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Where to Meet Single Men: Try These Top 5 Places

Ladies, would you like to find a great guy for yourself? Do you find yourself wasting time with players and other losers? There is a good chance that you might be looking for love and romance in the wrong places. Now you’re probably wondering, “what are the right places where I can meet single men?”

Here are the top 5 places where to meet single men:

1. The Internet

Although some players, jerks, and other losers will get on dating sites to look for easy “prey,” you can still find some decent men here

Two of the top free dating sites are Mingle2 and Plenty of Fish

You could also find singles groups through Meetup.com (if you prefer to meet new people within a group as opposed to a one-on-one date)

In your online profile, make sure you are clear about what you’re looking for as well as what you’re not looking for

Anytime a guy asks you to come over to his place (or to go over to your place) for the very first time, consider this a red flag

Always make sure to meet in a public place (such as the mall food court, at a coffee shop, etc.)

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2. The Gym

If you prefer men who work out and take care of their health and fitness, then the gym can be a great way to meet single men

Whenever you see a guy you like exercising at a distance, look at him and smile now and then

If he doesn’t eventually approach you to break the ice, feel free to break the ice with him (such as asking him how to use a certain machine)

You could also sign up for an exercise class or two and meet potential boyfriends there

Wherever you go to meet single men and find potential boyfriends, just remember that most of them are more afraid of you than you are of them

3. At Work

When it comes to meeting men at work, at least you know that he has a job and makes his own money

You don’t want to flirt with guys who work in the same department or area as you

If both of you were to have a fight and/or breakup, then it would become a drag going to work and doing your job

Ideally you’ll want to flirt with guys who work in a different department or different area (a situation where both of you work in two different places during the day)

4. At Church

If you prefer to meet a single man with morals and values, then church can be a great place

Some churches have singles ministries where single men and women can come together as a group, go places, and do things together

Be sure to keep in mind that just because you meet a guy at church doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about jerks, players, and other losers

It is still possible to meet a loser guy at church, so trust your intuition at all times

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5. Through Mutual Friends

Sometimes a friend or coworker might know a single guy that would make a great match with you (at least in their opinion)

After all, a true friend wouldn’t try to fix you up with a psycho right?

Whenever meeting a single guy through mutual friends, always trust your intuition

Now you know at least 5 places where you stand a good chance of meeting a great single guy. As you go about your quest to find a nice man for yourself, remember to take things slowly and stay true to yourself. Also keep in mind that you’ll probably find your dream guy when you’re not even trying. You could even meet him during your next trip to the grocery store!

Juicy words men are dying to hear (You’ll be shocked & intrigued)

Source by AJ Martinez

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Apr 192015

Dirty Talking: Get Wordy, Get Dirty, Get Sexier

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Consent gives us something that is both exciting and necessary for the pleasure of you and your partner to find what you both enjoy and discover how you can make the most out of your time. To explore the amazing nuance of dirty talking, you do not need to look further than this page. I should point out that not everyone is into it; if you want to find out how to talk dirty, it is good to know if that is what pleases your partner. If you feel that you may not be into it, it is still great, this article may have one or two points that you may find valuable about talking dirty during sex.

What really is dirty talking?

The term ‘Dirty talk’ can be very ambiguous at first, lost people often misunderstand it. You can define what makes the talking ‘dirty’ to you, but what I should point out first is that it is not all about filthy and derogatory terms. Dirty talking, simply put, is what you say during sex, whether it is just moaning or spilling the F words in plenty. Since we all relate to our bodies differently and we feel differently during the heat of the moment, we all may have different definitions of dirty talking. The main point is, to talk dirty, you have to communicate, and freely for that matter.

What Gets you Dirty?

Unfortunately, sex, though a very crucial element in life, it is one of the least discussed topics, even by couples when they are by themselves. You already know that communication is the very important in a relationship and in sex. Talking dirty is all about communicating, telling your partner what they want to hear, telling them what to do and letting them know how you feel. Every man loves to know that they are satisfying their girl’s sexual desires and even when you show it in actions, you need to tell them about it.

How do You Do It?

I may not give you everything you need to know about dirty talking and how to actually do it, but I can give you one last important tip: You need to find a detailed instructional manual that will guide you from baby steps to perfection in talking dirty. The right program or eBook will have everything you need including examples of dirty talk phrases, the dos and don’ts, reading your man’s signs and what to tell him to do.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Maya Collins

Apr 192015

Foot Fetish Personals – Easily Find a Playmate

The most popular sexual fetish is foot fetishism. More than likely, if you have this fetish, you have at one time or another considered foot fetish personals. Finding a playmate is not easy though. Most of the dating sites in this niche are scams and those that are for real have little to no members in your own town or city. A big problem. In this article you will learn the sites to avoid, the ones to consider, and the best way to attract a playmate who has a foot fetish.

So which dating sites should you avoid? In all honesty, quite a lot of them! If you do a search in Google for foot fetish personals it will spit out several alternative dating sites. The problem with most of them is you need a credit card to join and they charge silly amounts of money. Not only that but if you should join you find that most of the personal ads are actually fake.

If most of the niche sites are scams, what should you do? Well you have two alternatives really: free dating sites and paid dating sites.

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Let us talk about free dating sites first. We all prefer free to paid. The only problem is free dating sites are, on the whole, total scams. They are free for a reason! They get you to join only to spam your email address, sell your information to other spammers, and sometimes even steal your identity. A lot of the profiles on free sites are fake too. They use fake member profiles to inflate their numbers.

The solution is to get a free membership to a paid site. How does this work? Simple. Just choose a popular paid site with a few million members. You can trust these sites. If you get a free membership you may as well be using totally free dating because you get all the features you need: you can search profiles, send messages, receive messages, add friends. You do not need a credit card to join; you just use a free email (from say yahoo or gmail).

So, when looking for a dating site to find a foot fetish playmate, consider a free account on a reputable, trustworthy paid dating site. You only ever need to upgrade if you want to use the special features.

Now, how to do go about finding your playmate. It is very simple. Make a profile. It takes all of 3 minutes or so. In your profile use lots of relevant keywords. This is important because when people do searches your profile will be shown to them and, thus, you get sent the right kind of people. Another good reason is because of the match-making software these dating sites use. The pickup on the keywords in your profile and match you will people who have similar keywords.

So you have a free account on a reputable dating site and you have made a profile with lots of relevant keywords to feet and foot fetish. Now you can go looking. Go to search and choose advanced search. You can entire exactly the kind of criteria you need to find a local playmate. Insert your location or zip code and enter relevant keywords. This will produce a list of people who are online or offline in your area who have a foot fetish.

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Add all of the relevant users who are online. This ensures that you will get a response from them very quickly; in minutes, usually. And it is always best to be contacted first.

Now when you have added lots of the right people, you can do some messaging. Write out a message and just paste it into messages to as many people as you like. Something like “Hi, my name’s Angelina and I have a foot fetish. I live in the same town as you. If you want to chat sometime, just message me back!.” This will get plenty of responses.

So that is how to easily, quickly and freely find playmates using foot fetish personals.

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Source by Angelina Andrews

Apr 192015

The Reality of Older Women Dating Younger Men

It doesn’t matter what you call them, the trend of older women (cougars, pumas, cradle robbers) dating younger men is on the rise. Whether it is as accepted as the reverse, the clichéd older men and younger women, is under discussion. In a story on Hollywood’s hottest cougar couples, reporter Courtney Crowder notes the theme seems to be getting a higher profile on television and in gossip magazines.

An online dating service specifically targets this new demographic. Gocougar.com touts itself as the premiere online community for mature women who prefer to date younger men. They advertise that their site is dedicated to younger men who worship older women and have a sincere desire to get involved in this specific type of relationship. (Their sister site is for the older man/younger woman called agelessdating.com).

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The older woman/younger man relationship is so popular that there are a couple of shows on TV. The reality show, The Cougar, stars Stacey, 40ish, a beautiful, blonde mother of four from Arizona. Stacey – who’s a successful and determined real estate agent – is eager to shatter dating stereotypes. She believes society has placed a double standard on women who date younger men and wants to prove that age is simply a number.

Stacey’s dating experiences have led her to believe that men her age and older live under the pressure of a “ticking clock” that dampens their spontaneity and zest for life. Her personal success is based upon upbeat optimism, and she believes that younger men have a similar spirited tempo, a demeanor that Stacey finds crucial for her future love interest to possess – a love interest that she plans to find on The Cougar.

At the end of Season 1, Stacey chose Jimmy, a 24-year-old personal trainer. Jimmy grew up in San Francisco, where he graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in theater. Jimmy is an extremely confident, driven person. He knows how to work hard, but he likes to play hard as well. Jimmy is extremely loyal when he’s in a relationship, but confesses to being quite the player when single. He’s open to falling in love although he says finding the right woman is not easy. At 24, Jimmy says he knows how to treat a woman because he has four sisters. He also likes the experience older women bring to a relationship.

Cougar Club, a film directed by Christopher Duddy, came out in 2007. The film details the attempts of two college graduates, Marshall Hogan III and Spence Holmes, to find direction in life. While working as interns for abusive divorce lawyers, they come up with a plan to make money from the passion that is Hogan’s pride and Spence’s secret desire: having sex with older women, cougars.

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Then there is Cougar Town, a hit TV shows (ABC) starring Courtney Cox. The series focuses on a recently divorced woman (Cox) who reenters a dating scene filled with younger men (making her a “cougar,” hence the series title) while living with her 18 year old son and embarks on a journey to self-discovery while surrounded by fellow divorcees.

In his book, Market-Led Strategic Change, 4th Ed.: Transforming the Process of Going to Market, (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008) Nigel Piercy cites ‘cougars’ – women dating younger men – as one of his 75 identity groups who are shaping the future.

Source by Daphne Whittemore

dating older cougar women

Apr 192015

The Top 10 Most Common Dirty Talk Mistakes People Make

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

While there is nothing hotter than some red-hot dirty talk, there is also nothing worse than inappropriate awkward dirty talk.

So if you’d like to make sure you never create an embarrassing situation for yourself by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time than fear no more because here are the top 10 most common dirty talk mistakes people make:

Too much too soon
Not enough
Poor timing
No believability
Too complicated
Trying to memorize lines
Not asking enough questions
Making the other person uncomfortable
Talking too much
Too vague

Too Much Too Soon

With dirty talk you can’t just go from zero-to-hero out of the blue, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for awhile. It’s not natural.

Start off slow, and don’t do anything out of character (e.g swearing / getting TOO nasty).

Not Enough

Have you ever cooked a meal for someone than watched them eat it without making a sound? I haven’t but I imagine it stinks. You put in all that effort and they don’t even mmmmm or ahhhh.

Sex is the same thing. If you’re a mute in the sack chances are your partner doesn’t even know if you are being satisfied or not. And that is UNsatisfying.

Poor Timing

There’s a place and a time for everything. And if you get caught saying the wrong thing in the wrong place, things are going to get awkward FAST.

Save the sexy talk for sexy times and you’ll be just fine.

Quick tip – don’t use pet names for each other in front of others. You will embarrass your partner.

No Believability

“You are such a bad boy/girl. I am going to punish you.”

Some people like this kind of dirty talk (and it’s up to YOU to figure that out), but it’s all about the delivery. If you try and role-play like this and you aren’t actually excited about, it’s going to show.

The best way to avoid this is to only do things that you feel comfortable with and enjoy. Be yourself.

Trying To Memorize Lines

You might be able to find some good ol’ dirty talk phrases that sound exciting and work for awhile. The biggest problem with this method is that when your partner wants more (and they will) YOU will run out of things to say. And there’s nothing worse than being in the heat of the moment and your mind freezes up.

If you actually learn how to talk dirty you will never run out of things to say. Memorizing lines is a short cut that will ultimately lead to embarrassment.

Not Asking Enough Questions

You’re not a selfish lover right? Of course not! So stop giving one word answers and reciprocating.

This doesn’t go for everyone, but most of the time dirty talk is initiated by one party (either the guy or girl) then the other person tries to satisfy that person by giving them what they want. However, if your partner is asking questions, AVOID just giving one word yes or no answers.

Be specific, and ask them questions. This will take the heat off you and get their imagination rocking!

Making The Other Person Uncomfortable

There are certain words that should not be said in the bedroom, and despite what you might hear or see, the majority of people are not freaks in the sack.

Avoid being too vulgar or nasty with your words unless they initiate or ask.

Talking TOO Much

A lot of people talk when they get nervous, so if this is you, ZIP it.

Remember what makes dirty talk so exciting, the imagination! A lot of times less is more, and once you learn how to get their imagination running wild, you’re going to start having some real fun.

Being too chatty is a turn off, so if you notice you are talking way more than your partner, stop talking.

Too Vague

“Oh yes, I like that!” “It feels so good.”

Everybody has probably said something similar to the above examples at one time or another, especially when starting out. But being too vague with your words is, well, boring!

Be descriptive!

So a better way to say the exact same thing is “Oh (insert sexy nickname here), I love it when you (verb) my (noun).

Generally the more specific you are the better! Not only will this help you get what you want, but your partner will know you are having fun if you get into it and that will turn them on!

REMEMBER -Dirty talk is about having fun.

It’s okay to make mistakes, everyone does! But hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to have MORE excitement in your sex life while worrying less about making a fool of yourself.

Today you learned what not to do. To learn all the right things to do to really knock your partners socks off in bed click here.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Evan Michaels

Apr 192015

What to Say When Talking Dirty

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Do you know what to say when talking dirty becomes easy and almost second nature? You’ve gone through one dirty talk scenario after another, but nothing seems to get him going like it did the first time you whispered those naughty nothings into his ear. What can you do to spice up a relationship that is already rampant with dirty talk and naughty words?

Well… how about giving him different words?

Men think they know what to expect when it comes to dirty talk. They think they might have heard it all, and depending on how creative you have been, that might be the truth! If you’re a seasoned dirty talk pro, you are probably frustrated when you reach that point of having said it all already.

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You can spice up your dirty talk by introducing toys into your sex play, going the food route and raiding the refrigerator during one of those hot lovemaking sessions, or role playing with any scenario you can imagine. But your lover might expect all of those to come about at some point. How do you surprise him with the one dirty talk trick he will never expect?

That’s easy: Talk to him in a language he doesn’t understand!

It will take some time and careful planning on your part, because you want to surprise your lover with a newfound knowledge of a foreign language. Get a few foreign language lesson tapes and listen to them when he’s not around. Teach yourself how to say phrases that aren’t necessarily dirty, but are suggestive, such as “Are you going to eat that?” or “What do you want?” Practice them until you can say them perfectly, then practice saying them with that purr and pout!

The next time you’re in bed with your lover and he asks you to talk dirty to him, look him in the eye and say something in your newly acquired language. When he stares at you in shock, or even laughs at you as he asks what you are doing, keep it up. The sultry tone of your voice is what will really trip his trigger! He doesn’t know what you’re saying, so he’s going to have to go on instinct.

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Suddenly your man has a sultry vixen in bed and he doesn’t know her as well as he thought! That’s a turn-on for any guy who loves a little adventure. Knowing what to say when talking dirty is just one of the many dirty talk tips that will spice up your sex life – no matter how much of a dirty talk pro you already are!

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Denise Brienne

Apr 192015

Dirty Talk Phrases – Arouse Your Partner With Phone Sex

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Yes, it really is possible to excite your partner with dirty talk phrases, without being in the same room. I’m not lying! If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a long distance partner, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Phone Sex! If you get creative with your partner, it can feel just like the real thing.

Don’t hold anything back from your partner when using dirty talk phrases over the phone. Since you’re not with your man, you’ll have to go even further to heat things up. You’ll have to engage in kinkier fantasies, and describe things in a lot of detail. Don’t be afraid to say things that are too “wild”, seeing as your partner will have some naughty things for you to hear as well.

Start off with some basic fantasies or dirty talk phrases that you think with get him aroused. Ensure to tell him exactly what you’re doing to yourself, and if you still have your clothes on, let him know what you’re wearing. Say everything in great detail. Wait for his cue before you use more graphic words. Basic rule of thumb is: “Once he says it, you can too.”

Take note of his breathing. The more aroused he gets, the more strident his breath will be. Listen to where he is leading you with his encouraging words. If he wants more of what you’re giving, he’ll keep you there!

Make sure you enjoy it too. The point isn’t to orgasm with the dirty talk phrases — the point is to stay close with your man even though you’re separated. It’ll be much simpler to stay close with your partner if you can tell him about your desires.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Johnie B Dejesus

Apr 192015

How to Talk Dirty to Guys

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Do you want to talk dirty to a guy, but you don’t know where to start? Approaching someone in the middle of a bar and saying “I want to talk dirty to you” just might work wonders, but most of us aren’t brave enough to follow through on something so bold. How do you find a fine balance between being a lady and being… well, something a little brasher?

Talking dirty to a guy is not an exact science. What works for one guy won’t work for another. Some men will prefer that you talk dirty to them right from the start, but others want to control the action and be the man of the situation, so to speak. You can tell which category your object of lust falls into by testing him out.

Sidle up to the man you’re interested in and whisper into his ear. If he’s cool with you invading his personal space like that, then you’re in luck, and you can go a bit further. Say something naughty – not anything dirty, but just naughty enough to get him thinking in the right direction. Here are a few examples:

- Mmm… that’s a good drink. Do you like to suck the lime when you’re done?

- This throbbing beat makes me think about other throbbing things…

- You’ve got the kind of lips that say you would be a good kisser. Are you?

Once you know how he’s going to respond, you can try something a bit dirtier. But if he pulls away or acts offended, you’ve just discovered a man who wants to lead at his own pace, and he might not appreciate that you know exactly what you want. In that case, it’s probably time to move on to someone who is a bit more receptive.

Dirty talk can begin gradually, first with the naughty innuendo and later with the more explicit terms. Ask questions about his sex life – that always gets things started, and you can do it with an air of innocent curiosity. Try something like this:

- I wonder how many men think about sex while they are on the dance floor. Do you?

- I’ve never been brave enough to have sex in a public bathroom… what about you?

- Your friend seems to want to go home with both girls. Do you ever have trouble deciding?

Once the ice breaks with some sweet innuendo, you can follow his lead to find out how much dirty talk he’s into. You might wind up whispering a fantasy into his ear while you gyrate on the dance floor, or you might find yourself back at his place with a glass of wine, taking it slow and easy. Talking dirty to a guy is all about timing and reading his cues. What is he trying to tell you?

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Denise Brienne

Apr 192015

Dirty Talk – What to Do If Hardcore is Not Right For You

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Just how hardcore do you have to get to make dirty talking exciting? You might have watched an adult movie and blushed and thought “Oh God! I can’t say THAT!” The thing is you don’t have to unless you want to. Dirty talking is not only about crude words. You can dirty talk without using a single offensive word and still blow his mind away.

Why Is Dirty Talk So Effective?

Dirty talking is effective because it adds extra elements to sex. It involves most of your senses. Learning to talk as well as listen during sex can be intensely exciting because it makes you more aware of the experience and places you firmly in the moment.

We tend to exclude all our senses except for touching and feeling, when we have sex. Even so, those senses we ignore are still functioning; we just don’t acknowledge them. Dirty talk awakens all your senses and enhances your experiences.

Figure Out The Odds In Your Favor:

* First, make sure you are clear about your partner’s turn off’s. Either ask him right out or else, carefully judge his sense of adventure and experimentation.

* Pay attention to how he reacts to such things as nudity, different types of sex and dirty talking on TV or in the movies. If he reacts negatively to it, you have to make your choices carefully.

* Some men may find dirty talk sluttish and get turned off by a blatant display of sexuality. On the other hand, if he does like it, it will turn you into his sex goddess!

* If you are the squeaky clean type, or your partner is very conservative when it comes to sex, downright dirty might be a real turn off. Even so, if you like the idea of dirty talking, it is worth figuring out if using clean words sensually will work for you both.

Tips for a Soft Start Before You Get To Hard Talking!

1. If you are normally quiet during sex, start by using moans and groans to show your excitement. This is easy to do; but if he revels in your body language, you can take your clues from there.

2. Break yourself in gently by whispering things like “I want you”; “Oh, it feels so good when you do that!”; “Touch me here”, etc.

3. Learn to use a sexy voice to make what you are saying sound raunchy, even when you are speaking in plain, simple English.

4. Practice when you are alone, in front of a mirror, to get your dirty talk and your facial expression in sync with each other.

5. It is important that you look and sound sexy at the same time.

6. Body language should be used to underline what you are hinting at verbally.

7. Look deeply into his eyes when you dirty talk. This will make you feel more connected and let you judge his subtle reactions to your words.

Once you start off with a limited vocabulary, you can expand it to include naughtier words as you become more used to dirty talking. As you gain confidence, it will come more naturally to you and then you can reconsider if hardcore dirty talking is right for you or not.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Chris J Roberts

Apr 192015


I invented a little Twitter tactic that helped me get LAID

Twitter’s been ALL the rage, recently…

I figured… well, since I can pickup several girls a week using Facebook and Twitter, why can’t I use Twitter to do the same?

Being the online pickup master that I am… I invented a little Twitter tactic that helped me get LAID.  Keep reading because YOU can use this exact same tactic to increase your chances of success with women online.

I call it the “Come Hither” routine… sounds cheesy, I know… but don’t laugh until you’ve tried it.

Now, this is one of my more “underhanded” techniques… some of you may not like it, but it WORKS.

Now… make a new “Tweet” and say…

“Going to meet a FAMOUS CELEBRITY today… need one more person to come with!”

I guarantee you will get women flocking to your page… but as soon as you get an inquiry from a girl you dig, message her back saying, “Kk… call me really quick! My number’s…”

Give her your number.

She’ll call.

Then on the phone, start off with a phone-neg.  Something like… “Whoa, you sound like a total dude today.  Are you okay?”

Proceed to say that some girl already sniped that ticket before she did.

She’ll most likely protest… and ask you DESPERATELY who the celebrity was.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter what happens next… you’ve now built value… AND you have her on the phone!

I have a TON of these tactics in my program.

And only for a VERY, VERY limited time, you can try out my program for FREE.

You heard right.

Click Here to Check It Out!

Apr 192015

Examples of Talking Dirty – Learn Some to Put the Fire Back in Your Sex Life

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

I am going to give you examples of talking dirty that will help you feel comfortable with it. Most of us were raised to believe that dirty talk is not something you should be talking about, or even worse, taken part in while in the bedroom. It is a natural part of a relationship and should not be thought of as “dirty.” 

If you are like most people you probably have no idea where to get started. The first thing to remember is that you should be comfortable in talking dirty. It  may take away to get comfortable, but with practice and time it will begin to feel more natural. 

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Examples of talking dirty don’t have to be something out of an X-rated movie. It can be as simple as the tone of voice, touch, or body language. Talking dirty can be telling your partner, “It feels good when you touch me on my…,” or “Let me show you what really turns me on.” Start out at a level you are comfortable at, and move on to more advanced techniques later. You will probably find that even your first attempts will have your man hot and ready!

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Dirty talk can create a stronger bond between you and your partner. It will help your relationship, not only in the bedroom, but in all other aspects. You will find as you and your partner begin talking dirty, your sex life will improve. You may also find that what was once a low libido will turn in to a steamy hot libido for both of you. 

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Lauren Warner

Apr 192015

Best Dirty Things to Say – Spice Up Your Sex Life With These "Dirty Talking" Secrets

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

If you’re interested in learning about the “best dirty things to say” to add some spice into your relationship, then this article was written for you. Specifically, we’re going to talk about why you should start out slow, how to practice by writing a “sexy letter” to your partner, and finally – why practice is the key to learning how to talk dirty. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’re going to have a much better understanding of how to master the art of talking dirty!

The first thing you should do when you’re just starting to explore this exciting area of your relationship, is to take it slow. This will save you from the typical “embarrassing moments” you’ve probably heard about when it comes to talking dirty in the bedroom. You need to watch your partner’s reactions and gauge their response to what you’re doing. By taking it slow you’ll feel much more comfortable with what you’re saying, because you’ll be able to see the reactions you get from your partner.

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A good way to practice the art of talking dirty is to write your partner a “sexy” letter. This will help you to get your thoughts down on paper, and develop some ideas for your “dirty talking repertoire”. Remember to go into great detail with your letter. Tell your partner how much you want them. Tell them what you’re planning on doing when you next see them. This is sure to turn your partner on, and keep them thinking about you all day long.

Finally, practice makes perfect when learning to talk dirty. You may not feel comfortable at first, and you’re going to have to take that initial risk and give it a try. But the results will be worth it – I promise. If you’re feeling a little shy, you can practice talking to yourself in front of the mirror. Don’t be embarrassed! There’s no need to feel self conscious. Just relax, enjoy yourself – and enjoy exploring this exciting part of your relationship.

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To summarize, these article has given you a general overview of the best dirty things to say to your partner. I showed you why you should start out slow, how to practice by writing a sexy letter to your partner (which will keep them thinking about you all day), and how you can practice talking dirty without feeling embarrassed. Now that you’ve read this article, you should be able to start practicing dirty talk – and add some spice into your sex life.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Tania Erben

Apr 192015

Dirty Talk – How To Pitch It Just Right Every Time

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Dirty talk normally falls into one of two areas, depending on the persons involved.

Either the notion of dirty talk leaves you quite expectant, your heart a flutter and your libido quickly rising – or your relationship thoughts turn towards closure and the nicest way possible for you to extract yourself in the shortest amount of time possible.

Whichever of these two factions you fall into, hold your horses a second before jumping in. You need to check a couple of things first and make an informed decision before you react and potentially ruin something good.

If the thought of dirty talk, as suggested to you by a lover, brings a small tingle to certain areas and fills you full of anticipation, all well and good. But you still need to work out and be confident of your partners intentions and limits. You need to know where to begin.

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If you are an ex merchant sea person who swears with more than 4 choice expletives when just asking for the salt to be passed, they’re unlikely to be hugely surprised by you suddenly vocalising your sexual wants and needs in forthright and emphatic detail. But if you are the epitomy of innocent church mouse who would never dare to say boo to a duck, let alone a goose, you are more than likely to confuse and worry them if you suddenly start forth with a stream of verbals normally found in the books stacked carefully on the highest shelf that are wrapped in flame proof plastic and are covered in warnings!

Work your audience would be the best way of putting it. Work out in your mind what level you think your partner would respond to, what they would find enticing and not be thrown by. Then start your dirty talk at a level just below this and work up to it gradually. Think of them as a potential deer in the headlights, liable to startle and flee faster than you can brake!

If they respond well or even seem bored and deflated by your starting pitch, notch it up a bit by throwing in some more descriptive terms for body parts, gently getting coarser and more carnal as you go along.

If you fall into the category of relationship abandoner as soon as something so intimate/wrong/filthy/unusual is hurled at you – stop and consider something first.

Your lover has just suggested or asked you to join in on something that is intimate, private and trusting. The likelihood that they had to steal themselves to ask and that they have gone out on a limb to be this open and honest with you is without question.

Before you slam the relationship door in their face – stop and think about how much that shows of their commitment and feelings to you. They have just trusted you with an insight into their “inner” self, they’ve opened up and shared something, however indirectly, with you that not many would.

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So before you react badly and take offence over something that really isn’t worth getting huffy over – stop and think. Is this something that you could work on with them? After all, if they trust you enough to ask, the least you can do is trust them enough to be honest, to explain that you know nothing about this but that you are willing to try and learn – if they’ll help you along the way? If it leaves you a bit cold and feeling wrong, explain that to them and talk about it.

After all – how do you know for sure you don’t like something and won’t enjoy it – until you have tried it?

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Duncan Roberts

Apr 192015

Why You Got Kicked Off Facebook – A Guide to the Facebook Robots

How I got Banned from Facebook

When I was booted, I received no email, no msg, no confirmation. Just a generic link to the Facebook Terms of Service. For 3 weeks, I received no responses to any of the Facebook email addresses for disabled accounts. And then 3 weeks later, I get 1 email (see below), and my account is turned back on.

Since Facebook is a we-learned-from-myspace’s-mistakes kind of site, they are super, super, super paranoid about Spam. So they have a few strict published rules like:

No non-person profiles (you have to make a “fan page”).
No porn.

And then, they have serveral internal rules, which will cause you a lot of frustration if you don’t know about them.

Those internal rules are:

No repeat messaging.
No over-inviting.
No scraping (copy/pasting emails from facebook).

Overall, I agree with these policies. Here’s the problem: They can’t manage 6 billion people’s behavior. No freaking way. So they have all these little internal Facebook Robots that are set to attack upon certain conditions.

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There’s no robot that can tell a business profile page from a personal profile page, which is why businesses still have profile pages. They can’t write a robot smart enough to figure out real person names from busines names. But for all their internal rules, here are the Bots!

The Facebook Robots

After researching other Facebook bans, here’s the robots I know about:

1. The Inbox Protector Robot: If you send messages to too many people using the compose tool within a 24 hour period, this robot boots you from Facebook after you send to certain magic number of people. He causes problems when you are communicating the same information to a large number of people who really want the information.

2. The Friend Protector Robot: If you click the “Add a Friend” button on too many people within a 24 hour period, this robot boots you from facebook. She causes problems when you really do need to connect to a large number of people in a short period of time.

3. The Scraper Robot: If you copy (Cntl-C) information from too many friends’ profile pages within a 24 period, this robot boots you from facebook. He causes problems when you are not a spammer, but need key information from your friends’ pages.

4. The Anti-Porn Robot: If you post inappropriate material that gets flagged, this robot boots you from Facebook. She causes problems when you have a profile set to Adults only and someone still flags you, or if you are flagged by a jerk.

How Long Till You Get Back on Facebook

The best part is that the robots are set on timers. So after exactly 3 weeks, your profile is automatically turned back on. The email is signed from someone in Support, like “Bob.” I’m sure that for each bot, you receive a different kind of message. This is a generic email programmed to be sent out when they automatically turn your profile back on.

How to Avoid the Robots

You will get a Warning message as you approach the limit on the number of messages or friend invites. Heed that Warning! That Warning is also a cue to the timer in the robot to start watching you. If you proceed to hit okay, everything will seem fine for a little while, then suddenly, your login ability will be taken away. And you will have gotten banned.

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How to Play with the Robots

You can safely test the waters by continuing to add friends (maybe 50 or so) until you get the Warning message. When the Warning appears, hit Cancel, do not hit Okay. Then, do not add any more friends for 24 hours. This will successfully navigate you away from the robots, and allow you to continue with normal profile activity. If you try to add a friend later and you see the warning, you’ll know that it hasn’t been 24 hours.

I suspect the Robots will continue to get smarter, and eventually control your every thought. In the meantime, you can enjoy playing with them on Facebook.

For more business coaching, contact Mark Berry at mark@littlelovecoach.com

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Source by Mark E. Berry

Apr 192015

Learn How to Talk Dirty Tonight

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Learn how to talk dirty without saying a word? You bet you can! Talking dirty is not just about the things that come out of your mouth. It’s also about what happens before you get to the point of saying anything at all. When you start in a public place, such as a nightclub, a bar, or a classy restaurant, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Before you get into the bedroom, make your man want to hear naughty things from you. If you look and act the part, he will be revved up and raring to go before you say anything. Dress in your best outfit when you know you’re going to see him – the one that really gets him going it a sure bet! – and spritz on some of your favorite perfume. Wear dark lipstick that makes your lips look pouty. You want him to look at your lips and imagine the dirty thoughts that can come out of them!

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Next, act the part. Sidle up to him and murmur into his ear. You don’t have to actually say anything, believe it or not – the simply vibrations of your voice and the heat of your breath against his ear will make his blood race. Run a single fingertip down the buttons of his shirt, all the way to his belt buckle, and play with the snap of his jeans. Slip your knee between his legs, getting a little closer.

Of course, eye contact counts, too! Look him in the eye as you give him your best sultry smile. Toss your hair back and challenge him without uttering a sound.

When you’re ready to get the ball rolling a little faster, say something that has a double meaning. Something as simple as “It’s hot in here, isn’t it?” can mean so many things! Tease him with the words you use. Don’t go overboard when you’re in public. Rather, say things that you know will get his mind spinning. “This music… I love a throbbing beat,” is a classic line that will make him think of other things that might be throbbing. Tailor your comments to the situation, and soon you will be dropping hints and innuendo that no man could fail to pick up on.

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Your eyes have already told him exactly what you want. Your body has, too. Now your innuendo is sealing the deal. By the time you get to the bedroom, you’ll be saying the naughtiest words that you can think of, the ones that will make him want you even more. Give it a try and see what happens!

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Denise Brienne

Apr 192015

Talk Dirty – Everything You Need to Know

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

If someone would ask in a conference or a gathering how many couples think that sex is important in their relationship, an overwhelming show of hand would definitely be seen. A romantic relationship that is void of sex, can never be considered romantic, don’t you think so?

Every couple living or dead would agree that sex has a great role to perform in a relationship; it strengthens and it rejuvenates relationships, it makes every relationship alive- full of passion and of desire. Well, why else would anyone go for a relationship if he or she does not desire his or her partner?

During the course of sexual intercourse, couples make their desire to get into the action through dirty talking. It is one way of telling the other that you are up for something; that you are ready and powered up to release that oozing hot blood that is consuming your whole being. Through dirty talking, the couple seemingly communicates their desire which finally leads them into giving into their body’s impulses.

So the next time you can’t resist the temptation of your body, the next time you feel that tingling sensation that seem to electrify your nerves, the next time you feel like you have such an immense energy, you know what to do- talk dirty! You will never imagine the magic it can do for you and your partner.

There is no use staring at your partner waiting for him or her to realize what you intend to experience at the given moment. Talk dirty and you surely won’t have a hard time starting the action.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Tania Erben

Apr 192015

How to Talk Dirty to a Guy and Sound Really Sexy

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Talking dirty is an art you have to learn and practice it to be perfect. Learning how to talk dirty to a guy is one thing. However, talking dirty and sounding really sexy at the same time is a totally different thing altogether. What do you need to know to move from being an “average” dirty talker to a “polished” dirty talker?

Surprisingly as it might sound all you need to do is add a little tweak here and there to what you already know and you’re good to go. Let’s take a comprehensive look at a few tips that will help hone your dirty talking skills to sound sexy:

Take time and create mystery… Talking dirty to your man is all about making him anticipate what is about to come. To achieve this, I strongly recommended you take your time, taking one step at a time. Depending on the situation, you may want to consider what you’re about to say because every word counts.

If you’re at home for instance, you might consider starting dirty talk way before you get to bed to make your man look forward to what awaits him later. If you’re talking dirty to him over the phone, creating an aura of mystery with your phrases is very important. It’s the mystery that keeps him coming back therein setting the perfect stage for dirty talk.

Whispering into his ear… There is something to whispers that make them sound sexy. Imagine how sexy it would sound if in the middle of making love you pulled your man’s ear and said “oh yeah, I am feeling so good”. Now that’s dirty talk right there delivered in a sexy manner.

If you’re serious about learning how to talk dirty to your guy then you need to know that his neck and earlobes are some of erogenous zones that can sexually stimulate him when stroked. Three things happen when your whisper dirty words to your man, firstly pulling his earlobe triggers his sexual desire, secondly your warm breath against his neck is a definite turn on, now add a dirty phrase and the picture is complete.

Tell him little dirty nothings… You don’t have to try so hard when talking dirty to sound sexy. Sometimes all you have to say is anything, anyhow you like. It doesn’t have to be overly dirty, but just suggestive. As a matter of fact it’s the little dirty things that you say which have the greatest impact.

For instance you can tell him what you want him to do to you or simply ask him what you can do for him. Dirty nothings are not only sexy, but make you feel comfortable with your man too.

You have to mean what you say… If you want to start a dirty talk session only for it to go sour, try talking dirty to your man just for the sake of it. You will be shocked by what you might get yourself into. If you want to hone your skills, then you must never pretend when you’re dirty talking to him.

When you tell him what you don’t mean, chances are that you might slip up at some point and woe unto you if the notices it. You see, when you say something you don’t mean, your body language might betray your words unless you’re really good at it.

Be creative… After all is said and done it’s the dirty words that you let out of your mouth which will determine if you actually sound sexy or not. It’s up to you to put your creativity cap on to come up with really sex phrases that will drive your man wild.

The point I am trying to put across here is that if the phrase is sexy, then it goes without saying that it will sound sexy when it’s spoken. If you come up with your own tailor made dirty phrases, you will always sound sexy when talking dirty to your man.

Dirty talk is part and parcel of relationships bearing in mind how important intimacy is in a relationship. Talking dirty to a guy therefore becomes important, but in equal measure you should invest in knowing how to talk dirty to a guy because that’s where it all starts.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Connie Lewis

Apr 192015

Dirty Talk – What Not to Say

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Ok, so at this point you know a little more about how to talk dirty. You know what turns you on and what your partner likes as well. But I have to caution you that there are two sides to dirty talk. As well as knowing just what to say to get things going you need to know what “not to say” so you don’t ruin the mood. Dirty talk is one of the most erotic things you can master with regards to your love life and relationships. But you’ll need to follow the two examples below so that you don’t ruin a good time.

Dirty Talk What Not To Say Example One: Never talk about your period or any kind of bodily processes. If your man understands your cycle great, if not don’t go there. Also if you eat something at dinner that didn’t agree with you don’t bring it up in bed. Take a break from the action until your stomach calms down or you feel more in the mood.

Dirty Talk What Not To Say Example Two: Do not mention household chores, pets or the time. If you forgot to pay the gas bill now is not the best time to bring it up. Also if Fido is barking or scratching to get in it is OK to leave him outside. Nothing ruins the moment like stopping to let a pet in. This only show’s your man that your pet is more important than he is. And lastly don’t express it “being too late” or that you are in a rush. This is also a major deal breaker when it comes to dirty talk.

Dirty talk is one of the best things you can do for a relationship. If you practice it and know what to say and what not to say you will be well on your way to talking dirty like the pros.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Denise Brienne

Apr 192015

Dirty Talk Phrases – Looking For a Way to Improve Your Love Making?

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Have you reached the point of a dull second-rate relationship? In enters dirty talk phrases. This will transform things from dull to vibrant in the love making department. Have you been thinking about cheating just to get some spice in your love making? Simply put that’s not an option for you. What you actually want is for your man to get passionate in the way he makes love to you.

The passion that you and your mate once had still exists but to a lesser degree, are you feeling it being extinguished by your present bedroom adventures. And if matters don’t get better fast, the relationship might be over. Begin doing what’s necessary to re-kindle the fire of passion and intense love making.

Begin by putting some zest into your love life now and not merely sitting back remembering how things were. Those days are gone! All you have is today to start using some making tips into your relationship and change your lovemaking forever starting today.

Begin today by using dirty talk phrases such as:

-Say my name when you do that!

-Do you like the way that feels?

-I love touching your firm arms while you’re on top of me. I love your muscles!

-I love the things you can do with your tongue, I want to do that to you’re….

By using words and lines like the example above, you can really sexually excite your man so much that your love making will take on new meaning. When you use these or other lines they don’t have to necessarily need to be profane or degrading. Using dirty talk phrases in just an erotic way to excite your partner. It will also give there ego a great big boost and they will look forward to making love to you.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Rosemary Cartwright

Apr 192015

Talking Dirty to Your Man to Turn Him On

Why men love dirty talk (and EXACTLY what to say) . .

Dirty talk is a type of talk you use to turn on your partner for sexual enjoyment.

Talking dirty to your man can be using erotic slang words, openly expressing the sexual desire and in some cases use of abusive words which can turn on your man.

There is no need to feel timid about it as it would be your personal talk between you and your partner. By talking dirty to your man you help your sexual life get wild and rocking. A great sexual life helps the relationship last long and give relief in tensed life.

If you think you are good girl and you don’t talk like this then take it as a reward to your partner who does all the things to please you in bed. Guys like girls who are wild in bed and you can please your guy with these talks.

This process will help you gain the confidence about yourself and you would feel sexier with the fact that you are successful in pleasing your guy in bed and you can entertain your guy.

Don’t restrict these talks only to your bedroom. Try different ways. Send him erotic mail or a voice message just before his time to leave from office. This will make him excited to come home and you can get a nice ‘reward’ for it.

Here are some points you need to keep in mind while talking dirty to your man:

1. Tell him the color of your lingerie

2. Tell him how badly you want him when he is away

3. Ask him if you can fantasize him

4. Give him a hint that he would not be able to handle your sexy moves tonight

5. In bed, don’t feel shy and be wild with your talk. Use slangs which generally guys use.

6. Give pet names to the body parts and use those pet names and tell him to touch there.

7. Try the trick of ‘hide something show something’ when he first sees you. This trick will drive him crazy till you guys finally go to the bed.

8. Record sexy messages when he is away.

9. Flood him with text messages, emails of dirty talk (Do it once in a while not regularly)

Make sure you have dressed according to tone of your talk. Sometimes talking dirty to your man at unexpected place can be very adventurous and it works for him for sure. Places like:

1. At the beach

2. At crowded public places like shopping mall or tram station

3. Talking dirty to your man at places where dirty talking is taboo like church or family dinner table excites him.

The *Nice* girl’s way to talk dirty . . . . . .

Source by Chris J Roberts