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Aug 292015

Top 7 Places to Meet Women

For this article I thought I would write about the ten best places to meet women. I know people like to complain that it is impossible to meet women because you never see any hot women at the places you go and that is BS. Here are my top 7 Places to Meet Women

1. The Gym – This one is a doubly whammy, not only do you work out to get in better shape, but the gym is just crawling with hot girls at certain times and its a great place for meeting women. I am not going to give you cheesy little approaches you will have to do that on your own, but this also shows her that you work out and keep in shape and it tells you she does the same.

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2. The Mall- Malls on weekends can be straight ridiculous with hot girls and every body knows that. Again no cheesy intro lines but think of all the different places like the stores and the food court. This one is a given and if develop a system can really work.

3. Coffee Shops- Coffee shops have been hot for the past couple of years and they are a great place to meet women. They are sitting down on these couches alone just waiting to be approached by a guy of course be sure not to come off as creepy because you will crash and burn in front of a whole Starbucks.

4. Bars- Obviously bars are good for meeting women but might not always be they type of women you are looking for. If you are into reading on the weekends, don’t go look for your girlfriend in a bar. However with alcohol in the equation your chances of success go up substantially at a bar.

5. Bookstores- This kind of goes along with the coffee shop, sometimes they are attached, but bookstores usually have quality girls who can actually read there and if you can formulate a nice approach it is a great place and a good atmosphere.

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6. Dating Sites- This might sound silly but this stuff is real. Create a little profile of yourself on one of these sites or apps and you can chat with people in your area. This is a great technique for shy guys who have trouble breaking the ice. Just don’t let it develop into some pen pal relationship and never see her in real life and start asking for photos because that is weird.

7. Anywhere- If you can get the confidence to approach women anywhere then you do not even need a list and will have more success then you can imagine.

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Aug 292015

Dating After 40 – 3 Strategies to Manage Expectations & Avoid Devastating Disappointment

– Do you get disappointed after a few emails?

– Do you get sucked in by a man’s voice, then feel empty when you meet in person?

– Do you start planning your future after a first date?

These expectations are natural for women who are dating. But not very pleasant. And sometimes they can impede your progress and cut into your willingness to continue the search.

My over 40 dating coaching client Sally just emailed on this very topic so I thought I would share my answer with you too. Sally had a fabulous email exchange going with Ted. After about 15 email exchanges, they finally got to talk on the phone and what a bummer. No phone chemistry. How could that happen? Sad as it is to say, it just does.

Sally had read my post on 5 tips to make online dating sizzle and expressed that she wished she had known about the “2-3 emails before a phone call” tip sooner. She could have avoided the build up in her head about Ted brought on by many fun emails with him. As a dating coach, my heart goes out to women who experience these unnecessary disappointments. But there are some solutions that can help, so please read on.

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3 Strategies to Manage Expectations and Avoid Devastating Disappointment

1. Never fall in love with an email, a phone conversation or a first date.

Men must prove themselves and that takes time to get to know them and observe their behavior. If you fall in love from the get go with out collecting all the data, you are in love with the idea and not the man.

To thwart this tendency, the best outlook is what I call the “We’ll See” attitude. Don’t draw any conclusions but continue to collect more information. Does he follow through? Is he a man of his word? Do you enjoy time with him? Is he consistent? Does he treat you well? That’s the point of dating!

It’s not necessarily easy to do, but applying the “We’ll See” attitude will make a huge difference in guarding your heart.

2. Date Several Guys at the Same Time

Another strategy to avoid disappointment is chatting with and dating multiple men at the same time. Then you don’t spend too much time focused on any one guy. This really worked well for me.

Women naturally start thinking about a guy they are attracted to and its totally normal. The problem is HOW MUCH TIME is spent thinking about a new candidate? And how emotionally invested you get in the possibility HE represents?

When you are emailing more than one guy, talking to several men, and meeting different candidates on a regular basis, you can stay balanced with your thinking. You can avoid the “eggs in one basket” syndrome that tends to lead a woman down an emotionally precarious road of thinking any particular guy could be “The One.”

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3. Distraction is Your Best Friend

The third over 40 dating (or at any age) strategy is simple distraction. To ensure you don’t think too much, take a walk, read a book, clean out your closet, go out with a girlfriend, or start a project. Anything you can do to not think about HIM will work!

Sometimes you have to play mind games with yourself for your own good. These three strategies have worked really well for many women who are dating and at times succumb to dating rejection. I hope these strategies help to minimize your angst and increase the fun that dating can be.

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Aug 282015

Difference Between Online Dating and Social Networking

I think you would have a hard time finding the right person for you. So many of them are there just to find friends, not dates, that you would have to go through all the profiles to find the other people who are looking for dates too. With an online dating sites, you wouldn’t have to do that, all the people there are to look for dates.

Online dating and social networking have similarities but they are different. People who are on online dating sites want to date. This may not be the case on a social networking site. Try finding a date on MySpace or Facebook? I think you would have a hard time finding the right person for you. So many of them are there just to find friends, not dates, that you would have to go through all the profiles to find the other people who are looking for dates too. With an online dating sites, you wouldn’t have to do that, all the people there are to look for dates.

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Social media sites are designed to allow users to create a profile and set it either private or public, and browse through other people’s profiles, and initiate contact with those they believe they will have something in common with.

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the sites play the role of matchmaker. They use different methods to help determine which couples would likely get along with one another. The sites are designed to ensuring that couples meet and make a romantic connection.

Simply put, dating sites are designed for romance and dates, and social networking sites are designed for friendship and networks of friends.

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Aug 282015

Cougar Woman – How to Date Her and Have Fun

Cougar women are fun, fearless and smart. They have a lot more experience than younger ladies, which often translates into them being wonderful lovers and companions. For some time it has been considered taboo for a young guy to date a cougar woman, but as more celebrities are indulging in these fun relationships, society is beginning to accept that older women can still have fun!

If you want to cut out all of the games and struggles of dating younger ladies, then perhaps you should consider a cougar relationship. Just like any women, there are many cougars, looking for many different kinds of relationships, from one night stands and casual hook ups to dating and marriage. Whatever you are looking for, it is very likely you will be able to find a cougar woman who wants the same thing.

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It is important to remember that all cougar women are different. They all have different interests and personalities. However, a common theme amongst cougar women is that they are often sophisticated and enjoy the finer things in life (including good looking younger guys). Therefore if you want to meet cougar women you would be wise to frequent up market bars and clubs. You should dress the part. Wear smart clothes and a dab of expensive cologne. Not only will this help you get noticed by a cougar, you will also feel good about yourself. Exuding confidence is one of the best ways to attract a cougar.

You have your youth on your side and that is very appealing to a cougar woman, so you should feel good about yourself and let your personality shine through. If you see an older woman who you are attracted to, go and offer her a drink. Be polite and act like a gentleman, but be yourself as well.

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Now some men may not feel comfortable going out on the pull for a cougar woman. For these men an online dating site may be more appropriate. There are some sites dedicated to hooking cougars up with cubs (younger guys). Here there are loads of cougar women looking to meet guys. You can browse through their profiles by location, age etc. You can also set up your own profile and you will be amazed by how many cougar women actually contact you. The more information you supply the better. Remember to add a flattering photo.

Source by Catherine Smith

dating older cougar women

Aug 282015

As you consummate your marriage or relationship, it is important to know many techniques on making sex pleasurable. As a man, it is your responsibility to lead the way and guide your partner as you explore the world of sensual pleasure and ecstasy. You must learn everything you can about how to get a girl to orgasm and apply this knowledge on your sexual encounter with your wife or girlfriend.

You must realize that women do not only get turned on by the physical. To make a woman really responsive, you must be able to reach that emotional place in her mind. And so it goes without saying that you need to spend time in kissing and innocent flirting before even beginning to jump the gun and take her by the storm. Being verbose about your love and affection for her would surely go a long way in getting her started.

There are different ways of being romantic and setting the right mood. For example, you can treat her to a romantic dinner at home or at a restaurant she’s never been to before. Then you can prepare the room by tidying up everything and putting scented candles around the bed. These elements of surprise would highly increase the chances of her squirting later on in bed.

In order to really bring her to edge of ecstasy, you must learn the tips on how to get a girl to orgasm such as clitoral and g-spot techniques. When done properly and with passion, it’s only a matter of time before she starts screaming like she’s about to lose her mind.

How to Get a Girl to Orgasm – Unbelievable Methods to Make Her Scream With Pleasure All Night Long

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Aug 282015

Single Mom Firestorm Chat

Single mothers listen up. Here is the same advice my daughter gets, who is a single mother. You become like the people you hang around. If they are at your same socioeconomic level you will never become an accomplished single parent unless you break the cycle. If you want to be a homeowner, hang out with homeowners. If you want to make $100,000 a year get around those people. Dump the friends that are going nowhere fast. This the first rule. You will face alienation and ridicule from the same friends that helped to influence the same behavior that got you in trouble. Break the ties for your children’s’ sake!

School grants for single mothers are available. Stop being the victim and be the victor. We all make mistakes, but as a single mother, you can change. It takes work and time so be patient but persistent. Find the grant money you need and determine to make the best of it. The internet is a storehouse of information, tools, and opportunity. Ditch the cell phones, pagers, and text messaging. Buy yourself a computer, get online, and make your life happen. There is simply no excuse for crying the blues day in and day out.

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Change comes to those who are willing to do what it takes. An excuse is just another word for lazy. Apply for as many grants and scholarships as you can. There is someone out there to give a want to be single mom achiever a second chance.

Scholarships for single moms are available to those who have the drive and are willing to correct their past mistakes. Before you became a single mom, you probably had all kinds of opportunities to go to school. You were eligible for grants, loans, and scholarships based on your academic achievement. Ask your parents what you were good at if you can’t remember. And if they can’t give you answer or you don’t have that dream anymore, get a new one. Then realign your priorities. Life is a game but you must be prepared to win. Winning involves taking personal responsibility for every aspect of your life.

Financial support and assistance for single moms is designed to give you a new start. I see so many young single mothers using this resource as a reason to do nothing. You can’t stay up all night, hang out with friends all day, eat lousy food, drink more than you need or heaven forbid use drugs to pass the time away.

A young single mother is an adult with responsibilities. If your environment is not causing you to stretch and grow then you’re wasting your life. Get help from a mentor who is where you want to be. Ask a successful person for advice, they will show you exactly what you need to do. Ask someone who is not where you want to be and they’ll offer an opinion. When you get the assistance, you need for school or housing or taking care of life’s expenses treat it like you earned it and more will follow.

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You don’t have time to seek dating as single parent. Your time is too valuable. The person that sees you as an achiever is also an achiever. The dating will come in time. But for now focus on securing your housing, getting the assistance you need, developing your single parenting skills, becoming a successful young single mother and caring for your child. The eligible bachelors will beat the door down to get to know a woman that kind of potential.

A young single mother and the “right” friends will cheer you on, help you keep striving to finish her education, and won’t belittle your situation. If this describes your friends, you are on the right path. If not, change your situation and you change your life.

Now go review the resources we’ve put together especially for you. There is no reason on this planet that you cannot be the person you want and need to be.

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Aug 282015

Dating While Saved: A Christian Woman’s Guide

Many women want to know, “what’s appropriate dating behavior for a Christian woman? Are there actual do’s and don’ts for dating while saved?” If you’re even pondering this, I would like to personally give you a high-five and a hug just for asking this question! Your curiosity surrounding this issue simply means, you care about two things: Your relationship with God and your relationship with your male friend.

Unfortunately, not enough women are thinking that way. Many believe that being a Christian doesn’t necessarily mean you should have standards that differ from the world when it comes to dating. “Why can’t I just go out and have fun?” they say. While there’s nothing wrong with having a great time, I truly and wholeheartedly believe that firm standards for your dating relationship are a must. Why? Because, as God-fearing women, everything we do should uphold a godly standard. We should always consider where we go, what we do, what we watch, and who we intermingle with.

For example: Being in the wrong atmosphere with a man can easily turn things in the wrong direction. If he’s inviting you over to see a movie that you know is filled with inappropriate scenes and at 10PM, your red flag should immediately pop up. For many women this exact scenario has resulted in a teary-eyed ride home and a prayer that starts with, “Lord, what have I done?” I’m sharing with you today how you can avoid such pitfalls by recognizing what is and is not appropriate.

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Even if you enjoy wholesome movies with that special someone, perhaps you might want to watch them during the daytime, and in an appropriate setting- not alone. Be honest with yourself. If on the day you are scheduled to watch a movie you are feeling really attracted to him, don’t do it. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure. Remember the scripture James 4:7, which says “Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

What about romance?

Romance seems to be the bigger question when it comes to dating. Can we have romance? Should we desire romantic treatment from guys when we’re single? Well, here’s the scoop, ladies.

If you’re dating a guy who is naturally romantic; who constantly does the sweetest things to win your affection, make sure his intentions are pure. Granted, some guys are naturally romantic. You know, the guys who know how to dine their women with fancy gifts, dozens of roses, chocolates, bears, jewelry- I mean, the works. And that’s sweet. But again, make sure his intentions are not to swindle you into inappropriate situations. Most guys are smarter than we give them credit for!

And, if you’re in a moment of vulnerability and he’s showering you with these beautiful tokens of love and affection, you can easily get caught up in that and feel like you owe him something. I urge you to not feel that way. Instead, tell him thank you. Be firm with a standard of purity in your relationship with him, and make sure he knows he can give you gifts all he likes, but you won’t bend to any inappropriate thank you’s.

The Green Zone:

I like to call the Green Zone fun and safe places you should consider for great wholesome enjoyment. You don’t have to go to church every Friday night with your significant other. There are many places appropriate for Christian dating.

Consider a leisurely walk through the park. This is the type setting that makes conversation easy. No surround sound interruptions. No chatter amongst strangers in the background. Just the two of you with the opportunity to get to know each other better. And you do know how we women love to talk!

And if you’re just not the outdoorsy type, consider an indoor activity like indoor golf. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee or pastry at a coffee shop. Stroll through the mall if you enjoy shopping- that way you can give him some “tips or suggestions,” as I like to call them.

There’s so many other places that don’t involve drinking, or hanging out at clubs or casinos. Just because you’re grown, it doesn’t automatically make everything okay or suitable for Christian dating.

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The Red Zone:

The color red comes in use for so many reasons and typically they are for warning signs like the stop-sign. In this case, the Red Zone are for the places and situations you should consider avoiding.

While people think going to dance clubs are harmless, I beg to differ. After having experienced that lifestyle on my own, I can tell you first hand that there is nothing there that can help or enhance your relationship. It’s filled with drinking, smoking, vulgar music and lewd dancing. And really ask yourself this. Why would you want to take your man to a place where women are on the prowl?

In fact, many will try to seduce him right in your face. For obvious reasons, flag this as Red Zone status if this ever comes up in conversation. The same applies for bars, casinos and any other place where temptation will follow you out of the door.

It’s safe to say that, of course, you can have a quiet dinner- even if it’s accompanied by a smooth jazz band. But, remember what your standards are. It’s far better to go straight home than to regret your compromise the next morning.

Always uphold the standard of purity and holiness in everything that you do- including dating. That way, you’ll have a clear pathway to love, without lust taking over.

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Aug 282015

7 Great First Date Tips

So it’s time. You finally figured out how to get a date. But now you need to know what to do on the first date. This is a nerve-wracking moment for almost all men, and rightfully so. It’s tantamount to a job interview in the sense that if you screw up, you don’t move onto the next round. However, if you ace it and make a wonderful impression, the next round is not only guaranteed, but nearly impossible to mess up. And from there, the possibilities are endless. You can either have a wonderful woman in your life to enjoy for casual dating/sex or a girlfriend to share a meaningful relationship with.

Here are 7 first date tips all of equal important that will help you succeed and virtually guarantee you a second date with your woman.

1) Location. Don’t be one of those guys that tries too hard to impress a woman on the first date. This is the first outing after all, and I’ve mentioned this before but will repeat it again: women are not impressed by money or looks. Because of this principle, you have to choose a venue that is convenient, cheap, and fun. My personal all-time favorite is coffee. You can never go wrong with a coffee outing. It says all the right things about you: that you’re not needy or putting pressure on the girl for anything more, and that you simply want to get to know her first before you choose to pursue anything more or not. But don’t choose Starbucks or Caribou Coffee or any other popular, well-known chain. Show off your creativity here, she’ll be impressed trust me. Go with a quirky place that’s quaint, quiet, and colorful. Every city has a bunch of these awesome coffee shops, just use Google and find one nearby. Other alternatives to coffee can be a smoothie shop, bowling, miniature golf, or shopping. As long as you find a place with built-in conversation that’s fun, cheap, and equally convenient to both of you, then you really can’t go wrong.

2) Conversation. This is the department that really matters. The one where you have to actually put in some effort. But if you follow what I’m about to share with you, it will be really easy. First, you should pretend that you are going on a date with either your best friend or your bratty little sister. As awkward as that sounds, this is the MOST effective approach. See The Mindset You Should Have Around Women for more clarity. So how do you behave around your best friend? You say whatever’s on your mind, you joke around, tease them, and generally act like yourself. You need to take this approach and transfer it over to your date. Pretend that hot woman sitting across from you is actually your best friend who you’re super comfortable with. When you do this, she in turn will feel comfortable, receptive, and naturally open up to you. So many guys go into a date and chat away about their jobs, or how good of a guy they are, or what they drive. They ask boring questions like ‘What do you do for a living?’ or ‘How many siblings do you have?’ DON’T do this. You’ll only bore your date half to death. Be different and unique here. Attraction happens when there is saucy, interesting conversation. The key here is to be light-hearted but playful. Some ideas and topics you can talk about are pop culture (i.e., ‘What’s up with the Jersey Shore cast making so much more money than everyone else? That should be a crime.’), things you like to do (i.e., ‘I love scuba diving and watching football with my friends on Sundays, what about you. What do you like to do for fun?’), drama (‘So the craziest thing happened the other day… one of my friends’ girlfriend went through his phone while he was sleeping and found about 50 text messages sent to his ex behind her back’). Use your imagination here and be creative. Speak to her emotions and not to her logical self. Also, don’t forget to tease her and make fun of her. Do so in the mildest manner possible. Do not under any circumstances make fun of anything she should genuinely be insecure about. For example, if she has a crooked nose, it’s probably wise not to make reference to it in any way. Or if she’s chubby, do not make any jokes about her weight. It’s much better to tease her about her accessories, her clothing, or her hair. For example, if she’s wearing hoops as earrings, you can say something like ‘Those are some big earrings you have on, do you make tigers jump through them like they do in the circus?’ You’ll probably get a laugh and a playful tap on the arm for this. Keep it up and you’re gold. Feel free to bring up anything on your mind (except for taboo topics, use your common sense). Sex is not a taboo topic here and can be talked about openly but I would recommend not bringing it up until she does first. If she does bring up sex, talk about it openly, but first make fun of her for being a pervert and wanting to sleep with you. Another great idea is to show her cool apps on your phone (you DO have a smart phone, don’t you?). Not only is this fun, but it’s a fool-proof way to keep the energy going if you run out of things to talk about.

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3) Punctual. Yes, timing is important. Don’t show up to the date early or late but it is important that you show up on time. If you tell her to meet you at 7:00, then be a man of your word and show up at 7:00. First impressions are important so don’t give her the vibe that you’re overly eager by being early or irresponsible by being late.

4) Dress. Being good looking is not important but making the most of your looks is. Before your date, you definitely need to make sure your hygiene is in check. That means you should shower, brush your teeth, floss, spray on some good cologne (not too much), and dress nice. Make sure your shoes and belt much. Do not go overboard in the dress department. I recommend looking ‘casual nice’. If the weather is warm, wear a nice button-up shirt with jeans and dress shoes. If it’s fall or winter, dressing in layers is always great. Try one of these combinations that ladies always find attractive: Leather jacket with a dress shirt and jeans, V-neck cashmere sweater with a dress shirt or T-shirt underneath and jeans, or a blazer jacket with a dress shirt underneath and jeans. Find out what color combinations work best for you. The trick here is not to come off as you are trying too hard to look nice. It’s amazing how confident you feel when you have a sweet outfit on. Make sure your clothes are neat and ironed before you step out the house.

5) Body language. Something like 90% of communication is non-verbal. So it’s definitely true that it’s not as important what you say compared to how you say it. You want to make sure you make good eye-contact with the woman, sit up straight with your shoulders back, keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and take up a lot of space. Give off the impression that you’re relaxed and lean back. Slow down your words and speak in a loud, clear, and confident tone of voice. You don’t want to laugh too much at your own jokes but definitely smile and give a lot of smirks or ‘half-smiles’ after each time you tell a joke or tease her. Always keep your head up and practice on eliminating all nervous ticks and gestures. Women are experts at decoding body language so make sure you get this down before your date. Watch how James Bond behaves and moves in ‘Casino Royale’ for the perfect example of immaculate body language.

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6) Lead. It’s no secret that women are attracted to dominant men who lead them. This doesn’t mean being bossy or pushy, but it does mean you should lead the entire time. This happens even before the initial meeting when you set the location and time. When you meet up with your date, tell her where to sit in a mature, gentlemanly manner (‘this table looks inviting, let’s have a seat here’). Also, if you’re ordering, then order for the both of you. (‘let’s go with 2 tall iced Cappuccino’s for you and I and split the tiramisu’). She might object (doubtful) to this, but if she does, stick to your guns anyway. Trust me, she’ll respect you for it afterward. Don’t ever ask for permission on doing something, just do it. Even if you don’t have a clear idea in terms of a decision, just pick the first thing that comes to your head. The more you practice on being assertive and decisive, the more natural it will come. When it’s time for the bill, ask for it and put your credit card or cash in when it comes (if it’s just coffee and/or dessert, it’s okay to pay). And when it’s time to leave, tell her you had a great time and you have to go. Lead her outside of the venue and walk her to her car. It’s up to you if you want to kiss her or not. I usually prefer not to on the first date to build anticipation for the second date, but if you choose to, then just go for it without any hesitation or waiting for her approval. Be the man here on the date and lead the ENTIRE time.

7) Brevity. If it’s the first date, keep it short. When I say short, I mean an hour tops. Even if you two are having the time of your life, it’s your responsibility to end it and see her next time. This leaves her with a great impression of you and also builds anticipation because she’s wondering why you wanted to end it if you two were having such a great time. If you linger around, you run the risk of coming off as needy or having the conversation turn boring. It is a first date after all, so keep it brief and fun and set up a second date later on in the week.

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Aug 282015

There Is Life After Divorce

A married woman becomes a single woman for one of two reasons: death or divorce. The former is an honourable state, the latter is not.

When a woman loses her husband to death the neighbours all rally round and provide meals and any help they can give with regard to household repairs or cleaning or anything that is needed. They are willing to provide comfort and a shoulder to cry on. They are available for the widow and they include her in their activities, feeling sorry for her that she is now so alone.

However, things are quite different when a marriage ends due to infidelity or marital breakdown. That immediately plunges a woman into a new category. She is transformed, instantaneously it seems,from a married woman to a divorcee. Becoming one of many, part of a group of used and discarded women, seen as suspect by all those who are still safely ensconced in the womb of their marriage.

People tend to withdraw from her. Invitations to get togethers cease. It appears that women think their husbands might be attracted to the idea of an “available woman” and so the women who used to be friends withdraw and leave her alone with her tears and her fears. There are no meals prepared and no offers of help. Husbands are kept at home just in case, for such is the image portrayed of a divorcee. The husbands might not be safe. She might cause the destruction of other marriages.

We read jokes all the time about the lonely divorcee who invites the mailman, the milkman, or the Maytag repairman into her home with the intent of seducing him. (A joke made up, I am sure, by a man who has never known the humiliation and pain of being a divorcee.) Perhaps she even seduces them one right after the other, for such is the life of the “gay divorcee”, isn’t it? Freed from the bonds of marriage, with unmet needs and desires, divorcees are wanting to fill the void; or at least that is the popular image. And so in place of invitations to parties or neighbourhood barbeques which were formerly were issued to the couple and their family, there is an empty mailbox, and the phone stays quiet. She checks it every now and then to make sure it is still working.

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The divorcee begins to feel as though she no longer exists; as if, because she is no longer half of a relationship, she ceases to be a part of the neighbourhood. Women who used to call her friend no longer call. Her children are not invited to play with the neighbours’ children. Perhaps the women feel they would be contaminated by the disease of divorce, as if it were a virus that could be caught, or maybe they just don’t know how to talk to a newly divorced woman. A divorced man, on the other hand, is often seen as more eligible and is a welcome addition to many parties. His social life may increase, and because he usually does not have the children, his disposable income is often enough to keep him comfortably.

However, life goes on. The bills still have to be paid, the kids still have to be fed and they have to be clothed. Family chores that were done by two are now done by one. If the children are old enough, they can chip in and help with the household duties such as dishes and meal preparation and housecleaning. Because of the reduction in income, the divorcee is often forced to seek employment and then she has two jobs; one inside and one outside the home.

Sometimes the inside life doesn’t change much. For those who had husbands who simply went to work and came home at night expecting to be waited on, their workload is reduced by one person, so this can be a blessing. But the availability of a backup when she is really tired and the kids are really obnoxious is a problem. She has to deal with all the problems, tired or not.

Because she has been ostracized by her neighbours she seeks out other divorcees for companionship, often building relationships and forming deep bonds that last for years as they share the day to day problems and achievements. They get together with their kids and pool their resources for family dinners. They support each other in job searches, in the handling of problems, in the fights with their exes. They listen to each other and care for each other’s children.

Sometimes, because of the great reduction in income, divorcees are forced to apply for an allowance from the provincial government. This is known as welfare or Mother’s Allowance. There they are told that they have no right to have a phone or a car, or any of the things they consider necessities but the government considers luxuries, such as a heating bill over the allotted amount. Widows, on the other hand, usually receive a pension from their husband’s estate which they can spend however they want, with no rules. The divorcees are told to sell the car and get rid of the phone, even if they are out in the country. If they have a house, they might have to give it up and move the children to a new area. Sometimes, in order to survive, they may use credit cards to buy the things they feel they need for their kids for school and other activities. They may not be able to send their kids on school trips or buy the clothes that the kids need to fit in and so their kids may be ridiculed because of the way they dress. When the kids come home crying, they often feel guilty and wonder if they couldn’t have worked things out better with their ex-husbands. They cry but try to hide the tears from their children, not wanting to upset them.

When the divorcee ventures into the realms of the full-time employee instead of part-time, she must find a babysitter for her kids, arrange everyone’s schedule and settle into her new lifestyle. She tries to find a boss who is willing to let her attend the various special events at her children’s school and cries silently to herself when she is unable to attend a day graduation due to work, or when she is unable to see her children receive sports awards, but she knows that she is doing the best she can. She attends what she can in the evenings and on weekends and hopes it is enough.

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As the divorcee settles into life on her own, she may begin to find advantages such as being able to go where she wants, when she wants and with whom she wants. She has only to consider herself, and her kids, if she has any. Eventually the heartaches will ease a little and the divorcee will reach out to others a little more, perhaps even being willing to take the risk of dating another man.

Her circumstances may not have changed a lot. She still struggles to pay bills, to provide for her kids, yet she finds her life is full. Not the rumoured life of the gay divorcee, replete with men or with parties and wild living, but one of love for her kids, and perhaps of studying for a degree while working in a fulfilling career where helping others. She has weathered the storms of life and feels that she has come out on top. Her children move on to their own homes and to employment. Perhaps her eldest has his dream job, that of webmaster and service technician. Another may become the youngest Inventory Control Manager and the only female one in Eastern Ontario for a large soft drink company. Another, with a child of her own, may work part-time and plan to return to school to take an Esthetics course. Her children could be very involved in hockey, perhaps playing at the AA level or Junior A level which requires a lot of travelling and sacrifice of personal time. But to her it is all worth it to watch her child score the winning goal and to see the smile on his face as he turns from the net. Her heart swells with pride as his teammates congratulate him and the parents lean over to say how well he played.

Yes, life continues after divorce, the pain and heartache suffered in the beginning eventually fade somewhat and the divorcee finds the strength to survive and, more than that, to move on to whatever the future has in store.

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Facebook Vs Twitter in Business

What is the value of Facebook over Twitter? Is there a difference? When do you use one or the other or both? The ultimate decision about which social network to use lies with your company culture, goals and target customer. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that you cannot choose “none of the above” if you want to survive the new digital economy. Therefore, the question is which do we choose and how do we begin?

This article will help you begin to distinguish between the value of Facebook for business and the value of Twitter for business.

It helps to understand the evolution of these two platforms to get an idea of what works best for each. Facebook began as a social networking tool for college students. Launched in 2004 in response to MySpace (which linked young people together throughout their high school years), Facebook targeted the student entering a college campus. In the early days, it was a highly social network, similar to MySpace.

Twitter, on the other hand, began as a way for people to communicate fast and in short bites. The founders had no idea that the platform would take off the way it did. Begun as a way to simply say to fellow workers, friends and colleagues what was on your mind at any given moment, Twitter soon became a powerful communication tool.

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Knowing how the two platforms began helps you understand the strengths of each and how you might best capitalize on those strengths.

Both Facebook and Twitter effectively target the population of 35 and younger. Facebook, however, currently boosts a significant rise in the number of boomers using the platform. As far as consumer use goes, however, for business to consumer (B2C) purchases, the demographics are similar. Both attract mid-to-older players, with higher education and income.

Value of Facebook to Business:

• Primarily a social site. On Facebook, you can share as much or as little personal information as you’d like. You can post photos of yourself and your family or of your company and employees. Facebook gives you an opportunity to create a personal as well as professional profile of who you are. People learn more about you as a person. In sales we talk about the know, like, and trust factor before a sale is made. Businesses that focus on other businesses (B2B) as clients understand this factor. Facebook gives you a great opportunity to let down some barriers and help your business customer learn more about you.

• Versatility. Facebook allows you to set up a personal profile, a professional profile, a business page or a fan page. You have all kinds of choices for putting yourself and your business in front of your customers. People like to feel part of a business. You can enable that by setting up a fan page for your business or for a unique product that you offer.

• Facebook ads. For business, Facebook gives you the opportunity to purchase a pay-for-click ad to target a unique niche.

Value of Twitter

• Speed and real time. Twitter’s biggest strength is its speed. When you Tweet something, it goes out to masses of people immediately and in the moment. That is why it has become the world’s roving reporter. When things happen around the world, Tweets start pouring in. To get a message out quickly to lots of people, Twitter reigns king.

• Information and Research. On Twitter, you get fast information and links to blogs all the time. If you are curious about what is happening in your industry, Twitter will keep you up-to-date quickly. If you’re curious about what people are saying about your industry or your business, Twitter will tell you.

• Versatility of response. Both Facebook and Twitter give you a versatility of response. You can respond to the entire population in Twitterville when you post a Tweet. On Facebook, your status updates go to all your friends. People can see what you are up to or what is going on in your life all at once. Both Twitter and Facebook give you the option to send a private message that goes directly to that person. On Twitter, however, messages are more public than they are on Facebook. Wall posts on Facebook go to all your friends and all the friends whose wall you posted on.

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There are many more value differences between Twitter, Facebook and the other social networks. Ultimately, you must look at each platform and decide how you can create a social media strategy for your business.

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Source by Joan Curtis

Aug 272015

How to Be a Successful Cougar

Cougars are known as older women who are dating younger men. It is an attitude and lifestyle. Some cougars have been at it for years or others are just starting. Maintaining a youthful appearance and body curves is a plus but most important is the attitude. Confident, looking for adventure and always on the prowl are some of the characteristics of the modern-day cougar.

Being a successful cougar takes a lot of hard work. Balancing your career and lifestyle can be a tremendous success or a monumental failure. Some potential pitfalls of being a cougar could be if you fall in love with one of your men. What if the guy is not ready for a serious relationship or other things that are associated with commitment? What does a younger man see in an older woman? What are his future plans? Will the age difference be a factor in a long-term relationship? These are some of the questions that could enter your mind if you are too drawn to a guy.

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Cougars still want to have the feeling of assurance from their men just like any other ordinary girls would. You alone know if the guy really loves you or just likes to hang out with you — no strings attached. Does he see you as his mom that he never had or as an enticing taboo relationship experience only?

Look for signs or actions to get your answer. Women have the tendency to be soft and vulnerable when it comes to the matters of the heart. Try to recognize the difference between truth and an illusion. You may want to confide with a girlfriend but it will still be up to you to decide at the end of the day. If the guy is not ready, just wait. Let the relationship mature. Patience overcomes a lot; if you see the guy is not looking for a serious commitment, it is time to let him go. If you call it quits, never look back. Dwelling on the past makes you lose your confidence and insecurities will arise. Painful as it is, acceptance is still the best prize; and besides being single (again) is like starting a new hunt in the game! Time to lure new cubs into your den and just maybe this new cub would like to have a home.

The world is like a an open wilderness, go and find that person who may just be the one you have been waiting for all your life. Sometimes you need to lose a guy to gain a better one. People tend to think that younger men seek older women because of financial stability and that is an ugly truth; but you are not a walking bank account or a sugar mama. Remember, you are a person with feelings no matter how old you are and command respect. You are a hard-working woman who gets what she wants, including the men you desire. But this does not mean you are looking to be responsible for another guy.

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Other people think that cougars date young men just for sex. While this is sometimes true, sex is not just full of roses and emotions or a medicine for instant happiness. It is just an addition to your balanced life. Life is a never-ending learning process.

Even as strong and empowered as cougars can be, there are still certain emotional feelings that they would like to experience. Like all people, cougars want to be assured and loved. Some cougars are shy and would not want to admit it. If you are a cougar, be proud. Being a cougar is a skill that not all women can experience or gain as they mature. It is also a more common relationship in this day and age that many women seek to experience.

Source by Zachary K Williamson

dating older cougar women

Aug 272015

Recently Divorced and Dating: How Newly Single Men Should Do It

Recently Divorced and Dating: How Newly Single Men Should Do It

You have been single just recently, but you have accepted the fact that at some point you should meet new people, particularly women. The problem is you’re a single father and a divorcee. It can get quite complicated, knowing there are kids and even an ex-wife to think about.

What should you do? Here are some great tips you can follow:

1. Inform them of your intentions.

What makes dating hard for single fathers is the surprise the kids feel when they see their dad with another woman. Know that the divorce is just fairly new, and the children are still getting used to the idea you and their mom are no longer together.

You may want to tell them of your intentions to date again. Of course, as the father, the final decision should be yours, but your children will appreciate it if you would also consider their opinions.

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As for your ex-wife, you really don’t have to tell her. Divorce basically means you’re out of each other’s personal lives, unless, of course, you agreed to inform each other of your dating habits.

2. Determine the reason for dating.

Yes, there are different reasons why you would go out on a date. Perhaps you simply want to meet new women, which surely you weren’t able to do while you’re still married. You may also want to increase your circle of friends, or perhaps you’re ready to commit to a new relationship.

3. Start slow.

You’ve been there, done that. It’s time to take things slow now. Get to know the person a lot better. Start out as friends. In fact, you can go out on group dates, so you really don’t feel awkward with the idea of dating somebody else again. Don’t forget your main focus will still be your children.

4. Introduce her to your children.

If you think you’re attracted to someone and you want a relationship with her, it’s best to introduce her to your kids. You can start bringing her to parties, get-togethers, or dinners. See your kids’ reactions. Ask her how she feels being around with your kids. You don’t want any complications once you jump into the relationship.

5. Do not be afraid to go for it.

Just because you’re divorced doesn’t really mean you’re unworthy to find somebody else. It’s a matter of regaining your self-confidence, which you may have lost during the previous marriage.

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You can help yourself by using subliminal messages or affirmations. The subliminal messages will be a way of talking yourself through the negative emotions and thoughts. You need to replace them with more optimism. Here are some of the subliminal messages you can use:

I am still worthy to be loved.

I definitely have the capacity to love again.

I am not afraid to share my life with somebody else.

6. Take care of yourself.

Bring back your old shape. Keep yourself neat and attractive. You really don’t do this just to attract girls. You want to feel good. If you feel good, you feel happy. Happiness attracts a lot of great people.

Juicy words men are dying to hear (You’ll be shocked & intrigued)

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Aug 272015

Urethane parts are made of reaction injection molded polyurethane, a material that is lightweight, flexible and resistant to rough weather conditions and everyday road hazards. Because of its flexibility and light weight, parts made out of urethane are usually easier to install. There are several companies for manufacture car body kits using high quality urethane, all are very ‘reputable’ in brand name.

Fiberglass is a material well-known for its resistance and rigidity. It is crucial to choose the highest quality fiberglass for your body kit. Many companies create bad quality parts containing wavy patterns on the fiberglass and unsatisfactory fit. Fiberglass components that are hand laid have no waves and are not brittle or weak. When a part is hand laid, the part will be uniform and will have an even amount of fiberglass throughout the component. Hand laid fiberglass takes the longest, and costs the most but is worth it. There are a number of companies who make reasonable body kits using high quality fiberglass. However to this day, I don’t know of any companies that offer high quality hand laid fiberglass kits for standard cars such as the VW golf, Corsa, Ford focus, etc..

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Below are some of the major differences between the urethane and fiberglass.

Urethane kits are flexible so any slight impacts or bumps will not crack the kit.

Urethane kits are resilient to weather so hot or cold, they can withstand the climate (rain, hail, snow).

Urethane kits are easier to install since they have some flex to contour to the body parts.

Urethane kits are easier to prep before the painting process thus costing you less at the bodyshop.

Fiberglass kits are not flexible so the slightest bump and she’s cracked.

Fiberglass kits are not resilient to weather so they can get even damaged even easier due to this.

Fiberglass kits are difficult to install because they almost always require cutting, sanding down, etc to actually get the part to fit properly.

Fiberglass kits are more expensive to prep and paint, due to the needed shop time to get the kit to fit properly.

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What it comes down to in the end is you can ‘usually’ get a high quality urethane kit purchased, prepped, painted and installed for less then the cost of a fiberglass kit.

Another thing to keep in mind, No brand name body kit company out there (commonly) uses fiberglass to construct their kits. That should say something if you haven’t gotten the point already.

Which Type Of Body Kit Material Is Best

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Aug 272015

Grants For Low Income Single Mothers

Many single mother households live in poverty. Hence, it is fortunate that there are grants available for low income single mothers. This problem of poor single mom households is a legacy of many cultures which are hundreds or thousands of years old. Whether oriental, caucasian, black, Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, there is a traditional line of thought that women belong in the house and do not need higher education.

This may have made sense in the far ago past when resources were scarce, while family and communal ties were strong. In times long gone, it was logical for women to stay home and raise the kids while the men went out to work. If anything happened to the men, their extended families and community pitched in to help out. But today the strong extended family and community bonds no longer exist as a safety net. Many women with low education find themselves in deep financial trouble when something happens to their husbands.

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With no help available, these families often find themselves spiraling into deeper and deeper poverty. In some cases, the mother was never married. In others, she is a widow or divorcee. There are also cases where the husband abandoned his family. In all cases, these families need help.

Fortunately, some private philanthropists have long realized this, and through their unrelenting hard work, even the government has become involved. There are now grants for low income single mothers available. These grants are free money that do not need to be repaid. They take many different forms and are not always officially classified as financial aid for poor single mom families.

However, in practice, many recipients of these grants are families with the mother as sole breadwinner. There are many aid programs which offer housing subsidies. Sometimes low-rent housing is provided to these poor single mother families. Sometimes additional money is given to subsidize rental and sometimes home loans are converted to low-interest loans.

Childcare subsidies are also very common. For younger children, there may be subsidized childcare given. This allows the mother to go to work with her mind at ease. For children in school, there are often free textbooks and subsidized school fees. And for children going to college, there are many grants and scholarships on offer.

In addition to all these free grant money targeted to directly help the family, there are also special college scholarships for the mother herself. While you would be hard pressed to find federal scholarships labeled this way, there are many where low income single mothers have a distinct advantage. This tip-toeing around the issue does not exist with private grants. For example, the PEO and the Jeanette Rankin Foundation clearly and explicitly say that they have grants for needy single mothers. Not all their publicly available literature say this, but you can find it written here and there.

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These educational grants are offered because it is commonly recognized that the modern economy requires educated workers. Those who want to lead better lives need better jobs which need at least college degrees. Many private foundations have high expectations of these adult women who show the drive to go back to college so that they can better provide for their family.

Times have changed. Where the extended family and community used to lend a hand, the government and charitable organizations now stand. An unfortunate woman with kids to feed need not fall into despair just because her neighbors refuse to help her. If she wants to save her family, she just needs to be persistent in searching for grants for low income single mothers. She will still need to work very hard, but giving up her kids to the orphanage is no longer the only option.

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Relationship Advice For Men – 3 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

What will they think of next? There is a new iPhone application called the Girlfriend Keeper making the rounds. How does it work? Just install the app set the two meters- one for relationship level, the other for contact frequency – and after inputting some basic information on the person you’re done. Now when she receives those romantic text or email messages it will set her heart a flutter (at least that’s the idea) knowing that her man is always thinking about it even when he’s not.

Of course he has to be on the alert just in case she responds in timely non prerecorded way. They don’t have an app for that yet but more than likely someone is working on it.

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Technology to the rescue? That’s a matter of opinion. However if you want to be in a long term real deal relationship it’s going to take a lot more than an iPhone application.

1. Humility

It’s all about give and take. Nobody regardless of previous experiences or expertise can be right about everything. All the texting and emailing in the world cannot help you if every time the two of you get together things have to be your way.

She wants to go to a concert to see a musical group that makes you break out in hives. But she’s been a good sport when you wanted to stay home and watch those two last place teams battle it out so now its time to return the favor.

There will be times when you can get out of it or she won’t bother asking you. But it won’t always work like that. Accept it and get prepared .

2. Blackberry On Hold

You may have a strong urge while this assault on your ear drums is taking place to start emailing and or texting you friends or anybody else lucky enough not to be trapped in the concert hall.

Don’t. That is not going to go over well with her. You made the sacrifice by just showing up but now it’s time to go that extra mile and actually listen. Whether you get into or not is irrelevant. Right now you are doing this for her and being preoccupied with something else is not going to cut it.

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3. Smiling Through

The concert wasn’t as bad as you thought. It was worse. The band seems to have put a lot of work into their rottenness and it’s paid off.

Your girlfriend though had a great time. She already knows your dislike for this group but she’s very happy you went with her anyway. Your almost home free so don’t spoil it for her by being negative. Try to find something positive to say whether it’s about the band (yick) or how energized the crowd was. Let her no how genuinely happy you are that she enjoyed herself.

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Source by Daryl Campbell

Aug 262015

Looking For a Hot Cougar Mom? Here’s How to Find a Hot Cougar Mom

Do you want to find and date a hot cougar mom? I know it can be a bit confusing at first, like where are you supposed to find these cougars and how do you get them to go out on a date with you.

Fortunately, it is a lot easier than you think. You don’t have to go out cruising bars and approaching lots of women that might look like they are interested in young guys – you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. You see, there’s this little thing called online dating and even more, there are specialized websites for cougar dating. These sites specialize in bringing together young men and older women and most of these sites are free to join, although if you get really hooked you can upgrade to full membership.

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If you are interested, you can easily join a cougar dating site, check out the women there and create a free profile so that hot cougar moms know you’re out there and can find you. Tip – put a few pictures of yourself since one picture is worth a thousand words, especially in online dating world.

Of course you can also do it the old fashioned way. Cougar moms are predator types, they will go where young men can be found so you too can go there – football clubs, dance clubs and the like.

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Before you go out on a hunt for cougar moms, make sure that you look your best – wear smart clothes, either a suite or something casual depending on the kind of place you will be visiting. Arm yourself with confidence and forget about fear of rejection. Wear a nice and expensive cologne, go to right places and it won’t be long before a hot cougar mom approaches you.

Source by David Estanza

dating older cougar women

Aug 262015

Hopefully, this article will help shed light on this tricky subject and help people to understand what can and cannot happen in a psychiatric hospital.

If you or a loved one are dealing with a mental illness, it is probably likely that you are familiar with hospitalization. But if you are just beginning this journey, you may have a misunderstanding of what to expect once you or your loved one enters the psychiatric hospital.

Mental illness is a chronic, life-long illness. It does not go away but only gets better for a while. Just like many chronic illnesses, treatment may include inpatient and outpatient services to manage the ongoing symptoms. Going into the psychiatric hospital is not going to “fix” the problem. The actual goal of inpatient hospitalization is to stabilize symptoms and keep the patient safe. Medications will be utilized to bring the patient back to a functional state so that outpatient services can step in and take up the care.

Why do you get put into a psychiatric hospital?

Most people end up in a facility when they exhibit symptoms that appear to create a danger to themselves or to others; or they show a decrease in their ability to care for themselves and have no support system.

Access to the facility can be voluntary or, in most cases, it may be involuntary. Maybe the police had to intervene to protect people from harm; maybe the family was afraid for the loved ones well-being. No matter the reason, if there is a danger to self or others an admission to a facility will probably take place.

What do you expect to happen when hospitalized?

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Most people still believe the old way is true: you get sick and go into the hospital to get well. That used to be the norm but today that is not even true for physical illnesses. The actual fact today is you are managed at home until your condition deteriorates enough to require hospitalization. You are admitted and stabilized; then you will be returned home with follow-up care instructions. This is a sad state of affairs, but this is how it currently works. This description also works for the mentally ill patient.

If you expect that admission to a facility means you can be held indefinitely, or that you can be made to participate in your care, you are mistaken. Only the courts can take away patients rights, so until the court steps in or until the patient begins to participate in care, all that can happen is for the facility to maintain your safety and monitor you closely for worsening symptoms.

How can you be given medications if you do not want them?

Everyone has the right to refuse treatment and to refuse medications. For a mental health patient, that does not necessarily mean the right to leave the hospital. If there is any reason to be concerned for the safety of yourself or of others, you can be held against your will until the court is made aware and becomes involved.

Even when held against your will, you can still refuse to take medications. However, if your behavior becomes dangerous to yourself or others–you become aggressive or physically assaultive–the doctor can order emergency medications to be administered to calm the situation down and to bring the patient back to a calmer state where they can exhibit more control over their behavior.

This is one of the only times a person can be given medications against their will and requires a physician’s order to do so. Another way that medication can be administered against the will of the patient happens when the court orders medication to be administered. This requires a special filing and a great deal of information to support the rationale that medication needs to be administered.

When will you be ready for discharge?

The normal length of stay in a psychiatric hospital today is quite short; just like in the medical hospital. The goal of any hospitalization is to identify the problem and to stabilize the condition in such a way that the patient can participate in outpatient care. For the mental health patient, this means stabilization on medications, resolution of aggressive, suicidal, or depressive symptoms so that the patient can again take charge of their own aftercare and follow-up treatments. Unfortunately, mental health patients do not always agree with the doctor as to when this point is reached.

The bottom line is you can be discharged only when the treatment team, which includes the doctor, the social worker, the nurse, and any other therapists involved in your care, all agree that you can resume responsibility for your own care and have the ability to participate in your aftercare treatment.

Will you be “fixed” when you leave the hospital?

As stated before, you or your loved one will be dealing with this chronic illness for their entire life. Depression can go away, but once you experience depression, you may experience it again if situations become too stressful or unpleasant. Hearing voices and seeing people and things others cannot see will resolve with the proper medications, but may return if the medications are stopped or taken incorrectly.

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Violent aggression and physical outbursts can occur in the healthiest person if the situation is set up correctly. These are not a specific sign of mental illness, but can be an indicator of the severity of the ongoing illness.

When you are discharged, you will receive aftercare plans with follow-up appointments. It is up to you, the patient, to take control and seek out ways to manage your mental health once you are discharged. Many patients fail to do any follow-up and this usually ends in a recurrence of the behavior that sent them to the hospital in the first place, so another admission may be required.

The truth of the matter is that we may all be in need of some type of mental health care in our lifetime. Mental health issues knows no boundaries. Movie stars, authors, scientists, teachers, athletes, and the average person can all be laid low when mental health issues appear. The problem is not how to get rid of these issues, but rather how to deal with them in a fair, honest and nonjudgmental way so that we all can live life to the fullest.

For current articles and videos about mental health issues, visit The Mental Health Minute. This is a blog about psychiatric issues and trends currently in the news from around the world.

What Will Happen Once You Are Admitted to a Psychiatric Unit

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Source by Shirley K Williams

Aug 262015

Single Mother Help – Importance of Education to Get Higher Paying Jobs For Single Mothers

Single mothers who did not finish higher education would most likely end up getting low income jobs. Welfare reform policies have also contributed to the financial instability and poverty that these mothers are experiencing. In general, these welfare reform policies just encourage work and not education. Education is more important because it can help the single mother to get higher paying jobs.

Lawmakers are blinded by the fact that there are a lot of those mothers who are struggling at their work only to gain a little salary that is not even enough to meet the needs of the child. Good thing, new policies are submitted that will address the need for education of those mothers. This will counter the welfare reforms that promote work for the sake of having a work and disregarding education. Education is truly an important factor in landing to a higher paying job.

Low Income Single Mothers still Remain at the Bottom

A big percentage of those mothers have a low income that is not enough to provide all the needs of their child. Actually, there are three subdivided categories for those mothers who are working with a low income. The groups would be poverty cyclers, poverty leavers, and poverty returners. A single mother falls under the category of poverty cyclers when the income remains low and the poverty that is being experienced may have periods of remissions and exacerbations. As for the poverty leavers, they are mothers who are able to leave poverty and completely stay out from it. This is the opposite of poverty returners who left poverty and returned and completely drown from it.

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Because of the emergence of these three groups, a statistical study was conducted to determine what could have caused the incidents, especially for poverty leavers and poverty returners who have similar wages from the point that they have left poverty. The important finding in this study is that single mothers who are educated or who have received proper education were the ones who were able to completely leave poverty behind. Success comes after education. Aside from that, these poverty leavers are also physically healthier than poverty returners. Thus, adequate education and proper health care are two of the most important factors to become successful and leave poverty completely.

Aside from the two mentioned, there are also some minor contributing factors to poverty. One example would be having a healthy support system. Single mothers who have a healthy support system either from family members or support groups are more likely to be successful than those who do not receive any support. On the other hand, those mothers who married are also more likely to completely leave poverty behind.

The average monthly income for single mothers who leave poverty completely is $3,000. Those who are struggling in poverty are earning at least $1,000 a month while poverty cyclers are earning with an average of $2,000 a month.

Quality Small Income Work can help in Leaving Poverty

Obviously, single mothers who have a stable job earn more. They are also the ones who are provided with health care benefits and insurance through their employers. Through these opportunities, they are more likely to leave poverty behind. Usually, those mothers who are successful in leaving poverty are professionals and those who have an adept knowledge in the technical field. Single mothers who are in the field of production are less likely to leave poverty but this field is the one that is being promoted and encouraged by the welfare reform programs. Single mothers working in the field of production are also those who are not educated or did not receive a higher form of education. Thus, education is really helpful in the success of those mothers.

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Single mothers who are struggling to survive poverty and those who are experiencing periods of remission and exacerbations when it comes to poverty often work in the production and service industry. A good example would be those mothers working in a seasonal restaurant. The largest sector in the service industry is primarily food service. Aside from that, construction jobs are also dominated by poverty returners and poverty cyclers.

With all the mentioned facts, it is very evident that in order to escape poverty, education is required.

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Aug 262015

Dating in Retirement

Our need to emotionally bond does not change with aging as some have suggested. We will evaluate for different character traits when dating in retirement. But, the course of romance remains the same. I have talked to many women who, for various reasons, have given up on trying to find another mate. Some women don’t feel attractive or interested in men anymore, and some say they don’t want the trouble of a man. I can understand these reasons very well.

My sister is 58 years old and has been divorced for about 12 years now. But, she won’t date. She finally told me she just lost interest in sex. I know she wants companionship as she has a male friend whom she see every weekend. So, the need to bond with the opposite gender remains healthy and intact. She was a little surprised when I mention that males loose testosterone as their sex drive diminishes too. But, that still didn’t get her to date as she said, “Who wants to date an old lady like me?”

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Maintaining a positive self image is important at any stage in life. As our bodies change, its common for both genders to be concerned about our self-confidence. But, we have all been rejected numerous times in life and we survived it. Remember not to let a prior difficult relationship cloud your judgment about moving forward to a better one. It’s probably the men who are more prone to being rejected since they initiate contact and ask for a date.

Here are a few suggestions regarding confidence. The first is to always look your best. Men are very visual beings, as we all know, and they often go with first impressions. That means they take your entire appearance into consideration. Since looking attractive is important, dying your hair and wearing stylish attire are efforts you can easily make.

The second suggestion is to look available and, if you’re comfortable with the idea, even sexy. Well, you do want to catch a man. Many of us have lost our connection to intimacy. But, it’s time to reconnect. If you think you can’t look attractive over 60 years old, have you seen photos of Connie Stevens, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Glenn Close, Goldie Hawn or Martha Stewart lately? Just being healthy is attractive at any age.

The third suggestion is to try online dating. If your social circle is smaller in retirement, you need to be a bit more creative. Online dating narrows the field to people who are interested in a relationship and you don’t have to leave the house. It gives you the opportunity to browse the profiles of others anonymously. In this scenario, there is certainly no risk to you as you evaluate the possibilities in the safety of your home.

The fourth recommendation is the importance of displaying a positive attitude. No matter what happened in the past, we will make the future brighter. I personally like to use positive affirmations and imagery. Before I meet somebody for any reason, I close my eyes and visualize how the meeting will go. If it’s business, I envision a successful agreement. If it’s personal, I expect a successful connection. It’s amazing how behavior follows mental imagery. I started using guided imagery after reading Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

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If there is still resistance to dating at our age, I sometimes ask the question, “Do you want to grow old and die alone?” It’s a blunt somewhat rhetorical question meant to be provocative. But, it gets people thinking more practically about the future of their social health. I would say that having a partner in retirement is more important than in midlife, since this relationship becomes the primary social support for many. L. Johnson

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Aug 262015

Bar Magic That Can Help You Socialize With New People

Bar Magic
Magic tricks aren’t just for kids. In fact, almost everybody loves a good magic trick as long as it is presented in the right context and environment. No you don’t need a top hat, a cape or a magic wand. The best and most impressive bar magic tricks are often improvised and spontaneous. You certainly don’t want people to think that you are rehearsing an act or routine. So don’t push it and start simple.

Some Great Tricks
The secret of any bar magician is to use common, everyday items to impress others. Remember, you are in a bar, not on a stage. You can’t very well pull a rabbit out of a hat and expect people to cheer. More likely they would think you are a very odd human being and simply walk away. Therefore, it is always a good idea to stick with tricks that you can perform with everyday items.

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An old standby is the tried and true vanishing coin trick. You can either ask to borrow a coin from the person you are talking with or you can produce one from your pocket. If you want to get the person you are with more involved in the trick, it’s always best to ask them to borrow a coin. Once you have demonstrated a little slight of hand and made the coin disappear, return it and thank them.

There are also a number of tricks that you can do with beer bottles, and since you are in a bar you there should be no shortage of beer bottles. Many tricks that involve bottles are extremely easy to do and may even call for an assistant. You may ask your assistant if they can complete the trick, and when they fail you can show them the secret. This is a great ice breaker and may lead to repeat performances. And, unlike coin tricks, the bottle gags do not require any practice or skill.

Although many bars and restaurants now prohibit smoking, if you are in a state that allows smoking in public places you may attempt any one of a multitude of cigarette or lighter tricks. Just like beer bottle tricks, these gags are easy to pull off and do not require any preparation; and if you both happen to be smokers, so much the better. A simple lighter or cigarette trick may be just the thing you need to spark her interest.

Helpful Hints
You don’t want to seem like you are showing off. Don’t ask a woman if she’d like to see a magic trick. It is best to smoothly work magic into your interactions. And it is also not a good idea to announce that you are doing a magic trick. Simply ask your new friend for the item you need to complete the trick and then do your best. It is also always a good idea to not be too ambitious. As we mentioned, certain tricks require quite a bit of skill to successfully pull off. You don’t want to look foolish when you are trying to impress someone with a bar trick. Therefore, it is best to begin with bottle or cigarette trick. If your partner seems impressed, then you might decide to move on to more challenging tricks.

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In the end, bar magic is all about confidence and knowing your audience. Don’t try to be a show off and attempt a trick that might fail. Instead, stick with the old familiar standbys. You might not get many standing ovations, but at least you won’t hurt your pride.

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