me, no one is that interesting nor does anyone really care about your every move, except your over protective mom. It’s huge and it’s growing but it is not the threat, that Facebook is.

MySpace is a lot like Facebook, maybe not as many bells and whistles. It’s been around longer then the other two social networks, which means in Internet Nano lifespan it’s getting old. Not to mention Facebook worldwide now has double the amount of users then MySpace. As a matter of fact more than 1 in 5 people who accessed the Internet signed on to Facebook.

Before we get to the meat of this post, there is no doubt that a guy can access more women than the old analog world of generations past. But what guys don’t realize is the fact that women may be more digitally privy than you. While you’re sitting here reading this post, your girl could be browsing your Facebook profile right now and make a conclusion that you’re actually a jerk.

Facebook: For whatever reason, men put things on Facebook and think it’s cool. They put on this persona that let’s face it, is larger then life. He doesn’t have control over what is said about or to him. So guys you need to realize this and listen up! If your in a relationship, good old Facebook can help bury you quicker then you being caught in bed with your next door neighbor.

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You had an argument with your best friend, you made a complete idiot last night at the bar, you know for a fact you’re smarter then your boss, you ran into an old lover and you knew you could have hooked up. Of course every “online” buddy knows all about it. Because you told them.

If you need to spew out any of the above examples and can’t keep them to yourself. Tell your best friend in person, not the world. You can even whine once in awhile to your woman about your job or anything that doesn’t involve another woman, what she is wearing or your penchant for picking your toe jam while watching the Packers on TV.

OK, you got that down, right?. You’re feeling safe until you sign on Facebook to see your wall filled with the guys you were out with last night busting your balls for trying to pick up that blond after 5 drinks, that you thought looked like Shakira. Ahhh, you see where I am going with this. You need to shut that wall off, or in the least restrict who can view it. But what happens when she asks you why your wall is restricted? If you have friends that love to write on your wall about your exploits, you’re fucked!!!

One of the best things about Facebook are all the interactive apps. I don’t know how many quizzes people send me to fill out or how many cows you can own in FarmVille. Don’t join them, don’t become a farmer or a mafia hit man. This is going to lead you to one of two places. Either she reads the quizzes or polls and finds out things about you, she doesn’t like or you lied about before. Or, worse yet, you become so addicted to building your own cyber restaurant, you forget to cuddle up on the coach to watch that movie you promised with her that night.

Lastly, the old axiom “a picture paints a thousand words” has been revived big time, again to our Facebook profile. I know you’re not dumb enough to put up that picture of you crying profusely after you lost $1500 at the casino last weekend, after you told her you had to visit your very sick grandmother. But because in your friends network one of them thought it would be cool to show it, well again it isn’t hard for her to find out where every picture or sentence that has your name involved in it is.

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Speaking of pictures, you’re mighty proud of your ride. It’s your baby, second right after her, of course. Then an innocent comment from one of your buds that is so awed by those new $2000 rims and tells you how jealous he is. All this coming right after you told her, “we just don’t have enough saved to go on that three day Spa vacation” she so wanted. How fast can you pack a suitcase?

Of course there are no scientific statistics for any of the above statements. But do we really need any? I know there are some good stories out there from our readers. Help a guy out and let us know. What did I miss? Should you close your Facebook account now? Or open a new one and make sure you print this article and stuff it somewhere she can’t find it and refer to it. And by all means, make sure this new account is only given to people you know you can trust, like your Priest or Rabbi. Better yet, learn how to tweet!!

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Sep 012015

The 5 Places You’re Most Likely to Find a Perfect Cougar

It’s every guy’s fantasy to have a beautiful rich woman to take care of them. Men dating cougars are living your fantasy. You too can be among the lucky ones, if you know where to look. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 places you are most likely to find the perfect cougar for you.

Find them where they feed

A cougar is much more susceptible to your advances when feeding. The ideal place to find the perfect cougar is happy hour mixing with her friends and on the prowl for her prey, young men like you. You can also find her among friends at popular restaurants in your city. If the idea of women in packs intimidates you, you should visit places where cougars feel comfortable alone. You might find her at your local coffee shop catching up on some work or relaxing during a break. In either case, don’t be afraid to approach her and offer her a drink.

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Find them where they shop

Women love to shop. However, you won’t find cougars at your local mall. Cougars are classy dressers with money to burn, so scope out your city’s high-end boutique’s and business district. You’re much more likely to find a lady with class, cash, and penchant for attractive young men in areas that cater to her desire for the finer things in life and showing off.

Find them where they display

Cougars on the prowl will let you know by showing off their beauty and teasing potential suitors. Cougars tend to display in packs. You will find them at upscale clubs and restaurants. They may look as if they are simply enjoying a night out with the girls but if you pay attention, you’ll notice them checking you out. This is the ideal time to make a move. Ask her to dance or offer her a drink; just make your presence known.

Find them where they rest

Every woman loves a little primping and pampering. You will find cougars relaxing at your local day spa, weekend resort, and even the gym. A quick mani-pedi, massage, swim, or yoga class are tops on her list for relieving the week’s tension. And if a cute guy just so happens to pass by, who’s to say she won’t approach him first? Be that guy.

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Find them where they hunt

A cougar in need is on the prowl all the time. She is always open to add some youthful energy to her life. The perfect cougar will be most receptive to your advances when she is relaxed. You want to approach her during happy hour, as she reclines by the pool at the spa, or if you see her profile online. When this rare opportunity knocks on your door, it is your duty to answer it.

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Sep 012015

Stress Management for Single Mothers

We all know that no women would ever wish to become a single mother and see her child suffer for having a broken family but still nobody can ever predict what our life would be; only God knows what his plans for each of us. So if you are one of those single mother out there don’t be sad, Cheer Up, life goes on. Even though your boyfriend or husband left you intentionally or because of death, don’t lose hope because you’re not alone. You are blessed of having a child so there is still a reason for you to continue with your life and moved-on.

But still, we can’t deny the fact that the life of a single mother is always surrounded with greatest fear, anxiety, worries and stress on how they to deal to the chapter of their life of having a child without a father. But worry no more because we can help you take away all your fear, worries and anxiety and give you advices on how to manage your stress.

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If you always feel stressed and don’t know how to manage it, it may bring harm to your health and may lead you for having an emotional imbalance so we must handle our stress with proper care.

Here are Some Ways in Handling Your Stress

• Always think positive and look for the brighter side of life.

• Set goals and dreams for you and for your child/children

• Always spent quality time to bond with your child every day and always have an open communication.

• After a long and stressful week at the office, invite your child for an out-of-town trip and do some adventure activities together.

• Have a healthy and balance diet

• Do the things that would make you happy, inspires you and can bring back the beautiful smile on your smile and these activities may include, gardening, singing, writing articles and engaging in different sport activities.

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• Spend time with your friends or office-mates once in week

• Live your life to the fullest and always take away all the anger, insecurities and pain in your heart.

So if you often feel stress just follow these simple ways and I’m pretty sure that from the time you know how to manage your stress, you will be away from any harmful effects of stress to your body and will give you a younger and blooming looks again like a teenager.

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